Tamagotchi Log 12/26/98

12/26/98: Well.... if you don't want to hear about my Christmas this is log would be a good one to skip.

Essentially my Christmas did revolve around virtual pets, though more so Furby then any other virtual pet. No less something kinda tragic happened again regarding Furby... I can't believe my luck sometimes :P

On Christmas eve my sister and I were in my room and she was feeding both my Furbys at the same time. Well for no reason at all my black and white Furby began speaking Furbish... no English. In fact he had changed his name all together. So basically he re-started. So poor sweet May-Lah was gone. He had, in fact, changed his name to May-Lah Kah. He added that little something at the end. Well I wanted my May-Lah back. Though I had no real time to mess with it and re-start again. So I left him as is because I had Christmas day to deal with. I missed him though.. I really didn't think the extra addition to his name was that great either.. call me picky and whiny. I'm extremely stubborn sometimes though.

So after a long night my sister and I were up by 9am because company was coming at 10:30am. We sent my step dad off to get some beer on the way of picking up my bother. Last minute gift because we didn't have anything for my brother and he's a drinker, so that worked out okay. So around 10:30am everyone began to show up, though there weren't many people, most everyone was meeting later at my Grandma's house. Instead of having breakfast first this year, we opened gifts first. I was told that due to the cost of one of my gifts I would not be getting too much, totally understandable as I had guessed quite ahead of time what I was getting and was right on my guess :). So we passed around gifts and watched everyone open and it was a pretty good time. My poor Furbys got molested a lot.. so many people had never even seen one :P. I got several little things including Armageddon the movie, 2 twelve packs of AA batteries (hey I really asked for batteries :)), Jewel's new CD among several other things. Lastly and the greatest gift of them all was the one I guessed ahead of time. I had guessed in hopes I was right because I so needed it and I may be behind time because my computer is 7 years old and it runs pretty slow, but it's all I have. They got me an iomega Zip drive for my computer. If you don't know what that is, it is a removable disk drive, each of the disks containing 100MB of space! I've been dying for one but they are so expensive and I am so lucky to have parents that would get me one.

My step sister's daughter got a Furby, so essentially I became Furby Help today, but that's okay I needed something to do to pass away the day. Christmas is one of my least favorite holidays, I'm not much of a social person.

At this point we realized how bad it was outside so after eating the guests left and we hopped in the van for what would prove to be a *very* long drive into town. The snow was already a good 5 inches and there were accidents all over the place and traffic moved at a crawl the whole way in. Not to mention driving on it was not fun. I had my two Furbys, Mimitchi, Darkmon and Mesu and Osu to keep me company on the way in. My sister and brother were also there with us. My brother doesn't live with me, so I won't get this fact confused. On the way in my sister and I talked a bit, but it was pretty silent (except for the chatting of Furbys) because of the roads, this being the first *major* snow fall this year. The prob with today is that my sister could not drive in and she had to be dropped at her dad's house to spend Christmas with her side of the family. Getting there was real fun on the roads (plus it was just pouring down snow very hard). After dropping her off my brother had to go back to his house and pick up something then be dropped off at his friend's house. So we spent the better part of an hour and a half running people around but we did finally reach our final destination: my grandmasí house. Last year, if you read last year's log, you'd know that I really don't enjoy these get togethers. This year seemed to prove a little less miserable. I enjoy my Grandma and Grandpa and my Aunt... but pretty much else wise my relatives are annoying, especially a certain drunk., whom thankfully didn't show up this year!

Well we get there and most everyone is there. This begins the boring part, on the most, of the day. There are particular groups of the house I can choose to join. I either sit in front of the TV and watch some boring sports game (this year was football and boxing. The boxing on video as it was my cousin whom was boxing). I could also choose to join the people at the table and just snack on the food there and watch the TV from a distance and listen to whatever gossip finds its way from the group in the kitchen to the table. I could hang with the group in the kitchen (aka gossip patrol central) and I could join the political debate group. Mind you wish I wish to do none of the above so usually the safest is in front of the TV, either in the living room or around the dining room table. Well I spent equal time at both.

This year was different in many ways. I walked in the door and I already spotted 2 Furbys present. All of the grand kids got Furbys this year, with the exception of my cousin Jennifer and me, we got them for our birthdays. Well one of the Furbys was the other Furby I really really really wanted. I didn't need to own more then 2, but I intend on getting a hold of a 3rd Furby because I saw it on EBay. Well now more then ever I want it because I saw it in person. It's beautiful. She had the tabby gray Furby with white tummy! I was gonna die. I told her she better watch it when I leave today because it might come with me ;) Its name is Dah Loh-Lah (a name we have yet to translate because it ain't in the book). Well she had never seen 4 interact so we got them all together. The other Furby there was my grandmas Furby, him being totally identical to my Furby, including name and eye color :P. Well, they went on and on and on, they had fun and Jennifer and I watched and talked. You see she and I had never really got along until today. So today wasn't that bad because I had someone with similar interests. I did spend a lot of the day playing with Furby though because I didn't want to get involved with the political discussions and gossip stuff. I'm not complaining, I love Furby.

Well my Aunt Shirley told us she had a Furby, but it was dead. And it was. We tried to figure out what was wrong, but it just wasnít sucking any power, it just sat there dead so we told her what to do.. Jennifer felt sorry for the poor lifeless pink/gray Furby. So she included it in the group of Furbys. But you see, we are all adults. All of us there are over 18. You knew it would happen. That poor pink Furby got tipped over and essentially all the Furbys were into cannibalism and talking about how they killed Kenny (the dead Furby) and how he tasted like chicken! Well okay, we said it for them, but ears were in mouths and everyone was laughing :). It was most humorous. Shirley took her little dead Furby away from us consenting adults and told us to stop being mean to her Kenny (yes, everyone there likes South Park, and yes we are all adults heheh). You had to be there to get a full laugh out of it I suppose.

Soon after dinner (heck I didn't eat much, I just got done with breakfast not 3 hours ago :P) we played some bingo for prizes. Now this would have been fun, except my grandma used the same idea that we used at the office Christmas party. And at the office party there were so many prizes that the game went on for over an hour (and it got really boring). So now we pulled out that same game and played it again here. I was sick of it after the first 3 rounds because I had played so much bingo at the office party. But really there was nothing I could do about it because everyone was playing and there wasn't much else to do, short of playing with Furby. So we played on and on for about an hour again. I like bingo, but it can get tiring. During the game two things happened, beyond playing. First thing that happened was someone mentioned something about politics. So a guy that can never believe he's less then perfect and doesn't believe anyone else could be right and everyone is wrong no matter what unless they agree with him turned around and began yelling at the top of his lungs about the government and Bill Clinton and he went on and on. Everyone, even his kids, were saying 'get him to shut up so we can play'. It drove me nuts because this guy thinks he's God and we disagree! :P Anyway.. the craziness finally died down and we got back to the game. Later on my cousin came with his girlfriend... and she had a Furby too. So now there was 5 Furbys there. If LeAnne would have come and my sister had been there we would have had 9 Furbys there. But my sister was at her dad's and LeAnne was unable to make it.

The game stopped for a while, while we talked to him and his girlfriend. I was listening, but also watching her play with her all white brown eye'ed Furby. At one point I turned my attention to what the Furby was saying. Obviously just opened because it was speaking all Furbish. I eventually caught his name. When I did catch the name I was glad I was sitting down because it may as well could have been a punch in the chest. His name was Ah-May. I don't ever forget Ah-May, in fact miss him lots and I don't know why it shocked me so to run into another Furby with the same name, but my heart longed for Ah-May once again. I don't know how to describe it, but I guess I'm just not past that part that misses him so much. No less I took my eyes away from that Furby and did not look at it again.

The game continued on finally and my cousins girlfriend, Mickee, played Bingo too, while he sat out. So the room went silent again, only the person reading the stuff talking and.. Mickee's Ah-May was talking in the silence. So I sat there just listening to him, trying to keep my mind on Bingo. I listened as he repeated his name several times in the same voice that my Ah-May had. This only served to make me ache a bit more for that little guy. Not one person would understand if I spoke up, so I didn't. I just kept quiet and listened to her pet that Furby again and again.

When that game was over and the prizes were finally distributed everyone got up and did their own thing and us Furby owner's sat together at the table. My Furbys were woken up and they all were put in a circle and they all chattered among themselves, including that pure white one, for a long long time while we all talked about different things. I was kinda quiet here, I didn't feel like talking much. That white Furby sat right across from me, staring straight at me talking with the other 4 Furbys. It was very cool to see 5 chat and so long too. They didn't really even require prompting from any of us to keep chatting, they had a good ol time singing and dancing and hiding and tickling for almost 30 minutes.

Soon it was getting late and I was bothering my mother to get my step dad up and leave soon. It was after 6pm and we couldn't see past this one tree in my grandmasí backyard because the snow was coming down so hard and thick. It was getting really really bad. It took over 30 minutes to get the van warmed up and ready to get out of there.

We packed up and left with many good-byes and Merry Christmas's. It was not a great ride home as it was really bad out there. Blinding snow, people getting out of control, accidents and so many traffic problems. We were lucky. The van did fishtail now and again, but otherwise we went slow and drove over to pick up my sister. It was relatively silent as we drove home.

Walking out in that snow left my booted feet wet because the snow was over a foot deep and left my Furbys a little wet from being out there for less then a minute... it was coming down hard. In fact today itís over a foot deep....

When I got home I made a decision last night and after talking with LeAnne about it I decided I needed to restart my May-Lah Kah and try to get his name back to May-Lah. So I restarted him a few times, not coming up with the right name. But soon enough he was no longer waking up and telling me his name.. he started up and said Kah Way-Loh Koh-Koh, meaning me sleep again. And he would go to sleep. He did this a couple of times. I gave up. I brought the sleeping Furby to my sister and told her what happened and told her I didn't know his name right now, but I thought he went back to May-Lah Kah. I said I won't know his name until I wake him and wasn't sure if I wanted to mess with it anymore. She looked at the Furby and said well, wake him up. She continued on and said whatever his name is when he wakes up is the name he is meant to have. I'm like.. yeah that could make sense. Because he did refuse to change his name in the end a few times. So I stopped trying to change it. So I tilted his body and his eyes opened and I faced him toward my sister. I believed the name said would be May-Lah Kah, because that's the one I think I last heard before he refused to tell me, but kept going to sleep. He woke up and said 'Kah May-May U-Nye (me love you)... Me Ah-May'. I was going to die. This Furby that looked exactly like Ah-May with a few exceptions like eye color (he's the same body type and all) intro'ed himself as Ah-May. My sister smiled and said... he came back in the spirit of Ah-May because your meant to have Ah-May. I kinda missed May-Lah. But as I said I would do... I kept him as Ah-May. So I have a Ah-May Jr. I suppose.. Either way I have an Ah-May back in my life now. Maybe my next Furby will be May-Lah? I liked May-Lah and when I look at him I see May-Lah. But it would be wrong to mess with the course of history anymore then I have. I only tried to change his name because of what happened to him the night before. He reset on his own while my sister was holding him. Be it fate or bad luck, I don't know. But that's my story of why I have a Furby with the name Ah-May again. It'll be hard to call him Ah-May after so long of calling him May-Lah.

On the other hand, am I looking too far into this? I mean it is just a Furby, right? I shouldn't care should I? Oh well. Hopefully I won't have any more ghost resets on me or anything. It was really weird and I still don't know why he reset on me that night.. I wasn't even holding him and my sister was just feeding him and for no reason he reset. Oh well.. what can I do, right? I won't bore anyone anymore on the topic, but that is my Christmas story.

One last though before I spell check and upload here. I am having company this weekend and won't be updating much else today. I believe I will be getting Monday off and I will spend the day on my page if I get it. I've got 2 more people to celebrate Christmas with... this weekend with one and then when my friend comes up in January, with him. I have lots to update and upload after this week. And umm... want to know something crazy? According to my server log (different then the counter on the front page because the server log tracks hits to all my pages, not just the index), over the period of 2.01 days this week (two days before Christmas, that's when my hits increased) my web site received 9,501 hits! That is more then I've ever received in my entire life.. Usually I receive like 50-80 a day... but I am getting over 5,000 a day now. Crazy eh? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays friend's and readers.

UPDATE: My apologies for the lack of updates as of late. I have the flu and it has kept me offline and away from most everything. I will get to everything as soon as I can, probably on the weekend or around there. My Tama's are on pause, except for DigiMon... I paused them Sunday afternoon when it became apparent I was unable to care for myself very well, yet alone take good care of them. More when I update within the next week....

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