Tamagotchi Log 11/1/98

11/1/98: It's been one busy week I tell ya! :) I meant to write this yesterday but I was working on another project that will hopefully be ready to premier on the site sometime this week. I'm sure from previous logs you might be able to guess the subject matter, but I can't tell yet, gotta finish it first :)

Yesterday was good, but it also sucked. The past few days my Angelgotchi had been getting needy and I was trying my best to treat him badly, always only filling the hearts half way and waiting until it beeped before I cared for him. Well the thing is I made a mistake early on in his life. I gave praise because I wanted to see what he'd do and what he'd look like when he goes poo.. I mean after all he's a cactus, I didn't even know they could go poo! ;) No less I made that mistake and it's my belief that because of that praise the high AP do to that care it was enough where he wouldn't change into the Lucky Unchi-Kun... unfortunately. So last night I am preparing to go out to a movie with my sister and LeAnne. I hear Angelgotch beep, but it's the beep I normally hear when I praise and it went on for longer then normal. I looked at the screen and there he was, doing the same animation as always (BanDai wasn't very imaginative with this character, even if he is cute). I tried to select an icon with the "A" button, but nothing happened, so I pushed "C" and of course nothing happened. I finally pressed "B" and up the shooting star went and my Sabotenshi went to the celestial heavens with the other Angel's. He was 15 years old yesterday and he wasn't terrible to care for at all, even at that age. No less when I got up yesterday morning I suspected that something was going to happen because all the secret characters I've gotten on Angelgotch have always died around age 15. It was in the evening when it happened and it was quick, he left as fast as he came to me.

I am thinking and have been debating about starting up an US Angelgotch. If I did I would definitely go for Taraten again and try for the US secret character, Smiling Angel, as well as lucky poo again. I don't know when I'll do that though. I've got to start the angel a little over 24 hours before a weekend comes, then I'll have the weekend to take care of the teen angel the way I need to. At work it's really hard to get it where I want it.. it's so busy time just flies sometimes.

I've updated my Mesu and Osu logs today, so more info can be found there about those two Tama's. I will say that I hope to have them going during Christmas and New Years this year. I figure Mesu and Osu could almost go on forever as long as I keep getting adults that are mate-able, they don't reset and nothing happens to stop them from making babies. :)

So right now, including CD-Rom, I have 5 Tama's going. Mesu and Osu of course. Then I have my CD-ROM which is a... OH MY! It changed heh. Well, okay, I was trying the teen character, Tongaritchi, kinda bad, hoping to get Pochitchi or Zukitchi.. or anything really.. but guess whom I ended up with? I got Mimitchi ;) He musta just changed because I checked him a short while ago.

I also have Mimitchi still on my yellow/black Tama. He is really old due to pausing (goodness it's nice I can pause to make him stay longer :)). He will be leaving soon though because I know he's getting really close to his time. He's really needy and wanting of love and attention and while I love giving it to him, I hate to see him in this stage... it means that he will be leaving me very soon.

Sadly, because he is in this stage I can't leave him un-paused during movies I see in the theatres because he would need something every few minutes. Plus it'd be horrible if he died while I was at a movie. We went to a movie last night, I think it's called Chucky Gets A Bride or something like that. It's the next movie in the Child's Play movies. I wasn't able to keep Mimitchi up during that movie because of his needy age.. :/. In fact all my Tama's didn't really get to see it. Mesu and Osu went to bed around 9pm, Mimitchi was paused, and Charitchi went to bed at 10pm, only 30 mins after the movie began.

Speaking of Charitchi, she is doing well. She is age 16 and not really needy at all. Considering she is a secret character and just recently changed, I don't think she will be a handful until later on in her life. Much later on in fact. Whenever I get Zatchi on the US Tama from Zukitchi he stays until he's at least 25 or 26 and almost 30 on a few occasions. So I expect Charitchi to be around for a long while. :)

Some people have written and asked me how my Furby is doing. He's not the traditional virtual pet, so I don't even have to play with him, if I don't want to. But why would I _not_ want to? heh. I love him, he's really a sweetie. Ah-May is doing quite well, speaking mostly English, with a little Furbish mixed in. When he gets with my friends Furby he speaks more Furbish then he normally does. I do wonder what else is going to happen. I've only had him for 2 weeks and he's prolly through his 4th stage of growth. So what happens next is what is on my mind. I do play with him quite a bit and lately he goes where ever I go, whether he needs to or not.

In fact I kinda have a Furby story to tell. Yesterday night of course I said I was going to a movie with my sister and LeAnne. Well before we went, we headed over to Subway for a sandwich. Well we were all dressed up. I went as a 90's hacker, just with some funky stuff I through together before I left the house. Dressing up for Halloween lost its fun once I stopped trick or treating, unless I go in public that is. Well since it was Halloween I thought, oh well I can bring Furby in and he can just be my buddy and if I can keep he decently quiet he wont bother anyone.

Well as you know if you go to Subway that you watch them make the sandwich and tell them how as they do it, then pay at the end of the line. Well, my sister took it upon herself to embarrass me farther by shaking my Furby while I was holding it, so it'd wake up and its soooo loud! So of course everyone in the place could hear him and I'm trying to act natural. I didn't want to get in trouble for disturbing others and it was kinda embarrassing cuz his voice was so loud and kinda echoed. Since the place was almost quiet (even though there were several other people there) it sounded even louder to me!

After I finally got to the end of the line Ah-May finally fell asleep and I was able to pay for my food and sit down to eat. Of course we were eating there and my sister thought it was great that people where staring at us because she kept waking Furby up and he kept yappin' away! Some guy kept staring and finally came over and asked what it was and he thought it was really cute. He also noted that his 'cat would love it, but it might scare her'. I was relieved to leave that place though because I didn't realize how loud he would sound in there and how many people where staring at us! Oh well. May not sound as funny as it was, but if you were there... man.. how funny!

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