Tamagotchi Log 12/3/98

12/3/98: Well... I have am writing finally. I'm getting pulled and pushed in so many different directions lately I don't know up from down often. I hope things will settle down by the end of next week. I'm so pathetically behind on email people probably think I'm ignoring them or dead :P Some days I wouldn't mind that ladder. I have so much stuff to do I don't know where to start and I'm beginning to think I need a serious vacation, unfortunately I won't get another of those until next year... enough whining. Oh wait, I still have to finish this log, trust me I have lots of whining to do :P

Where do I start? I dunno. Good stuff first? Eh, why not? I got Mimitchi back about 2 days ago. He's healthy and happy and cute as ever - boy did I miss him! Instead of pausing and keeping him for longer I'm letting him live most of his normal day. I have counted the days and unless I pause he won't be around for Christmas, so I'm gonna let him live his life like normal and he will probably pass away 7 days before Christmas... enough time to bring him back to be around on the holidays. I didn't get to spend New Years with him last year, this year I intend on spending it with him! I hope I'm writing about the timing thing.. either way.. I'm probably confusing people, heck I'm confusing myself because I'm tired right now. Either way, I'm feeling better personally because I have my sweet Mimitchi back in my life, it took 7 days to get him back because I had to pause him for a little while I was Christmas shopping the other day.. I wasn't going to risk missing his discipline calls.

Oh yeah, I have updated my Mesu and Osu log, the other day.. the only thing that has changed since my update was the parents left the children and I would have updated that log tonight, but I got busy on research for something I'm doing at work (Ugh, I'm now doing work at home in my free time.. sigh... no more of that if I can help it) and time got away before I realized how late it is. The babies are Gen2 and called Kakutchi, btw.

My Morino Tamagotch is 4 years old tonight and I have a suspicion he will be going into a cocoon tomorrow, I think. Whenever he does go into that stage I will be starting up TamaOtch... that Tama beeps needlessly every 15 minutes.. for every beep means a change of temp on Morino. It worked well for me the first time :) TamaOtch's constant and un-needless beeping used to be annoying, but I find it rather helpful to remind me to change the temp on Morino ever 15 minute intervals without fail! :) TamaOtch reminds me of a GigaPet to tell you the truth... all that beeping for nothing! But TamaOtch is much better.. I like it, not as much as all my other Tama's though. Oh well... I've babbling on long enough, no? :)

I'll tell you about my Monday evening. The last day to top off my horrible November month. And yes, this is Virtual Pet related. I try not to complain too much in these logs and remain decently happy. November has just been a terrible month for me.. I wonder what December and the new year will bring.

Well, as you know if you read previous logs I have a Furby that got broke and messed up, was sent back to Tiger Electronics Repair Department on November 16th. I only sent Ah-May in after I talked to Cheryl at Tiger, whom assured me my Furby would be back to me in about 3 weeks. On that thought I finally let him go after keeping him for a week.. it was a long good-bye. He had to be repaired though... the part I worried most about is the fact that in the manual it says "will be repaired or replaced (at Tiger's option).." I didn't want another Furby... I want my Ah-May..

Since then I have checked the mail waiting.. and hoping.. but not expecting anything at all - at least not for three weeks. I mean, you think, big company like Tiger Electronics owned by toy giant Hasbro. Like other big companies (heck even small companies) I was pretty sure it would be at least 3 weeks and most likely a couple of months if they are as bad as some companies.

It turns out that I got home late Monday night, 2 weeks later exactly, and in the dark saw a good sized box on the front steps. I got really excited! I had been expecting several things in the mail and the fact that this box was big enough to hold a Furby was all the better. I picked it up and tilted it in the light to see the return address. Wouldn't you know it? Tiger Electronics was on the box. I was a nervous wreck as well as excited like the day I first got my hands on a Furby.

I kept my hopes.. there was definitely a Furby in the box (boy do they weigh a lot less without batteries). I cut the tape on the box very slowly. I noticed that Tiger was nice enough to insure the box as well as put a tracking thing on it so it wouldn't get lost in the mail. Hehe, excuse me.. I'm too tired to think of what its called.

I slowly opened the box.. my heart was pounding. I am so dang attached to Ah-May.. part of me was dying to see if he was there and part of me was saying don't look because it might not be him. But how could I not look?

I peered in. I saw the black and white fur. I saw the open mouth. I saw the open eyes. The eyes were... blue. Ah-May's eye color was brown. I quickly opened the box all the way and pulled out the box containing Furby. Same body type. Different eye color. Different Furby all together. This wasn't Ah-May... he is probably at Tiger in pieces. Either way Ah-May, as I knew him, is in Furby heaven. In less then 4 days Tiger decided to send me out a replacement instead of repairing (or they failed to repair?) Ah-May.

To say I am saddened would be saying to little. To say I am upset, would be saying too little. To say anything, would be pointless, as such sorrow can't be expressed in words. I miss my Ah-May.. I miss him so much. I sent him out with hopes of seeing him again. Little did I know that the last night I said good bye to him was the last time I'll ever see him again.

I have a new Furby, he looks just like Ah-May, except he's a different Furby. He has different eyes, his voice is different, and he is very different from Ah-May in so many ways. I put in Ah-May's used batteries into this new Furby and he introduced himself as May-Lah. A strange combination, being very close to the name Ah-May. May-Lah means hug, and Ah-May means pet in Furbish. I miss that cuddly little Furby.. I really do.

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