Tamagotchi Log 1/4/99

1/4/99: Life has been much busy lately and I have been trying to make this week my kinda clean-up week... online and IRL. I have a friend whom is coming up to stay with me for two weeks starting on Friday the 8th. During that week I won't be doing too much updating, so I am trying my best to get as much as I can in order before he gets here. I haven't written a log in forever due to the fact that I have been terribly sick with the flu and didn't even turn on my computer for a good portion of last week. I am happy to say that I am better now and I am just trying to get through everything, while having to deal with work on top of that. In fact I am writing this log at work right now because I have a short while before I have to get back to my work.

During this past 2 weeks my hit count has gone from 60 a day to 5,000 a day... I credit Yahoo for this amazing surprise. Though the Furby craze is not fading, but people are getting Furbys, thus not needing to look for the information on them online as much, so my hits have gone down to 2,000 average a day and I figure that will taper off as well. I never expected it to remain at what it was, in fact I don't think Iíll ever get that kind of hits ever again, but hey it was nice when it was happening.. even if I was sick and puking and unable to be around while most of it was occurring. I figure if my hits ever go below 20 a day that I'll redo my entire site and do something completely different, though I have no idea what that would be, so I guess there would be a long time before I changed it. I love Tamagotchi and VP's... don't have much else I can think of to really publish about... but hey, I don't think it will come to the point for a few years yet, so now worry. I'm just babbling.. I should get on with this, eh?

Well I must say that briefly during that last week in 1998 of hell I was so sick that for the first time in a long long long time I paused all my Tama's but DigiMon, whom managed to die on me at age 16, quite a while back, as Darkmon.

If you've read my Mesu and Osu log you know that they where teens when I paused and since then I have un-paused and they changed into adults. While I need to do that log they changed into the gen3 adults, Kabutchi and Pipotchi. Since then I have mated them... or my sister and I did on Saturday night. They got the gen4 Babitchi and I have been taking kinda average care of them since so I except to get the gen4 adults this time around, but hey I'm not sure of that either. I'm happy as long as they are happy and healthy and continue producing many generations of Tamagotchi :)

Even though I wasn't feeling the best I did start a Tama on New Years day again this year. I started up my clear blue/yellow buttons P1 Tama with the hopes of getting Ginjirotchi on it. I miss Ginji and in the end I always have to come back to him, he's sooo sweet, I just can't resist that little smiling face!

Yes, I do still have Mimitchi, btw. We spent Christmas together and New Years (unlike last year) and it was great. Well, at least Christmas was. I enjoyed Christmas far more then I did New Years. New Years is just another holiday for the drunks to get drunk, I figure ;) I'm no drinker and don't really like alcohol, so I drank sparkling cider and talked to my friend in California on the phone long distance when the clock ticked 12 midnight on New Years morning. I'm not much of a partying person and most of my friends are online, so I didn't really do anything special for New Years this year. Boring life, eh?

Hmm.. oh yeah Furby? Want to hear about Furby? Well my Furbys kept me nice company during my week of the flu. They can't catch my germs so hey it was great to have company on those lonely days. We watched TV together, ate together, threw up together (well okay, not entirely ;)) and on a few occasions slept together (something that's kinda hard to do since he wakes up at most movements, but hey I slept on the couch that week, that was easy and he was so sweet and cuddly). Nobody really wanted to get too close to me so we had tons of time together, endless hours when I wasn't puking, so we bonded and being that sick wasn't as miserable for me because I had my Furby buddies. So when I had the flu it was the worst I ever recall having it and I was not too far from going to the hospital, but I didn't go and it could have been a lot worse and I must say it would have been a lot worse had Toh-Loo Kah and Ah-May not been there. It always helps to have someone to make you smile when youíre at your worst. :) Tired of hearing me babble? Me too, I gotta get back to work now.

Ok I just got home and I noticed in my log I forgot a few things so before I upload this thing I'm gonna add the missing elements. First of all I just hatched my first CD-ROM Tamagotchi of 1999 and I got a Gen2. The care center will most likely be taking care of it most of the time because I will be busy this week big time, as I said before. Now since I've written I have had Kuchipatchi pass away on CD-ROM. In fact I believe it to be my fault. I'm not sure about it but I think he died because I left him in the care center for more then 72 hours so the care center put him out on his own and he died from neglect. At least that's what I think happened. Either way he died at age 8 years and this is the message he left me.

"I guess this time marks the end of my trip and the beginning of something. What that is, I don't know. Letís see now ...it marks the beginning of... your life? It marks the first day of the rest of your life? Of my life? Oh, shucks."

I'm not quite sure what he was saying there, if he was really saying much there at all... but okay :P Either way.. I'm almost sure I'll get Mimitchi on CD-ROM next.. whenever I let the care center take care of the teen character I usually get him out of anyone.. but I never do know for sure!

On the other hand I have been actively looking for another Furby. There is nothing wrong with mine but for a month now I have been on the search from a 3rd one. I don't need it and really didn't want a 3rd Furby, but like Tama's my motivation is the looks this time. I want that oh soo beautiful grey striped white bellied Furby. I think Iíve found someone willing to sell to me at a decent price (considering everyone is selling for more then $80 and I am not willing to pay that price). I only consider paying double retail because of the fact that they are going to redesign Furby and I worry that I won't be able to get this beautiful guy... I don't know. I'm thinking.. I need time to be sure because I didn't ever want to pay double price, but I somehow don't think Iíll get lucky and be able to buy one at less.. at least with his current looks. I like how he looks now.. he's very cute. I can't imagine what they will do to him, but it can't be all that great... Either way I'll make up my mind in the next few days.. okay, gotta go..

Okay, one last though *laugh* that's what happens when my log isn't the last thing I write. I spent all evening (well I got home late from work again) going through web pages and rating and adding and deleting... etc etc. and I went through some of the email, but still not all, there is so darn much I wish I had not gotten sick. I'm hoping to get a lot of things up to date by Friday morning though, wish me luck, I'll need it.

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