Tamagotchi Log 10/17/98

10/17/98: Well... since my last log I've had a few hatchings as well as a death. First off, my Angelgotch died at age 7 in the Kuriten stage, don't recall if that's normal or not, I just know she didn't change into the twins. Funny thing was when I went to check on her I looked at the screen and she was fine, so I press the "B" button to look at the clock and she leaves! Right at that very moment when I was going to look at the clock it decided to leave and since this is an Angel tama were talking about, you have to press "B" to get it to leave when you see it crying on the screen. I never saw her crying, she just left at that moment. It was a good death ending in "Thanks!". But how weird that she left right at that second, eh?

Well I decided to re-hatch that Angelgotchi today in hopes of getting one of the unhealthier characters down the chart, maybe Taraten? I dunno. Don't know if luck will run my way this time around. I hatched her at 10:59am today.

Well.. at the time I was finishing some work on another part of my page and felt like hatching my CD-ROM, so I did that and got a P1 Babitchi. I think it would be great to get Tarakotchi, cuz man he's so sweet! Unfortunately that means lots of neglect. So I may not get him.

I decided to hatch another Tama this morning at 12:22am. It's my Japanese P2, blue with ship on the top, black border and yellow buttons. Decided I wanted to attempt to get Pochitchi again and go for the Japanese secret character, Nyatchi. So I don't know how lucky I'll be with that.. but hey I'm gonna try again. That Pochitchi never comes around when I want him to!

As for my other Tama's I have Mesu and Osu going still, of course and while I haven't written in the M&O log yet today I am sure I will soon as I mated them this morning, getting generation 3 babies. I'll write more on that in those logs though later on.

I, of course, have Mimitchi going and the sweetie is doing well less then age 15 after age 10 by time wise. Kinda pausing him a little so he'll make it into this next week without dying on me. He's not allowed to die on my birthday, it's just not right. I'd be miserable without him.

Welp, today I went to the mall and my Angelgotch and Maruten went to bed. Because I lost track of time and they went to bed before I noticed, Maruten went to bed with a poop next to his bed.. great start on getting Pochitchi eh? :P

Mimitchi says hi. Anyway, heh. He needed taking care of ;).


What else to say? I don't know. Oh yeah. Umm. I'm tired. Mimitchi and I are enjoying a radio show right now on KHTQ.. man they are crazy today! Everything from fake commercials to song mixing to letting us listen to him flip through other stations. Oh yeah, and he's fallen asleep a few times too! I love radio. Anyway..

Oh yeah, something else. Even though I buy exclusively BanDai, I have heard about a new Virtual Pet type out there called Furby. My grandma is trying to get me one for Christmas, I really can't wait to get it. Even thought it is made by Tiger Electronics, it's not regular VP! If you don't know what it is check out www.furby.com for more info! Looks soo cool!

UPDATE: Hey yeah yah.. I forgot to upload last night, am I bad or what? Completely passed my mind that after I was busy updating I should upload it for y'all to see.. well. I'll just do that today. Figured I should add to this telling that my Angelgotch changed into the unhealthy teen character, Takoten, so I'm on my way to hopefully getting Tarakoten! I'm keeping the AP between 36 and 38.

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