Tamagotchi Log 12/20/98

12/20/98: Life has gotten busy to say the least, no nothing interesting, just busy :P No less last Wednesday (the 16th) seemed to be a day of death for me. I lost 3 Tama's that day if you count CD-ROM.

The first death of that day happened while at work, it was right before I signed back on after my lunch hour, around 1:30pm. The Tama in question is TamaOtch. Kakutchi died at age 13, the age he dies every single time I hatch that Tama. That's a little strange too... I guess day 13 never goes too well for that guy. That or he had one too many cigars (yes, he really does smoke!).

The next death of the day, in order, happened around 3:16pm. The Tama in question here is none other then Mimitchi (yellow/black). He died at age 22, his normal dying age. Since I was at work I really had to block out all thoughts/emotion related to his death as at that time I was extremely busy and was under pressure of making a dead line for work. I pressed both A and C and restarted him right away at work. He hatched and was a Tonmarutchi before I left work that day.

When I got home that night and turned on the computer I found that CD-ROM Tama Kuchipatchi was departing on me, making it the 3rd death of the day.

"Hi, you. On Planet Tamagotchi my life is simple, but happy. Shrimp is as shrimp does, they say. Who say, you might ask? I don't know. I hope this helps." - 9yr Kuchipatchi

To say briefly.. no that doesn't help :P I have no clue what that postcard meant! Weird and strange I tell ya. I'm starting up my CD-ROM again right now... He's a gen1 Babitchi again.

Can't say the 16th was the best day I've had. I did know that Mimitchi was going to pass.. he was 22 after all and I had not paused or anything to delay his life. I did not for the reason I need to raise another Mimitchi before the 24th, as I really don't want to spend Christmas without my sweetie. I am happy to say that right now I am not too far from that occurring. He is Tongaritchi and age 5, 24lbs and 100% disciplined. I'm very close to getting him back. I accept his arrival tomorrow or Tuesday while at work. I'll be a happy camper when he's back :)

Since I last wrote my DigiMon has become an adult. He is Darkmon, 3rd down the chart. Man, I am sad.. I really thought I would get one of the unhealthy characters. I don't know with DigiMon.. it seems so hard to get anything but the best. You know what.. my chart says I have only had run 4 DigiMons, this being the 4th. But I seem to recall having Darkmon and Numemon before. Am I wrong? Maybe I'm delusional and recall my friends DigiMon, not mine. Seems weird that I've only had 4 characters in the last year or so. Even if 2 of them did stay for months. Hmmm...

And well.. the other Tama's I have going are Mesutchi and Osutchi and I will be updated their page after this one. They are adults and with kids right now though...

Kinda short log this time around. Oh yeah, short note. Umm.. in January between the 8th and the 24th I won't be updating much at all, in fact very little, maybe only once a week. Those 17 days I will be having company. My internet friend from California is coming to stay with me for a while, so I'll be around less. I'm not sure about most of things, but I'll know as I get closer. I might pause Mesu and Osu for part of that time, I dunno. Just thinking out loud, I'm not exactly sure what will be going on though.

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