Tamagotchi Log 10/10/98

10/10/98: Due to the time it is, this might end up being a short log. I only have 5 Tama's going right now as is. Most of the exciting things are really happening with Mesu and Osu.. they are just the sweetest things! :) I guess I could ramble on about my day yesterday.... heh. Well okay first..

I have Ginji on my Clear Blue Tama.. he is 13 years old right now, kinda unhealthy (due to my job a little overweight...) and only in the beginning stages of becoming needy. Otherwise he is doing great, boy did I miss him :)

Mesu and Osu are both in the second part of the Babitchi stage, second generation and both Hyurutchi, go to my logs to read more on that :)

And sweet sweet Mimitchi, he's still with me of course, just 12 years old and oh soo darling as always :) I love this tama, he's so loveable I have enjoyed having him in my life since he returned.. he has been there for me during some times that mean a lot to me.. such as last night. I'll go there in a min though.

Yesterday on the way out of the house I decided to grab my Japanese Angelgotch and start it. When I got to work I was immediately busy though, so I didn't start her until 1:20pm in the afternoon. No less I gave her no AP and bad care, but I guess not bad enough because today when I looked at her she changed into the 'good' teen character, Kodoten! I guess I'm not getting Taraten this time around! Oh well, maybe next time, life has been too hectic to concentrate on it yet.

Okay... my babbling time. Gotta write it here because I can't talk about it enough.. or should I say her? Yes, for my birthday (early gift) my sister arranged for me to meet up with her friend (whom is a breeder of bunnies) and I was to decide what breed I wanted. Well to make the long story short, she really wanted to be freed of one of her bunnies that has been with her forever, over a year. Well that sweet bunny (at the time named Peaches) really needed a new home. Even though I was intending on getting a young one to raise from childhood, I decided to take in this sweet adult mini lop. She's the sweetest thing I've ever laid eye's on! I held her all evening the night I was to decide what I wanted and I just couldnít say no to those big ol' loving brown eye's. My sistersí friend wanted us to take her home that night (it was kinda late) so she packed me up a loner cage and everything I would need for her so I could get her settled here and then today I went out and bought her a nice big cage and everything else I needed to keep her happy.

She's nicely trained, I have let her loose in my room plenty and she hasnít gone to the bathroom any place but where she should. I think I've gone to heaven because I havenít been this happy in a very long time. I've wanted to have a bunny forever.. things feel in place much earlier then I thought they would (I didn't expect to have a bunny in my life until at least 2 years from now). No less I'm thrilled. She is very beautiful and colorful. She is mostly white with a mixture of browns and a touch of black and grey here and there. It took me sometime, but since she doesn't come to her original name Peaches, I renamed her. After much thought I decided to call her Angel, because she simply is an angel. No less that is the reason for my lack of updates being on time and such... my job mostly, but also Angel because she needs time to feel more comfy in her new environment. She's getting happier and it's only been a little over 24 hours! If I get a scan, I'll put it up, she's the sweetest thing!

Sorry I had to talk about my angel... :) I've introduced her to my Tama's, I'm sure she doesn't really understand what they are, but that's okay :) Anyways, gotta finish up an animation and get everything uploaded. I'll be doing more with the page soon, just need more time.. I haven't actually been home a whole lot lately, been either at work or at the pet store getting supplies and such :)

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