Tamagotchi Log 9/27/98

9/27/98: Welp.. this is kinda short and sweet. First off, as stated in my Ocean log 2, my second character, also the healthiest character, Taiyakitchi died tonight at the age of 6! After being in complete shock I have decided to wait a while until I hatch another Ocean. In fact it'll prolly be the middle of the month. When I do I'll treat it perfect, no snacks or anything if I can all but help it. Either way I'm sorry he's gone, I didnít' even get a real chance to know him...

We had very little time together. But we have a couple of memories.. he did go to the theater with me last night and saw the movie "There's Something About Mary". It was simply awesome.. I laughed so hard! I think that Hashi and Taiyakitchi enjoyed it too! It was fun. I'm sorry Mimitchi could not be involved.. he had to be on pause for he beeps every 10 minutes and that would have been too difficult in a movie theater for over 2 hours. I must say that I will make sure Mimitchi sees it in the future. I did manage to keep ocean awake during the whole movie and it was okay, but I had to feed some snacks to keep it happy.. it even got attacked and of course during a quiet part of the movie! So not only was the beep heard through out the theater, but so was my finger nail heard tapping on the screen in hopes I was tapping hard enough to rid him of the bear! I thought it was rather funny actually. Nobody knew it was me :)

On other thoughts, I don't recall if I said this before, but I finally got Hashizotchi! I've gotten every Tama character on P1 and P2 US versions. I only have to get the Japanese secret characters on P2 to complete that. I had no clue Hashizotchi was sooo sweet! I really like him, he's darling, sadly he's already a little needy, not a whole lot, but I can tell he's not the healthiest character of them all, but he's so cute! :) He's got them Mimitchi feet I like, he does similar action when he plays the game too!

Speaking of Mimitchi, he is very old and very needy and he will die very soon, I don't even know when, but it's gotta be soon because he need something every 10 minutes or so.. so he's very near death, the poor sweetheart.

Also, yes.. my Cd-Rom changed! I tried to treat him bad, I musta succeeded to get the legged teen down to Kusatchi! And yes, I do have some captures of him!

Here is Kusatchi playing the Game.

The next image is of Kusatchi eating an onion ring.

The next image is of Kusatchi doing his special thing, it's really cute in motion.

Whatís up next for my page? Mesu and Osu logs I believe soon. A third attempt with Ocean prolly in mid-month. Gonna add to my VP stories page, and I'm going to work up an idea for another crossword puzzle and depending on how much time I have off, it may get posted sooner.. or later. I am also gonna start compiling results of my survey soon, not yet, but soon! When I put up the results I'll also have a second survey posted. I'm also going to get something else together, but because I'm not sure how soon I'll be doing it, I won't mention it here - yet. :) Mimitchi and I send all my readers (humans and Tama's alike) our best regards...

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