Tamagotchi Log 10/5/98

10/5/98: Man, I can't believe how fast the past few days have gone! I got behind on my logs and everything, heh. I was gone most of the weekend shopping and spending time with LeAnne. But I did finally (and barely..) manage to make some animations and update my Mesu/Osu log and this log, finally. Though it's well past the time I wanted to got o bed to get up for work so this log might be a little shorter then normal. I hate real life, it gets in the way of my Internet life!

Well, I *did* get Ginjirotchi on my clear blue P1! I was amazed, yet happy. I ended up neglecting him more then I wanted, so I disciplined him at the last moment (Making him 100%) and he changed into Ginji a short while later... I'm a happy camper :) Right now he is 8 years and 31lbs, with 75% discipline and sleeping I might add.

As for Mimitchi, yup got him back! I missed him soo much! I got him back on Saturday. I was at the Valley Mall eating Japanese food from a place there and I heard him changing... it's amazing how long that 5 seconds worth of changing music lasts when I am nervous! No less he changed into my Mimitchi, I almost covered him with kisses and would have right then, but I was in a very public mall and there were too many people around me and I wasn't even close to being done eating, so I knew I was going to be sitting there for a while. To save people from staring at me for being affectionate toward an egg shaped toy (rather I consider it that or not...) I only hugged him lots until I was able to leave the eating court of the mall. ;) My sweetie is finally back and I'm happy about this.. god I missed him! He's doing well and is watching me type this as I.. well type this!

Since my last log my Kusatchi on CD-ROM passed away on me, this is what he said to me.. or should I say to the care center, which cared for him most! :)

"Hi. Thanks for the snacks. I liked playing games with you, but not during the day. I prefer the night life myself. Too much sun can be harmful to my sensitive leaves and frail stem."

So he parted on me at 12 years, right when I turned on my computer that day. It's been a few days since, I'll hatch another CD-ROM in a few days or so.

And with what is said, for more info on Mesu and Osu progress, check out the logs for this pair I have going now, as I don't have time to type up more detail here, though I think everything I really have to say is on that page. Now Mimitchi and I must go to bed, it is late and I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired. Must spell check this baby, before I go though. And forgive the bad grammar and run-on sentences. I specialize in run-on sentences when I am tired and in a hurry!

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