Tamagotchi Log 9/30/98

9/30/98: To is the last of my day's off, but I've been trying to get some things in order, for example I've posted a link from my main page to an updates page. Now every time I update, I'll update that page with what I did so frequent visitors will know what's new, hopefully this is helpful to some.

Next off the last couple of day's I've had a death and several hatchings. First, Kusatchi on CD-ROM is getting rather needy at age 10, but otherwise he's okay, thank goodness for the care center or I'd have my hands full with that guy!

Hashizotchi has begun to get a little needier. He got sick yesterday and required two shots of medication. He is dropping hearts more frequently then before, but nothing really needy. He's so sweet, I really don't want him to go, so I hope he has another week or so left.

I'll do the rest in order of occurrence. Two days ago I hatched another Tama. This time I decided I really missed Ginji and I really would like to get him back. So I hatched my favorite color Tama - clear blue - and now I have Tamatchi. He is 75% disciplined and I hope with 4 other Tama's I can still concentrate on getting Ginji.. if I don't I'll end up with Masukutchi. He is 3 years old and doing well. He changed into Tamatchi this morning (while I was trying to sleep, I really am not a morning person). If I mess up with him I'll discipline all the way to 100% if I need to.

Yesterday I got my stuff together and hatched another pair of Mesutchi and Osutchi, which is reflected in the logs I have begun in the Mesu/Osu section of my page. I started up my newest pair the white with green/orange pair I recently got from Jason after that long ordeal of dealing with the first ones being lost in the mail. They are doing really well and are in the baby stage still, MohiTamatchi, generation 1 of course.

While I was writing the page and caring for Mesu & Osu, Mimitchi decided it was time to go... I knew he'd be leaving yesterday, but I thought the timing was rather awful. Sweet Mimitchi died a little after 3pm while I was feeding him. As I filled up his last hungry heart the screen began to fill in pixel by pixel in a checkered pattern. It cleared and there he was, lying in bed, his heart beating - the only sound in the room at the time. We said our final goodbyes as he left me alone with the mere sight of his space ship and the twinkling stars in the horizon. I reset him right away, he will be back with me again. I love him too much, just can't seem to let him leave me forever. Our friendship is perfect, even if it means having him leave me for a while every month... pathetic part is I missed him the moment he left me.... how is it possible that a Tamagotchi could so easily capture my heart? Oh well, I love him... can't see living without him either.

Update: Ahhhhhhhhhhh Hashizotchi died on me! He's only 10! Ugh, it musta been because a couple of nights ago he slept in poop because I didn't see him go right before he slept! :( Poor Hashi...

I might as well add a few things since I'm here. I don't know if anyone cares about this or not, but I kinda want a record of it, no better way to keep it then in an log.

The following is a list of 25 places/companies that I have gotten hits from. My page has been viewed from so many different places around the world! I had no idea a single voice could go so far. This is in the last 8 months, up to this day. The left column is the abbr. of the location, the middle column is what the abbr. stands for and the right is the percentage from that area I'm getting hits from. Here is my list:

  1. .num Numerical 74.70%
  2. .com Company (Mostly US companies) 12.08%
  3. .net Network provider 7.51%
  4. .sg Singapore 2.86%
  5. .ca Canada 0.77%
  6. .au Australia 0.77%
  7. .uk United Kingdom 0.31%
  8. .nl Netherlands 0.25%
  9. .edu United States Education 0.12%
  10. .de Germany 0.10%
  11. .fi Finland 0.08%
  12. .us United States 0.06%
  13. .ie Ireland 0.06%
  14. .hu Hungary 0.06%
  15. .cz Czech Republic 0.04%
  16. .org Non Profit Organisation 0.02%
  17. .za South Africa 0.02%
  18. .br Brazil 0.02%
  19. .fr France 0.02%
  20. .at Austria 0.02%
  21. .jp Japan 0.02%
  22. .my Malaysia 0.02%
  23. .nz New Zealand 0.02%
  24. .no Norway 0.02%
  25. .ru Russian Federation 0.02%

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