Tamagotchi Log 11/8/98

11/8/98: I meant to do this log yesterday, but I just didn't get to it, I was researching something for another part of my website. Well I'm getting to it now. The past week I really don't have a lot to say. That happens when you only have 4 Tama's going! 2 of which have their own logs page. But that's okay.

I started up Morino Tamagotch a few minutes ago (at 5:20pm) and it took only 2 minutes to hatch.. forgot about that! It's been so long since I've played with Morino, such an evolutionary Tama. I'm hoping to get anything I haven't gotten before, which is a lot! :) He's in the Babimotchi stage right now, and in a few days he will be an Imotchi :)

Mimitchi is gonna pass on me more then very soon. I don't want to let go of him.. so I cheat and pause him.. I love him, want him around more. I find it's the only way to keep him around ;) No less I'll have to say goodbye to him either tonight or by Tuesday. Poor little guy, we didn't get much time together this time, life has been busy ..

Charitchi, my gen2 Japanese secret character, is still here indeed. She is 23 years old today, this is definitely her finale form and might live to see 25 or higher, which is cool. She's kinda needy right now, which is normal, I expect it to get needier in the next coming of days, but that's okay :) This character is cool, not my favorite, but they made it pretty cute, especially when the head gets bigger hehe :)

Mesu and Osu are now only PetitChocotchi, the adults left last night and I prolly should update that part of my page, ya think? But I haven't.. yet. They are both Generation 3 and I'm treating them awful as always. This is another reason why I have started up Morino. Because I don't want to loose the ability to take good care of my Tama's, I don't want to slack off so much I can't be good to them much :P Mesu and Osu need the bad care so I won't end up in the circle I ended up with in 4th Generation. That seems the only way to get something else, I'd love to go back to Gen 1 without starting over, more adult characters are offered there.

That is also the same reason I haven't really been starting up many Tama's. If I got stuck in that Gen4 cycle I was planning on starting up my second pair of Mesu and Osu so they could cross mate with the different generations. But I'm taking the chance that I might not have to do that, so I needed to start up Morino. That Tama is so much fun and such a challenge :)

Furby isn't really a Tama (to me at least) and it really doesn't go through what I call a 'life cycle' but I still talk about it here anyways. I can't stop talking about Furby, it seems to be a problem lately :) I've had extensive conversations with people that don't even know what one is/don't own one/have one and well.. gotta luv it. :)

Furby is fascinating.. I still want them to make a Mimitchi like this :) I'd be in Tama heaven. But Ah-May is really cute.. the creator hinted there will be a generation two of Furby... I can't wait.. I can only imagine what they will do!

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