Tamagotchi Log 12/22/97

12/22/97: Today at 17:30 (or at least I noticed it than) Kusatchi, my cd-rom Tama, died. You know he was the worst character on Gen2, and he wasn't the cutest, but he was kinda cute. I immediately hatched another Gen2 after. I am hoping for Mimitchi this time. But it's just soo hard to be perfect caretaker for a cd-rom when I have work and many other things that keep me from my computer at home. I try, but its hard sometimes.

Interesting enough I did see my Bill die on the cd-rom before I got Kusatchi. Nothing special happens, just a spaceship comes down and sucks him up, leaving an angel. It took all of 7 seconds, if even that. No music. No egg left, nothing. Quite frankly the cd-rom is cute, but not very tama-correct. For example: Ginji goes to bed at 11pm on the cd-rom, but his correct bed time is 10pm. While Masukutchi is supposed to go to bed at 11pm, but goes at 10pm. And than Mimitchi goes to bed at 9pm instead of 10pm! I am unsure about the other Tama's for I don't know many others that have one. But I do know that Zukitchi goes to bed on time, and so does Kusatchi. I am hardly ever around in the morning to see one wake up. Kusatchi wakes up at the right time though. But another thing, they all kinda pace back and forth on the screen. I can see Mimitchi doing this, itís almost correct. But Ginjirotchi doesnít walk, he twirls back and forth, but on the CD-Rom he just walks like everyone else. They do do some cute things; I love the voices and the cartoon look. I think it was done very well in the looks and sound department. I don't dislike my cd-rom, but I don't consider it to be a real Tama. Partly becuz of the things I mentioned above, and than the fact that the cd-rom stays on the computer always, it can't go with you every where and experience the world with you. It's in one spot only and it's on the computer it will stay. I do recommend it, becuz it's _very_ cute, especially Masukutchi, Ginji and Mimitchi :)

Speaking of which, itís only an hour till Ginji's bed time and he's still with me at age 21! I am rather happy about this :). He's demanding, but very very loveable, gotta luv Ginji! :) I gave my Tongaritchi his last discipline this afternoon. So by the end of the day tomorrow I will (hopefully) have a second Mimitchi! :) Anyways, I have to make this log only this long because I have to finish gift wrapping, than off to an early bed for Mimitchi and me. I have work tomorrow for half a day, than an office party to attend. I guess it'll take up the whole afternoon? Either way I'll have my Tama's with me so I know I won't get bored! ;) Awww Mimitchi's first Christmas :) Hopefully Ginji too... but I have this feeling deep down that Ginji won't be with me tomorrow when I write my next log... I think I'll just hatch another Gen1 just to get Ginji back and hopefully a Mametchi on the Christmas day hatching. So I guess I'll hatch two that day. I dunno, gotta think about it. Either way... off to gift wrapping we go! Hopefully it will be a good Tamagotchi Christmas for everyone! ;)

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