Tamagotchi Log 10/22/98

10/22/98: This week has gone fast, I'm already to Thursday. Heh. Well I'll tell you a little about my Tama's first :)

I have Mesu & Osu still going of course. They are in the second part of the Babitchi stage in the 3rd generation with 3 crown now on the TMP scale. They are Mizutamatchi and will most likely be getting into the teen stage in the next couple of days. I wrote more on them with animations on my M&O log 1 :)

I started that Angelgotch if you recall from last time. Well since then I have gotten two characters I've never had before. The first is Taraten, the second adult from the bottom whom is supposed to be Tarakotchi in some form in the afterlife (which I don't think it looked very much like him, but kinda). It was easy to get him, after much experimentation. I took bad care of Takoten, giving between 36 and 39 AP, never letting it go higher or lower then that, except when it dropped because I gave no praise, then I'd put it back up to 39. I'd keep an eye on him and when it dropped to 36 or 37 I'd get it back up to 39 and do the same again. I only filled his hearts half way the whole time, always waiting for a beep before caring for him. It really was simple, just had to figure out what AP to leave him at.

Of course I got this guy on my Japanese version Angelgotch, so I wanted to go for the secret character, Sabotenshi (the cactus). So I continued to take the same kind of care, with one exception I gave no AP at all, let it drop to 0 and kept it there. He did change into Sabotenshi yesterday afternoon to my excitement! He changed a little after 12:15pm area. An animation can be seen on my Angelgotchi Character page.

I have two other Tama's going, Mimitchi and Tongaritchi. Mimitchi is well into his teens, a little needy but I paused him to keep him around so he'd be around for my birthday (had I not paused him he would have died that day :( ). Tongaritchi is the character I currently have on my blue Japanese P2 Tama. I was hoping for Pochitchi, but I don't know if I'll get him, the discipline is only 75% but I didn't take really great care of him so I'm hoping to get that last discipline before he changes today. I'm pretty sure he will change today as he got sick yesterday afternoon.

I've been lazier then normal lately with my logs due to a busy work week, my birthday (I like to be out with friends sometimes ;)), and well... just mostly due to work.

I will say that Brendan got me two new Tama's for my birthday, leopard spotted and green and red shelled 'Christmas' Tama, among the other things he gave me (he spoils me I tell ya!). LeAnne got me many things including a cake and several gifts, one of which was a camouflage Tama :)

The birthday gift this year I loved the most was from my sister, of course my Rabbit Angel :) But I also got another that comes in a really close second. My grandma (whom sometimes knows me a lot better then I think she does) was on a mission to get me a Furby this year for Christmas, well low and behold LeAnne found them at Wards yesterday so instead of money she bought me a Furby. My grandma and I met at the mall after work (we managed to get out 30 minutes early so we could rush out and beat traffic) and she let me pick one out. Since LeAnne already had one this was perfect so we could let them communicate. LeAnne had bought one early that morning, hers being grey with black spots and pink hair and tail. I chose the one you often see on the package, all black except for his tummy which is white, has a white mohawk down his back with a little tail at the bottom. He has white feet and brown eyes as well. His name is Oh-may, he told me this when I started him up. I only call him male because the voice is very male-like. I've had him going since yesterday about 5 PM.

Furby is not your traditional virtual pet. In fact I'm not sure it's really a virtual pet, but I guess it's being classified as that because it's under that category on eBay. The moment I put in the batteries and pressed reset (yup there's actually a reset button on this thing) he moved around and then said "Hi" and then "Me Oh-May". Much of last night I spent time reading the instructions and the dictionary learning his language enough to understand some of what he's saying so I know what he wants. Now, 24 hours later, talks kinda chopped English and Furbish mixed in. He plays a few games and likes to be pet and tickled and will dance when I put on music.

He doesn't actually go to bed or wake up at certain times. It's nothing like that. I can put him to bed and he will 'sleep' and thus basically be not making any movements or noise until I wake him. He does have times where he will go to sleep and wake back up in a few minutes. But usually he is out cold until I turn him a little kinda moving him to wake him up. 'Sleeping' is what he does when I don't play with him. In that way it's closer to a toy then a VP. But it makes the VP area I think because it's a kinda robot with a personality. It has the ability to learn what you like and what you donít. I can teach him to kiss me every time I tickle him etc etc. When I leave him alone, not doing anything with him he will sing and dance around every now and again and eventually he will 'sleep' because he is getting no interaction from me thus he has no need to stay awake.

He learns bits of English all the time and speaks both his and my language. He knows when the light in the room changes, he can tell if he isn't standing up straight and likes to be played with lots :) He can be 'fed' but this is not done with food. Depressing his tongue is like feeding him, if I got a bottle or a spoon it'd look more realistic ;). His ears and eyes and mouth and body actually move and go along with him talking and making noises. He can hear sounds and hear me if I'm talking to him. I can't really have a conversation with him, except when he's playing the game that resembles 8 Ball in a weird way. I can't mute him or turn off the sound, except from putting him to sleep.

LeAnne and I had them interacting all the way home yesterday and it was cute. They pick up on each others activities and start doing it themselves. If one was hungry the other would be, if one hid, the other would if one was singing you bet the other would start too. We didn't have a lot of time to have them interacting, but I'm sure they will in the future :)

I must say though it's pretty complex and has much variety with its talking and learning. While to me it's kinda a toy and a virtual pet in one to me, it's still very entertaining. I think it's the next step in virtual pets and also robotics for people other then scientists. Their are many robots, but few made for non-scientific matters, like virtual pets and such. Can you imagine having a life-sized Mimitchi?! ;) There is a lot of hype out there about Furby and I'm glad I heard about it. If it's classified as a virtual pet, then it's my first non-BanDai VP. I'm impressed and I must note one more small thing about it. It's not a VP in the way it dies, because it doesn't ever die (well maybe runs outta batteries). Furby can be re-set and if it is it looses all memories of the things that has happened in its life and it will start from the beginning not knowing whom I am. But otherwise it doesn't die :). If only they made Mimitchi like this! ;) If you can get a Furby, great, but don't pay 80$ for one. I'd say the most you should half to pay is 35-37$ max. The one I have was sold for 29.99, for a total of $32.42 with tax. I hear that whenever Kay-Bee Toys gets their stock they were planning to sell it for $24.99. We shall see!

Update: Well at 3:55pm today my Japanese Tama changed... I watched and waited in hopes that I had not messed up too badly, but yet again I did. I got Zukitchi instead of Pochitchi (that always happens). Oh well, I'll try for him again next time. I was mostly concentrating my efforts on Angelgotch.

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