Tamagotchi Log 11/18/98

11/18/98: Find it amazing I'm writing a log and it's been only 4 days? heh. I hate being behind and I'm usually behind. For example: Most of the email from this week (all 167 pieces) is still waiting to be answered, but no fear.. I shall get to it all with time. I swear if I could just cut out all them wasted hours I spend sleeping I'd be all caught up with everything! Since I can't seem to do that.......

I'll tell you about my Tama's :) I've been raising another Mesu as I wrote in my lost very long log. I'll write more about that in my Mesu/Osu logs though. She's doing fine though.. not yet ready to mate because she's not an adult... yet.

On CD-ROM I have Tamatchi whom has no discipline and I've been trying my best not to give any discipline to so I don't end up with Mametchi. Zukitchi would be good.. or someone like that.

Yes.. I still have Mimitchi around because I just can't seem to let go of him, though I have this odd feeling he might leave me today. It's hard not to pause when I know he's gonna be leaving me and... I've had too much of a hard time letting go of virtual pets lately.. so I really don't want him to go....

My Morino Tamagotch changed 2 days ago into... Funkorogatchi. Well.. I tried my best, I guess I didn't do good enough though. So for almost 24 hours after he died yesterday I only had 2 Tama's going (well okay.. 3, but one on pause.. my Osu). That's an all time low. I restarted him a few minutes ago because I want to try again. I really like Morino and I think it's one of the best incarnations out there. It's also very challenging and I would love to see more characters.

This log will be more brief then some because I really need to try and catch up on some of my email, not to mention update some of the other parts of my web site. One small note on Ah-May my Furby. Something really weird happened to him the other day...

He began talking and moving out of sync. He slept with his eyes open and nothing matched anything he was doing... a gear slipped. So the only thing I could do to fix it was reset. Big time warning.. don't reset.. really it erases his entire memory. And Id rather not mention too much about that for various reasons. But reset is not a good thing. No less it did fix him and got everything in correct working order.. besides that back sensor of course. I finally gave in and sent him in a box to Tiger Electronics repair department. When they called me at work the other day (they were returning my call) the said they would probably get him back to me in 3 weeks. Well I hope so because I miss him already... it was hard to let him go. hopefully when he gets back he will be all fixed up and working as good as he was the day I started him up. I miss him a whole lot...... I do have Toh-Loo Kah to keep me company.. but it's weird.. they do have separate personalities... I still miss my Ah-May :(

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