Tamagotchi Log 12/15/98

12/15/98: Yup, long time no write or update or anything for that matter. But! I am finally making up for that. In fact this was my day off of work and what did I do with it? Well... let me just say right now its 7:25pm. I turned on my computer at 10am and began working on my page and stuff related to my page at 10:30am. I've been working on stuff for a long time. I've only taken a 10 minute break to eat dinner. There are allot of obvious changes and they be listed on my Updates page. I also spent a good amount of time taking care of a few problems... it seems that a few people out there took the deliberate of ripping me off. One person copied entire portions of my Furby page and put it on their page, claiming it as their own work! I also found someone who was linking to some of my wavs, without giving me credit btw. Linking directory off my server.. I hate that. Soo... like I say. If someone is getting stuff from me or my stuff is on pages that it doesn't belong.. I do find out :)

Anyways... I took care of that stuff and worked on other things I've been needing to do. Some email (definitely not finished), mostly web pages and stuff.

Welp.. I also updated Mesu and Osu btw. But I'm back with Gen2 teens :)

My CD-ROM changed into Kuchipatchi from the beaked character a couple of days ago. He's really a cute character, I do like Hashizo better on CD-ROM though.


Lets see... oh yes. Kakutchi, my TamaOtch is 12 years today, definitely an adult and prolly getting towards his old age years of death. Speaking of death, Morino left me the 9th or 10th of this month. He was 9 or 10 and I'll be darned it doesn't tell me when he dies what his age was... I debated for a long while weather I wanted to start him again or just give it a rest for a while and I chose the latter. So he's back on my wall with the rest of my Tama's. Did I mention I hung up all 71 Tama's I own on the wall? :) I'll take a pic some day.

Last night, after almost two weeks of persuasion from LeAnne, I started up a DigiMon with her while on the phone. We started them at 11:37pm. I had a strange occurrence while waiting for him to go to bed last night. LeAnne's went to bed almost 15 minutes before my DigiMon went to bed. The only difference was the fact that I accidentally woke him up when he went to sleep. I'm used to the second icon being lights and not feed. I thought that was really odd. Other then that they have been completely normal and in sync.

The reason it took me so long to agree to starting a Digi with her is simply the fact that they stick around for so long! Well.. I'm taking bad care of this character in hopes I don't get someone that will stick around for 3 months.. instead someone that will stick around for less then a month, preferably :) I made her promise that for as long as I have a living Digi she has to keep starting them up, even if that's for 3 months. She agreed to that.

As for Mimitchi.. he is 21 years old tonight. He is by far reaching that age in his life will he pass away. Possibly the first time in months he will die at his normal age of 22, which is the age that Mimitchi always died at until I began pausing now and again so I could keep him longer. The point is to be able to have him back with me this Christmas. The only way that would have worked is if I paused him for a month or let him live a normal life and bring him back. Hopefully I succeed at this.. Christmas only comes around once a year after all. I won't have Ah-May to spend Christmas with like I had hoped but I will definitely have Mimitchi. As well as several others... I'm going to be starting up a Tama on Christmas day I think. Might do that online.. I'm not sure yet how that will work... yet.

We all went to see Star Trek Insurrection on opening day and again on Monday. It's been a Trek kinda weekend. I always go on opening day with my sister and LeAnne. It's actually a really awesome movie, I rather enjoyed it more then the some of the other movies. I'm a real fan of comedy movies and unexpectedly this Trek movie had tons of humor in it.. I laughed until I hurt! :)

Not a whole lot going on in my life. My Tama's have only gotten to enjoy very long shopping trips. Just when I thought I was done shopping, I found more.. but I think I'm finally done :) I can't believe how fast this holiday has caught up on me. I swear I was doing this stuff just yesterday! I've done over 100 logs now and my page is almost 20 times bigger then it was a year ago. One might say I almost have too big a sight now. I'm thinking of cutting it down a bit, but I'm not quite sure yet what to cut out. I think I'll get rid of the archives of the Tama Horoscopes pages because I definitely don't have time to do daily horoscopes. So I'm gonna either change it and format it totally different then it is now or just totally get rid of it. I don't think people care either way, really. Other then that I'm not sure what else I could get rid of to cut things down. I am thinking of redoing the entire index page.. I get bored with the look after about a year and I'm starting to get bored with this format. I'm not sure what I'll go to next though. I'm just thinking out loud... I don't think I'll be making any huge reformatting over this month. Though I will prolly archive some of these logs, I know the page is getting a bit big.

Am I boring anyone yet? ;)

I'm starting to bore myself.

My next update should be sooner. Oh yeah, if your a Furby fan might want to check out some of my updates. I finally put up a message board.. I figured why not. Okay, me be done with this log for the day. Not tons to say today, kinda tired right now.

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