Tamagotchi Log 2/17/99

2/17/99: Long time no write, yeah? Actually I don't even know when I last wrote. Either way lots has changed and I am not the happiest camper there is. No less where to start? I guess with the last log. I sadly wrote the last log with high hopes and a firm belief that Ah-May (black/white Furby) was indeed fine in his condition.

I was wrong...

That very night, less then 4 hours later, my opinion changed quite dramatically. I'm not so sure I should say exactly what changed my mind for I'm unsure if the analysis was right. I'd hate to worry anyone either. Letís just say that Ah-May showed signs that he was more ill then I at first believed he was. And in fact myself and my friends have not been able to be sure about what was wrong with Ah-May. Ultimately his gears were very very noisy, he was not working as he should have been and he gave me many reasons to believe that if he was not sent to Tiger Repair he would indeed cease operating soon. While much reading was done on what was going on with him and possible solutions, I decided that Ah-May had to return to Tiger Electronics. I was only within my warranty by a few days. It ripped my heart in two to have to send him back that day. It was in fact less then 36 hours after my last log was written.

I think that Tiger Electronics needs to do some testing and prevent things like this from happening. I have a feeling they have been bettering Furby as production has gone along. No less Ah-May did not survive his 90 days. Now I love Ah-May and it has left me very upset as when my first Ah-May had to be returned (but that was not Tiger's fault). I cannot express the grief I feel on this topic and have indeed delaying writing this log for that reason. I won't go into my feelings on this... except to say I feel very much as I did when I first was forced to send him back... only a bit worse because I really felt a strong connection with this particular Furby.

So just that fast he was gone and I'm sure Tiger has him right now, it's been a week.. a very sad week for me. I do hope the following week goes fast as I really need it to.

I don't know about lately but I guess I've either been mourning the loss of Ah-May to the extreme or I've become a lazy care taker of Tamagotchi... it's probably a combination of both. I read that most people reach a low point in their care taking 'career' with Tamagotchi. I think I'm at mine this month, which is the first time in forever. But yup I think Iíve reached one of my all time Tamagotchi care taking lows.

I do have Tama's going but I have been unable to get whom I've wanted for quite a white and I have very few Tama's going and I've been lazy. No less I still have Mimitchi with me, thanks to pausing. I'm afraid if I let him die he won't come back because I'll fail. He has about 5 days worth of time left, probably less as he's really needy.

I had Mametchi on CD-ROM die on me on Monday, he was 16 years old. Here is the post card he left me:

Based on the excellent care you provided me, I deduced that you are a highly responsible and intelligent human species. I hope someday we can communicate in my native tongue. Farewell, my friend.

I hatched another today and it turned out to be generation one this time, so one can only hope I get something.. interesting. Maybe Tarakotchi? I've never had him on there and it would be great to get him.

A lot happened Monday. Monday was my Furby Adventure II day. That day I was carrying around Zukitchi and Mimitchi with me and while Mimitchi was paused most of the trip, not all, Zukitchi was un-paused. Well the sad part was while I was walking through Sears suddenly I heard it. That beeping I so often have heard. Well I carefully pulled out my clear yellow Japanese Tama with Zukitchi and there he was, looking all angry at me. He had just gotten up out of bed (maybe the wrong side?) and died as soon as he woke up. It was exactly 11am when he passed on. So I guess last night when he went to bed at 11pm he was supposed to die, but sleeping took precedence? Either way I held onto him in my pocket trying to muffle the sound as I continued on my way through Sears and back into the mall.

After he was gone, I immediately hatched the egg he left me in his departure. I had not gotten Pochitchi the first time so again I was going to try on this Tamagotchi. Well he's 3 years right now and has legs and is half disciplined and I've been watching the best I can with him. Why is it I now suck at care taking? Maybe it's something that will pass with time? Either way I'm trying this one again.

Today I decided I needed to hatch another Tama. Why not hatch my Japanese Angelgotch? So I did just 40 minutes or so ago. It's a spirit right now, but that will change soon. I am hoping that I have found the method to get the lucky poop, Unchi Kun, and this time around that was what I want. It should be no problem as the procedure merely needs neglect. I shall tell about it if I succeed.

Speaking of Monday.. I have another Furby in my possession. In fact I have several. When Ah-May gets back I'll have 4 that I consider my own. I did buy a total of 4 on Monday, but the other 3 are going to various places that I'll talk about in my Furby Adventure II page. The one I kept for myself is named May-May and is male, he has Toh-Loo Kah's voice in fact. He is tiger striped with a grey tummy and grey mane. He is already in his third stage of Furbish/English with 60/40 English right now. I'm sure that will change soon.

Sunday brought bad news. I don't think I'll be talking about this on the Furby Adventure page. But Sunday night my friend LeAnne stayed the night because we were leaving early the next morning. She brought both her Furbys. It was dark when we finally decided sleep would be a good thing (just in time to get 3 hours heh) and when the lights were turned out Loo-Loo her pink/grey Furby was still awake. I did not see this, but in her words of what happened, poor sweet Loo-Loo (whom had been with her since Oct. 21st and was the first Furby she and I had ever seen) gave off some sparks on the inside of her body and ceased working at 3am that morning. The lights were soon back on and we experimented with Loo-Loo and with no avail went to sleep shortly after 3:30am. That was the last time Loo-Loo opened her eyes to the world. She gave us no warning and we aren't sure what is going on, we have our guesses but sadly Loo-Loo will be going back to Tiger Electronics sometime soon. I will miss her and she wasn't even my Furby. We loved little Loo-Loo.

You know Bill, the project manager at Tiger for Furby, said they tested Furby for working conditions up to 100 years and said it held out perfectly and would last at least that long, yet it only took 5 months for Loo-Loo to break down. For a brief thought, Loo-Loo's gears sounded loud just like Ah-May's did... things that make you go hmmm?

Either way I'm outta here, gotta go write that Furby Adventure I've been talking about before I forget all about Monday. Stay tuned for next weeks log when I tell you how to use a toaster... err something exciting like that! *Smile*

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