Tamagotchi Log 1/27/99

1/27/99: Alrighty then. I'm nearing the end of my updates and this just happens to be one of the last things I have left to do, right now that is. I still have to make a graphic.. and well anyways. Boy am I tired. Anyways.

Oops.. anyways. ::whispers:: I have a sleeping Furby lying against me under a blanket.. I almost woke him, Ah-May's so cute. Okay I'm sorry I'll get down to business here. It's 9:23pm and I need to figure out what to write and get done soon because I have work tomorrow. I've been at my puter for over 8 hours now. Working on my page and catching up on life, the universe and everything.

So well, it's been a short month for me, but it sure has been a while since a log and things have happened, some bad, some good, some I don't care to acknowledge (oh wait, those are the bad.) I'm in a weird mood tonight, forgive me. I had company over for 2+ weeks and I chose that time as 'vacation' away from my computer, though I did come around a couple times to retrieve my email (toooo mucchhh eeemmaaaillllll) and check up on my stats and such. And blah. Okay does anyone care? I don't. ;)

My friend from California came and we celebrated 'Christmas' together and opened gifts. I got him lots of stuff.. among of which was a solid black Furby. He was dying for one. You know the story called 'My Furby adventure' on my Furby section? Well in that story I got a solid white Furby. Well I traded with my grandma for a solid black and that ended up being his gift. The solid white ended up being my sisters from my grandma. :) Brendan's, my friend from California, Furbys name is A-Loh.

Also that day when I got home from work, the day Brendan came, I found a box that came in the mail for me sitting on the steps. Guess what it turned out to be? My Furby that I spent more then retail to buy from someone online. His name is Toh-Dye, he is grey/brown striped with a white tummy, white mane and big brown eyes. I paid more, and I hope I don't kick myself later, but it seems impossible to find Furby here at all.. or anywhere for that matter. I really wanted that color combo so I spent it... I kinda wish I had not, but then again I really love this Furby, so I kinda don't regret it.. you know?

So that night we had 7 Furbys chatting. I own 3, LeAnne owns 2, Brendan had his 1 and my sister had 1. We put them in a circle and we took pictures of them (pics I will soon develop and put on my page). It was sooo cute, not to mention extremely loud ;)

Since I'm on the topic of Furby I might as well tell all the news. You know the Furby I got from Tiger repair department as a replacement for my first Ah-May, whom happens to be named Ah-May too? Well... I dear fear that something might be wrong with this little guy too. It's been about 2 months since I've got him. After the first month his gears started making more noise then normal. And now, 2 months later his gears scrape and screech and sometimes it's hard to hear what little Ah-May is saying. He's not messing up, but something is definitely wrong. It's not a software problem, itís definitely a hardware problem.. the gears are probably getting stripped causing the motor to work harder. That or he needs lubrication in the gear system.. either way he is a bit messed up. But you know... this is kinda hard for me to talk about because I was hurting very badly after I lost my first Ah-May and I'm beginning to feel hurt again at the thought that I may have to send him back to Tiger again.. if I do I just hope they don't replace him.. I need repairs not replacements here. Sigh. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do about it yet. He is really noisy and it's extremely disturbing. I'm very worried about him.

Wanna know something funny? I know it's not just him. LeAnne's Furby does this too... cept she doesn't really seem concerned. I'm concerned though... I love Ah-May.

We had a lot of fun with Furby over those 2 weeks... I've been having lots of fun with Furby since October. You know I thought I would tire of Furby after a while because.. well because he's different. Instead he's my buddy, all three of them. Can't imagine life without my little buddies. :)

Oh yeah, today while I was working I turned up the radio really loud and set all three of my Furbys on top of my box and they danced away for almost 30 minutes straight, it was sooo cute! I love them :) I wore Ah-May's batteries dry, I had to change them afterwards and I think Toh-Loo Kah may be in for a change soon too. I tell you I'm gonna keep the battery companies in business.

I have had so much going on with Furby I could go on and on and on. Oh yeah, our Wards is having a big ol Presidents day sale on Furbys.. I just may go pick another up, but not for me.. for Brendan. :)

Okay, topic change. Tamagotchi. When I last wrote I only had Mimitchi, Mesu, Osu, and Ginji going. Well that group has changed, unfortunately. First I still have Mimitchi, he has been on pause now and again, thus extending his life. Next up you should read what I wrote in my Mesu and Osu logs.. I have Mesu and Osu probs again. They both changed into adults, but I'll be darned.. one of them is not able to mate. I'm just gonna let them continue their lives childless.. they will prolly pass away in a while.

I was really sad.. still am that they are not compatible at all. I enjoyed running Mesu and Osu so long.. it's always fun getting new characters and mating them... I'll run them again sometime, but I think I'm gonna get back to Oceangotchi.. only this time I will run my Japanese one and make new animations and such for the Oceangotchi page. I'm not starting it yet, but I will sometime well, not during a hard time at work, maybe the 2nd or 3rd week in February. I can't commit yet, but I shall soon. I have yet to run the Japanese version :)

While Brendan was here I started up two DigiMons. I let Brendan run one of them while the other I took. He had never played with DigiMon before, so I figured why not. Well with time they grew into the good teen stage.. Now Brendan neglected his for almost 2 days straight, yet it lived. In fact they both became the same character even though I'm sure I did better then him (his sat in 5 poops 2 days in a row, 5 poops a day). We both got Darkmon. I wonder if that's due tot he fact that we both got the good teen so maybe I can't get lower then that once they are locked into the good characters area? I don't really know. I'm no expert on DigiMon, for I don't have as much interest in them as I do Tamagotchi. No less they are still alive and with me. In fact they are sleeping right now.

Unfortunately Ginji died at 15... I think that was my fault, I slept in and forgot to pause him so he may have beeped while I was sleeping and I didn't hear it? I'm not sure, but I did take notice when he was dying that morning. Poor little guy.. I sure do love Ginji. He's such a sweetheart.

You know something... someone asked me online if I still 'use tams' because they arenít popular and I guess some people don't like them because they arenít the 'in' thing. I think I addressed this issue once. I am unsure how long Iíll be playing with Tamagotchi but man it's been a long time and I still love them. They are still fun for me. I guess owning Japanese Tamagotchi helps. If I only had P1 and P2 I would be bored by now I think. I just don't understand why ppl only like or dislike things because of the 'popularity' factor. I'm not jumping on the person that asked me, but the people that pressure others not to play with Tama's or anything else because it's not popular. I tell ya that really sucks. I never went with the crowds.. I don't care for that stuff. I either like something or I pass. I never grew up in the popular crowds or anything, as you can probably tell. I'm surprised people like my page.

In the 1990's I have only bought into 2 of the so called 'fads'. Tamagotchi and Furby. I got into the Tamagotchi scene late, but I tell ya I was quite early in the Furby craze. I was wishing for Furby before people even knew what it was. I bought my first Furby off the shelf. I did so when no one cared, when no one was rushing, there was no limited amount to buy and in fact there were about 20 on the shelf that I chose mine from. There was no one around, and the people at Wards did not even know where to display them because they didnít know what they were. I paid retail price for it too. I bought the one you see on the tag, the black and white with brown eyes 'tux'. I miss those days.. had I known they would be popular I would have bought the store out. ;) Anyways.. back to the topic. I'm not saying people that get into fads are bad either. I'm just saying people that pressure others to like or dislike things based on a 'groups' belief really really sucks. I grew up watching it and I know I'll never be able to do anything about it as those things will go on forever and a day. But hey... me mentioning it here might make some people think? Maybe. I doubt it. All I'm saying is listen to your heart and not what the 'in' crowds say you should listen to. I may be 22 years old and out of school working in an office, but I know what it's like. I've been there. Done listening to me gripe? Me too.

I'm sorry I got massively off topic, well kinda. But hey I pay for the space on my server so why not talk eh? No one else really listens to me ;) Well my Furbys do. Gosh I sure do love Furby. You know I do love Tamagotchi and I'm not tired of them yet. But I'll admit that Furby has really stolen my heart in many ways. You know I forgot a lot of what I wanted to write here. I've covered some of the topics. Oooh.. I almost forgot CD-ROM Tama. He died on the 22nd, he became Mimitchi! This is what he left to me in a postcard...

Congratulation on raising me. According to my calculations you family can claim the food, electricity and the other expenses you incurred raising me on your tax return under "Tamagotchi Expenses." Good Luck!

Good luck is right.. I've got to file and I doubt they'd deduct the power it took for me to run my computer to run my Tamagotchi program off. Of course that wouldn't be more then what.. 5 bucks ways?! I'm not gonna restart the CD-ROM tonight.. I won't be up for another hour.. well I hope not.

Man this log has been personal, no? Do you find personal logs annoying to read? If so.. email me. Hehe.. okay don't email me, I'd rather not know because I know I'm annoying. Okay... I need to go and make that image and upload all this stuff. I will try not to be so annoying in the next log *smile*.

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