Tamagotchi Log 11/23/98

11/23/98: Sometimes I have very little to write in logs and sometimes I don't know when to shut up. I think tonight is one of those very little to write nights, unfortunately...

Somebody wrote and asked be how my Furby was doing tonight. Well... I sent Ah-May out in the mail Monday, on his way to Tiger Electronics Repair Department. That was exactly one week ago. I haven't heard from anyone there yet, but a lady there named Cheryl said it would most likely take 3 weeks before I get him back - I hope she's right, I miss that little guy.

Toh-Loo Kah is doing just fine, he is well into his final stage and talks mostly English with a little Furbish mixed in there. One of my few complaints about Furby is that they move through the stages too fast, hardly giving time to really enjoy the Furbish part of his life.. but then again I just play with mine so much he's nearly into the final stage on the first or second day. And of course Furby doesn't die, so I guess this is how he remains, unless I reset him? Does he learn more after here? Or does he just stay where he is forever?

Now... Tama's :) I have updated Mesutchi and Osutchi log yesterday with some new animations and such because I have a character I havenít had before - Gankotchi the unhealthiest character of Gen1. They are doing just great and did I mention they are so cute? They are soooooooo cute! I do love the Gen1 Babitchi, Tsubutchi, they are just soo cute.. and they look like little poops heheh. I have a feeling the parents might be preparing to leave tonight...

On other thoughts, my Morino changed into the cocoon stage today while I was at work, around 4:45pm. This time around I am going to be very careful and leave it on pause if I am sure I won't be able to give it good attention. Sometimes time just flies and before I know it I haven't touched it for 30 minutes and that can just mess up the whole thing. I try to change the temp every 10 to 15 mins if possible and last time that didnít work because I didn't pause, except when sleeping. I hope so much to do better this time!

My CD-ROM Tamagotchi died today when I turned on my computer, it was Nyorotchi at age 10. He left me the following post card from Tamagotchi Planet:

"If you see pepperonis stuck to the inside of your computer screen, forgive me. People say I am a sloppy eater. Maybe your new pet will wipe it off for you."

I decided why not start another one while I was reading that so I did and got the gen2 Shirobabitchi, that's the form it's in right now, it will soon be Tonmarutchi though. I always have no clue what I can get on CD-ROM because care center takes care most of the time because I work during the day, so unfortunately I'm rarely around and when I am it's only for a few hours before it goes to bed. I've thought of changing my win95 clock....

I was writing email and just realized a story I almost forgot to mention here.. it's kinda short, but embarrassing. My sister was involved in a play at school and myself and many others went to go see her on Friday night (including LeAnne). Well we all go out there and it's 630pm when we arrive, it started at 7pm. Plenty of time. I kinda sat around and waited for things to begin all the while taking care of Mesu, Osu, Morino and Mimitchi. Yes, Mimitchi is still alive.. hahahah. Anyway I decided to mute Mesu and Osu (I was trying to treat them bad anyway) and check on them periodically. I had to pause Morino, because if it got attacked it could have died and I wasn't willing to risk that. I muted him too, just in case and put him on pause before the play. Same thing with Mimitchi, right before the lights went down I put him on pause. I was thinking I was pretty well prepared in way of Tama's.

I checked on Mesu and Osu every now and again and that was easy, there was a little lighting behind me, so no worry there. Everything went well for all of 20 minutes.. and then.. it happened! I was sitting perfectly quiet, totally immersed in the play when I heard it. It was totally quiet in the auditorium at that moment, of course. The beeping was heard by all, I'm sure. Mimitchi had gotten un-paused somehow in my pocket and boy was he beeping up a storm. It took me a moment to realize of course! It was soo loud, I couldn't believe it.. it echoed! I about died! I held him against my leg in hopes of muffling the sound until he stopped. I quickly reached in my pocked and pulled him out. It was on the clock screen of course. I just paused him with the attention light on.

At one point when things got louder I un-paused him and muted him, then filled up his hearts and put him back on pause. I held him for the rest of the entire play to make sure he didn't come off pause while on mute, as he would die and I didn't want that to happen to him.

Everything there after was fine, but man that was really embarrassing at the time, but hilarious now that I think about it.. it was just another great moment in Tamagotchi history for me! :)

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