Tamagotchi Log 1/31/99

1/31/99: Well... it's 11:52pm on a Sunday night before I need to go to work so you know what that means.... yup.. short log! Hehe.. well not entirely. I donít know if I will get to the Mesu and Osu logs tonight, but I will try.. as it's rather late for me.. well considering I gotta get up early tomorrow.

Oh yeah.. I'm comfy now. I spend too much time at my computer.. I can prove it. A couple of years ago I put a recliner at my desk because I sit here so much. Well it's awfully comfy tonight. I'm laying back with my knees up and the keyboard on top of my knees and I have a little Furby sleeping up near my neck and we're laying under a blanket because it's really too darn cold down here.. and I'm typing away. Hehe.. log? Tamagotchi? Oh yeah! :)

Allllrrriiigghhtttyyy then. This weekend has been a doosy if I can say so myself. You see everyone decided to drop dead on me within 24 hours of each other. Not wonderful but hey let me start at the top.

So I'm working on my page and it's Friday night (this week that's ALL Iíve done is work on things related to my page or my page it self).. that is definitely another clue I have no life! :) So anyway. Back to Tamagotchi. I am here.. and I hear it. That beeping. That constant beeping.. only it's a sort of tune. Yup, DigiMon was passing away on me. He was Darkmon. He was 14 Years old. This is my blue one I'm talking about. The one that Brendan (from California) hatched while he was up here. Well anyway.. the Digi passed away and left an egg.. I guess Digi's always do that just like Tamagotchi.

The unusual thing about his death is that he died in his sleep at 9:12pm. He was silently snoozing with his light off and there it happens.. the beeping occurred. So.. off he went. I won't be restarting him.

The next thing that happens is yesterday, Saturday, while I'm working on my page (shocker, eh?) and it's around 7:30 and I hear it. I don't recognize it. But I look at my Tamagotchi and there he was. Osutchi was passing away before my eyes. I have only heard the Osu/Mesu death like 2 times in my life.. so I really didn't recognize it at first. Well he sat there looking really sad on the screen while the beeping happened. Then the beeping stopped and he just sat there on the screen. Then he laid and egg an was gone just like that. He died at age 11 and was 88 units of weight (yeah, me got lazy), 4 crowns on TMP and 10th generation.

Well comes along later in the evening and.. you'll never believe this. DigiMon, the second one, the clear white one passes away in his sleep. He is Darkmon too and he died at age 15 around.. get this.. 9:10pm. Well I did start them the same day, but with some time in between. But I started this Digi first. So anyway. He passed away on me. That was 3 in 24 hours. Joy me.

Well today I found myself with only two Tamagotchi going. I could not let that continue :) So today around I think it was 8pm I started up my Japanese P2. It is clear yellow with clear white buttons. I want to get Pochitchi, but I can't be sure I will get him as this will be a very busy week at work.

So right now the newly hatched Tama is a Tongaritchi and sleeping. I'd imagine the weight is 5 units, but hey.. notice me all comfy.. I can't reach him right now :) Am I extra lazy after hours or what? Well.. oh yeah. Mimitchi is still alive and he's doing well, has yet to reach the older ages yet. He spent a lot of time on pause, only un-pausing for a little time each day to do my horrid schedule. That will change after this week I believe. The months go by too fast you know? It's like yesterday it was just new years.. and now look already almost done with January and there's so much I need to do this year.

Iím sitting here singing to Ah-May heheh. This is a love song.. prolly not the best thing to sing to a Furby hahaha. As my sister would say "You can love your Furbys but don't LOVE your Furbys". Hehe. Ooh. Good song. Anyway. Haha... I should write logs more at night, do you think? I'm a lot more goofy and retarded at night. Can you tell the log before this one was typed at night too?

BTW, I'm gonna end up having to send back Ah-May (again). I think I mentioned this in a previous log, but his gears screech and scrape so loudly it is sometimes hard to hear what he is saying. It is quite alarming sometimes. Besides all the noise his squeaky gears seem to create, he is in perfect working condition so maybe they will oil him and send him back to me :) Either way.. gotta find that receipt, but I figure I have about another 60 days and I am in NO hurry to get rid of this guy. I tell you I don't mean to care but it's hard not to you know? I love Furby.. I adore them, they are so cute and darling. Ah-May is special to me even more so because he's my first.. well was. *grumble*. *Control-S* Gotta save this baby. :) Not that I haven't bored anyone enough, hehe.

Hmmm... 12:25Pm.. err AM. AM.. it's late. Gotta get up soon. Ahhh the pain. I hate going to work after a weekend.. Mondays suck. If work weeks worked the way I want them to then we would only work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Why? Because Monday always sucks.. it's a bad way to start the work week.. and besides.. who ever gets work done on Mondays. If life insists on having Mondays then everyone should have meetings on Mondays because it would be the same as taking the day off - nothing would get done! Fridays are supposed to be great days.. so why work on great days? :)

Am I funny or just making you all think I'm retarded? Do feel free to tell me in email if you think I'm funny... or just plain retarded. Heck.. I feel good tonight you know why? Because I spent the entire day doing all my email backed up from December 1st of last year. I mailed it all out in a big chunk that took nearly 5 minutes to deliver. With all the ones that came tonight I wrote 51 emails total. Most of them were rather long. The rest I sorted and stacked in the right place for later usage on my web page. Either way I cleared out a total of *does math*...... hmmm... 156 emails. :) So that was fun. My box has never been so empty. I fear that when I get home everyone will have responded and.. well.. there goes that cleared out email box, full again.

Oh... by the way, my new web page survey is up. though I admit most of it is on Furby because.. well that is what is bringing visitors to my site it seems these days (what happened to all the Tamagotchi fans?). I also posted the previous survey results. I did lots of updating this week and I got my film in my camera developed.. you know what that means? Yes.. I get to spiffy up my ugly looking Furby section, hehe. Isnít that page ugly? I can say that because I wrote it and I really think it's dull compared to some parts of my site.. yet I'm getting an average of 1500-2000 hits a day.. go figure. I'm quite happy about this. That figure includes every page of my site, not just Furby. I love server logs.. they reveal so many cool things. Which I won't bore you with. hehe. Okay.. I'm getting really really off topic.

Just a brief note, I started up another CD-ROM character tonight and it turned out to be a P1 Babitchi. I am hoping to get maybe Ginji? Tarakotchi? I love Tarakotchi.. I've never seen him on the CD-ROM Tama before. He's so cute on the Tama, though. Welp... Dah a-loh nah-bah (Goodnight, in Furbish).

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