Tamagotchi Log 12/8/98

12/8/98: Okay... my last log was very sad and a tad depressing, but that entirely reflected my mood at the time, believe me. I'm still very sad, to say the least. I'll feel better with time, though. I'll never forget Ah-May and the time I had with him, though.

I'll go on.

My bad news for the week. Even with the help of TamaOtch, too much room was left for error and I did worse then I've ever done with Morino. The meter went into the hot two times and the cold two times.. I knew after the second time I was destined to get Funkorogatchi. Indeed I think I was trying too hard and too many interruptions. It took about 3 days with pausing but he finally did change and he of course became that Funkorogatchi. Oh well, better luck next time, right? After this time that he passes away I think I will put him back in the package because this holiday season is not going to give for me to get a good character on Morino. At least that's what I'm thinking right now... when he passes I may change my mind, I dunno.

So that leaves me with TamaOtch in the teen stage, Kakutchi (also the name of babies in Mesu/Osu). He's that character that stands half on the screen and half off. TamaOtch is 4 years old and will be an adult in the next couple of days and I'll prolly get the same adult I always do because the constant beeping and no attention light is very misleading when it comes to discipline. I have yet to fully figure this Tama out.

Umm... couple of days ago my CD-Rom character died. I didn't even remember to mention whom I got in the last log, did I? I don't recall. But I ended up with someone I have not had before - Hashizotchi! He was very cute, unfortunately I did not get any captures of him before he passed.

"Hello. Your Earth Television was really cool. I would love to be an actor like the ones I saw on TV. I wouldn't even have to play a leading role. I don't think I could work that hard." - Hashizotchi age 12

Well that was around the 4th, if I'm recalling right. I decided why not and hatched another one tonight, just a few minutes ago in fact. He is P1 and still in the Babitchi stage at this moment. My goal is simply to get anything I havenít had on CD-ROM before :) New and variety is good! Though I really won't mind anyone I get, I wouldn't mind having Tarakotchi as he's such a sweetie and I've never even had the guy on CD yet.

Right now Morino and TamaOtch are in bed. Mimitchi is still awake though. He is living a normal life, though the hours are set different so he goes to bed later then 10pm. He is 14 today and weights 32 lbs, all full at the moment on everything. He isn't really needy at all. He just got sick yesterday (or was it the day before?). I think he will be leaving me around the 19th of this month, so I leave myself no room for mistakes in raising him to be back with me by the time Christmas rolls around. I really want him to be around for the holidays :)

I will be updating my Mesu/Osu logs most likely tomorrow, but not tonight. So it's said first here that I just got adults today and they are Biruotchi (Osutchi) and Birukotchi (Mesutchi). Tomorrow they will be ready to mate. They will be going to bed in a few minutes, I think, I hope so I can make another animation.. anyway..

My other thoughts are that I received a package in the mail today. From Jason. I decided to buy a couple of Japanese Tama's before, I fear, they won't be available to me. I ordered 3 Japanese Tama's and 1 US Tama that is considered somewhat rare.

First, the US Tamagotchi is P1 and it's clear green with *blue* buttons! Yes, blue. Something I had only seen in images on the net. Well I finally have that one in my collection.

I also finally received my Ocean Tama, it is clear red (Jason said it was orange, but it sure looks red to me!) with white boarded and yellow buttons. Well actually it's called Umino Tamagotch. Since this is a relatively difficult Tama to run, I'm gonna wait until next month to start it up. I'll make some Japanese animations to go with my US version animations on my Ocean section, but that's down the road.

The other two Tama's I bought are both P2. The first one is all white. On it has 8 cartoon drawings of Tama characters (some fiction I believe) in dark blue. The boarder and buttons are also dark blue. The other P2 is clear yellow with clear white buttons! This Tama is pretty cool. I do have many P2's in my collection, but few P2 Japanese Tama's so I decided to get a few while I could. This took my count up to a definite 71 Tama's in my collection. I do have more, but I am sorting out to see if they will be all gifts or what, I'll see what I have left over after the holidays. I may have nothing, that's why I'm not counting them. If I counted them I would have a total of 82, but like I said, I plan on giving away at least half of those (I won a big lot on eBay a while back :)).

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