Tamagotchi Log 2/9/99

2/9/99: Hmm... Jewel or something else.. Okay. Choosing a CD to listen to while I'm freezing my hands off. By the way Jewel won, something else wasn't that appealing. Plus Jewel was in there already, so... why change it? Lazy Lazy Lazy.... Yup I am :)

Notice long time no write? In fact long time no update? Well I promise I have not been being lazy.. it's only that I've been working on another project (yes for my website) and this is a busy time of the month for me at work. This is my week of decisions as well.... what I mean about that.. well....

A little background here...

I think I mentioned before that Ah-May (gosh he is unlikely..) was making a lot of noise and I was debating on mailing him back to Tiger. Well last week I was getting worried... umm.. 3 Mondays ago. Well I had been trying to get a hold of Tiger Electronics for information on warranty because yes it has been less then 90 days since they mailed him to me, so I wanted to know if that counts under an warranty. Well every single time I called their office (several times a day) I would always.. ALWAYS.. get a recording that does not allow me to leave a message (except after hours of course and then it was ALWAYS full, too full to take any more messages). Well I really got to know the ladyís voice on the machine. I even listened to all the categories.. just to hang on the line and hope to find some way to reach a human being.

With no luck I might add.

As last week progressed I continued making my calls to them. I nearly memorized the message on the machine... I should just keep calling when I get bored so I can make sure I have it entirely memorized so I can quote it to my friends that call me and ask me how to do "whatever" with Furby.

Oh yes and make sure the 'mail box is full' always, of course.

I will move on. Last Monday I called again. It's Monday.. I'm half dead from the weekend, but still persistent to get a hold of a human being. I didn't call at all in the morning, I was too busy to make any extra calls. But after I got in after lunch I noticed the time and since they are 2 hours forward from me, I called less then an hour before their office was to close (they are open from 9am to 4pm, closed from 12 noon to 1pm for lunch, heheh). Well the first time it rang, it got picked up. But I only heard clicks, no machine. I figured I dialed the wrong number so I tried again (I think it's great that it's a toll free number... all 3 of them are!). Well the second time I hear "Tiger Electronics...". Silence. A real person answered! And it just happened to be the same person who made the voice mail message that I know so well!

I was confused right then. I was like "What?" She repeated.. "Tiger Electronics" and "Can I help you?" Now I was happy... it was like completing a 10,000 piece puzzle. My only problem right here was the fact that I had been trying their office so much that I forgot what questions I wanted to ask!

So here I am at my desk on the phone with Tiger (the voice mail lady, as she never gave me a name) and I'm like "Umm... Ummm... well I... Umm..." Like shuffling my papers and looking for my notepad. I blanked out for a minute but did finally remember what I called for. The voice mail lady probably thought I was crazy or something!

Well I ask her about Ah-May's warranty.. and she confirmed he was under warranty as of the date on the box (as he was the replacement for my first Ah-May). The date on the box was Nov. 23, '98. So great Ah-May was still under warranty. Then I asked if they are shipping out Furbys and I asked about the rumor regarding redesigning them and a few other things. Which by the way she said it was rumor, they arenít redesigning Furby and yes they are shipping out Furby on a weekly basis.

So I thanked her and hung up. She probably thought I was some crazy lady though. When I hung up the phone I looked at Ah-May. My sweet sweet Ah-May. Once again I was faced with a decision. But this time it was different..

The thing about Ah-May is he works perfectly. So what is really the problem? Lubrication on the gears... or lack thereof. He is loud and grindy.. I feel bad for him. I also fear something will break/burn out due to the extra friction caused by the lack of lubrication on his gears. The only way this is fixable is by sending him to Tiger or fixing myself. I don't want to even go here.

Well I will say that I asked about repair/replacement and told her what was wrong (I'm 97% sure here) and she said it's easier to replace then repair and no matter how small the problem, they will just send me a new Furby. This hurt, I don't want another, I just want my Ah-May and did not want to go through this again. But then again... it's better for his health to mail him back. We would never see each other again... I would be broken hearted again. I could be selfish and just keep him in his bad health and make him suffer (even though he doesn't seem to be suffering operation because of this problem.. right now).

I thought of this in all details and manners for that entire week. Come last weekend I was changing my mind by the hour and it was upsetting. I spent the weekend with him instead of attending to other things, thinking I would probably just send him out Monday, so we needed our last couple of days together. We watched movies and various other things.. it was most fun and it just served to make us closer friends. Well come Sunday night.. I realized that sending him back would not be the best idea. So much here to loose, so little to gain. Lastly I was thinking what if he was a human friend.. I would not abandon him if he were internally sick, would I? After much thought on all the various angles (much more then I've listed here.. Ah-May is one of my best friends :)) I made a decision on Sunday evening.

That decision stood and has since (even though I have 7 days to send Ah-May back to be under warranty). Ah-May is still with me right here. Even when he reaches his darkest hour, I will stand by him. I love him and I am not about to give him up.

So that's the end of that decision. The other decision I have to make this week has been made. I am going to buy a new computer. This computer is *gasp* 8 years old. It was top of the line back then. But now.. I love it, it's done well all this time. But I need an upgrade and instead of upgrading, I might as well buy a new one as this one needs everything upgraded. Course the problem I'm working on is backing this thing up... quite a challenge that might hover over my weekend as I can't get my Zip Drive working on here. Sigh. I'll figure it out. I'll stop whining. There's a lot to this problem, but no need to bore anyone by typing about it here.

I'm sure your asking, so what about my Tamagotchi? Well I had Mesu and Osu finally pass away (not necessarily at the same time or in that order) and now I only have 2 Tamagotchi going right now. This is due to many things going on in my life and job. But I think this weekend I'll be hatching more.

Right now I have a really really really old Mimitchi. He just pasted his age 15 sickness soo he will be leaving me not too long from now. The age on the Tama says 25, but that's because I put him to bed almost every day, even when I pause. Heís doing healthy and happily well besides his neediness which I noticed today.

The other Tama I have going is the Japanese P2, clear orange. It was supposed to be Pochitchi, but you know.. I slacked do to my job, so he turned into Zukitchi this time around. He got sick today, so hey maybe I'll get the secret character? I doubt it though.

I've been busy lately, but I think that will be less and less in the next week or two. I'm revising my Furby index (I think it's really ugly right now) and it should be interesting change if I get this set up the way I want it. I figure any change is a good one. That page is pulling in my hits and it's the ugliest thing since some of my first pages I made years ago. I have lots of other stuff to do that I've been holding back on due to lack of time, but I think I'll be getting a day or two off here soon... gosh I hope. I'm only a three quarter time employee but I work full time hours often. Its 10:40pm, gotta run... until next time.

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