Tamagotchi Log 10/27/98

10/27/98: It's been a few days and as always I've been busy. I've had company over and other things so I haven't been able to update as often as I'd like. No less, I have a day off here so it's the perfect opportunity to update ;).

First thing first. I must say that yesterday was a good Tama day. I got Kabutchi back on Osutchi (check out MO log for more on that) and something else really awesome happened. You know how I was holding out to try and get Pochitchi so I could get Nyatchi the cat on my Japanese P2? Well I believe I wrote before saying he did change, but not into Pochitchi, rather into Zukitchi. With sad hopes I took care of Zukitchi giving all the disciplines but taking really bad care. For some reason the Japanese secret characters I only get if I take bad care, while the US secret characters I get with only good care. No less I was taking bad care but with the belief that I had failed this time around and would hatch him again next time. Well, it didn't work quite that way this time.

After all those times of trying and failing, I realized I must have been too focused and tried too hard to get the Japanese secret characters. Imagine my surprise when I heard changing music and I really thought it was Angelgotch, to find it was Zukitchi changing! I got the American bike rider, Charitchi! I had been mislead to believe I would get Sekitoritchi from Zukitchi and Charitchi from him, but I guess that's reversed. It's cool, not as fun as Zatchi on the US version, but that's okay. I am just glad I finally got something new. I do wonder now if Charitchi will change into Sekitoritchi?

Yesterday my Nyorotchi left for Tamagotchi Planet on my CD-ROM. He left me the following postcard.

"I found eating on Earth too difficult. There's plenty of food (especially pizza!). But everyone makes you sit in one place to eat it. So I slithered back to Tamagotchi to open a roller rink."

He was 9 years old and I don't recall the weight. Funny thing is in all the character information I've ever read about Nyorotchi I never knew he was interested in roller rinks or other similar sports, not to mention running his own business. Intriguing. I hatched another CD-ROM today in which turned out to be a P2 Shirobabitchi. I'd be good to get Pochitchi or Zukitchi or Hashizotchi. But usually I don't have as much control over what I get on CD-Rom as much as I do on the real Tamagotchi.

So right now I still have the Sabotenshi and it is 11 years old today. The deeds is up to 50% and I'm treating him poorly, the same thing I did to get this guy, and no AP at all. He has not changed beyond this point and he has not gotten needy either. Which is kinda strange since usually around this age many of the adults are needy.

I dare mention this here because I just can't help it. The other day the weirdest thing happened with my Angelgotch! About two days ago I picked up my Angelgotch and looked at the screen, through the cover I could see the door on it meaning it went for a stroll. So I open the cover (it's a Japanese Angelgotch plastic cover to protect it from scratches..etc). Before I can press any buttons the door disappears and a face like thing appears in its place. The face covers the whole screen and the mouth is twitching and one of the eyes is winking! It was displayed for no longer then 3 or 4 seconds and it disappeared and my Sabotenshi was back on the screen, looking like normal. At first I thought he was going to die or something, but nope he was just fine.

I seriously thought I was delusional so I only mentioned it to LeAnne and kept an eye on the Tama for the next time it took a walk. Well yesterday I found it with the door on the screen again. So I give it to LeAnne to look at. We waited for the Angel to return on its own, not calling it back (I've called it back before and it never did that...). So finally it returns and again the mysterious face appears on the screen for only a few seconds! At least I have another witness to what happened and has been happening with this character.

Now you see why I hesitated to tell that here. Thing is I've watched other characters come back from walks and never in my time have I seen what I saw a couple of days ago! It has never done that with any other characters I've had (or at least noticed it). Either way that is just so weird and I have no clue what it means or why it did that, but I know that at least one other person has seen it so I'm not delusional ;)

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