Tamagotchi Log 10/14/98

10/14/98: Well as I said in my last log, I've just been really busy lately with IRL obligations and such. Since I've been concentrating most of my Tama energy on Mesu and Osu, I haven't really been starting many others, cept here and there. So right now I'm at a comfortable 4 Tama's going.

I did used to have 5 going, but Ginjirotchi died a young death sadly at only age 14! He got neglected sadly. I hope he forgives me for being a rotten caretaker to him this time around. I didn't consciously neglect him, but more so got distracted by other things and I fear I may have not been around for him when he needed me most. I shall see him again some day and maybe we will have a better time together next time. I really do love that guy, he's my fave from P1, the absolute cutest guy in P1 there is, not to mention completely loveable!

In other thoughts, Mesu and Osu are in the child stage of their lives, in generation 2 I might add. They are really cute in this stage, I am not entirely unhappy I got them, even though I've had them before. They will be 8 years tomorrow, it is my suspicion that they will change into an adult by no later then age 9, but it could be as early as tomorrow I hope. I'll prolly get Piratchi and Hiratchi, but I can't be certain of that. If so then I'll just finally get to make that animation of them I meant to the first time around.

I also have two other Tama's going right now. One of which is my Mimitchi, whom is 16 going on 12 prolly. He is un-needy and got sick a few days ago indicating him passing his early years and onto his teen years soon. We haven't had a lot of time together this time around, while I've tried it's just been hard lately. Life is weird like that, sometimes it's so busy I can't tell what day is what and sometimes it's going so slow and boring that minutes go by like years (wish for more of those days, btw).

The other Tama I have going is my Japanese Angelgotch. I was hoping I would do a good job neglecting it into getting the unhealthier character Takoten, but all for not, no such luck occurred. Even though I thought I was doing a great job neglecting her, it still changed into Kurten. I guess I accidentally neglected Ginji too much, while Angelgotch too little. Oh well. Kuriten is 6 years tonight and has not changed into the twins - always a good thing!

::Yawn:: Too tired! Gotta sleep. Tomorrow night I will be going to see the play King And I so I won't be home till late, unfortunately. Mimitchi will definitely get to see it, maybe Mesu and Osu as well if they are up. They will have to be going to bed later then 9pm to see it all though. Same thing with Kuriten, but I'd rather she remain the chestnut angel instead of the twins ;)

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