Tamagotchi Log 12/24/97

12/24/97: Well today was a good day. I worked only half a day until 12. Than LeAnne came and picked me up and we headed out to my house. We were planning on exchanging gifts with my sister, LeAnne and me. Well the three of us always make it a challenge to get open gifts. Much super glue and tape was used this year. Hot glue from a glue gun seemed to be most popular with masking tape coming in second. While fabric, duct tape and a small scavenger hunt took some involvement ;). We all got a Tamagotchi from each other! That wasn't planed or expected, but hey it worked out that way, so we decided to do our own little group hatching. LeAnne hatched her teal gen1, Heidi, my sister hatched her clear green gen1 and I hatched my clear black gen2. Now I have 3 gen 2's going. Need to even it out over the next week with some gen1's. Anyway, I am going for a Zukitchi on this one, I am hoping to get the secret character, I haven't had Zatchi yet. We made quite the mess of the basement today ;). Nonetheless we all had fun.

Not too much happened Tamagotchi wise, cept they were with me through out all of this fun. This evening has been a sorta depressing one. Christmas just isn't Christmas when ppl are missing from the celebration you know? Even though I had a chance to involve Mimitchi with a midnight church event I normally go to, I decided against it this year. It just isn't right this year, something is missing and it just doesn't feel right. Nonetheless I was talking about this to some friends online, and I lost track of time. My Mimitchi (yellow/blue) and my sister's Zatchi went to bed with a poop next to them :((((( I can't believe I did that!!!!!! nooooooooooooooooooo!!!! ugh. Poor sweet Mimitchi and Zatchi stuck in their own stench overnight :(( My sister is gonna kill me! sigh. That's what happens when you lose track of time. Something that seems easy to do when your thinking about emotional topics I guess. Still no excuse... poor sweet Tama's.. I feel bad for them :( I miss Ginji... and even more so.. I miss somebody else, whom was very special to me in the past. A human somebody mind you.

Well this is a Tama log right? Well, I am hearing that Angelgotchi will be in the US around Jan or Feb I hope. I am planning on getting one of them if I can. I like the motion and sound censor idea. I am hoping to get a hold of a real Japanese Tamagotchi as well, but I will hopefully get that online in an auction. I hope. My count of Tama’s has gone up to 20 today. I have 9 P2's and 11 P1's. I thought I had less, but when I recounted I realized I did have that many after all.

That ends this log, tomorrow I will prolly write a log, but if I don't it will be the very next day after, considering I have that day off. But I hope to be back here early enough to write down the experience before I forget it. Either way, I hope tomorrow goes okay for my family as well as everyone else’s. It's going to be an... unusual year.

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