Tamagotchi Log 9/25/98

9/25/98: Not a whole lot has been happening, except in the last 24 hours really. Tama wise everything pretty much stayed the same all week, with the exception of Ocean, which I wrote about in Ocean Tamagotchi Log 2.

Anyway, First thing first... hmm.. okay. Remember how I restarted my clear blue Tama Gen2? Well I finally managed to get the beaked character, Hashitamatchi, on it.. he is 5 years old today with 75% discipline. He should be changing soon, I do hope I manage to get that last discipline in before changing time comes, because if I do I'll surely get Hashizotchi! I haven't had him yet.

As I said in my Ocean log 2, I now have Otototchi, the teen character, and hopefully he will be changing tomorrow or Sunday. He's doing well really. It's not that hard to care for Ocean, harder then most, but really I am getting used to it, thought I must say, it would be really hard to care for many Ocean Tama's at one point.. but maybe one day. It's just like Angel or DigiMon.. it just takes time to get used to the differences. I also believe that with ocean snacks affect it. I have fed snacks to Ocean and during the other times in the day I work it off on him because I can't always play with him on demand. He sure gets sick a lot though because of this. He got sick 3 times in a 2 hour period this morning, one of the times it took 5 shots to cure him. So I'm thinking because I'm feeding then taking off the weight later, its making him sick. I'll have to experiment with that in the future.. I never know, the constant sickness could be normal? Who knows. Excuse me, Mimitchi needs attention (He says hi to anyone reading by the way hahah).

Okay, I'm back (as if there was a time difference!). I'm in a weird mood, forgive me. Speaking of Mimitchi... yes he's still alive. I won't even say what his age says in the health meter, but I must say I paused him a little too much this time around he's been here forever and he's been very needy forever I might add! It's not that I want him to leave, no way.. but I have to learn to let him go so he can return, sometimes that's not so easy to unconsciously I love to keep him around longer then he should be! He's almost doubled his 22 normal days this time :)

Now... okay onto uh, interesting information. Well I guess I'll tell everything in chronological order. Since Wednesday I've been caring for LeAnne's Nano Baby. Yes, isn't that hard to imagine me caring for a non-BanDai virtual pet? I have played with non-BanDai virtual pets before, but never mentioned it because it was never worth noting. Seriously I've never found any virtual pets as fun or entertaining as Tamagotchi & Tamagotchi versions. Just for a short bit of background, Nano Baby was the first virtual pet I had ever seen/played with. LeAnne bought one before I bought my first Tamagotchi. While I find Nano Baby to be very different and repetitive and occasionally a bit on the stupid side, I still think it's the 'better' rip-off virtual pet out there. You see, I won't buy any rip-offs for myself, I don't want to own the stuff I feel like a traitor to BanDai (hehe), but I'll fool with the rip off's LeAnne buys just to see if they are worth my time. I have always said if I find a rip off that I like I'll buy one, but I never have found anything I like, other then Tamagotchi and BanDai VP's.

Anyway, so I have this thing, and its 3/4th's a year old (I dunno how it works, I guess every few days equals 1/4th of a year or something...), it weights something like 18 pounds. So last night I go to bed, I'm really tired, I'm about to fall asleep and what do I hear? The tune to 'Happy Birthday'! I pick up Nano Baby and turn on the light and on the screen is no longer a small baby, but a boy with hair, and it's celebrating his 1 year birthday. Then I remember that LeAnne 'birthed' that Nano at night, so that's why it did this... I laid in bed trying to figure out what I was going to do with the thing because I was dying and needed to go to sleep! It took all of ten minutes before it went back to bed, after pooping and eating and playing of course. LeAnne laughed at me today when I told her that :P

So I finally fall asleep and this leads me up to my next story. Not a very long story to boot either. So after a bad night sleep, I miss waking up to my alarm. But the night before I was thinking if I missed my alarm then hey Digi would beep at me sooner or later after 8am (I was going in later then normal today.. ). I was right and I was wrong. Digi did beep, but only because he was dying! At 8:21am I awoke with a shock in hearing my Digi beeping the 'death' tones. I looked at the screen and he was sitting there looking sad with his head down. After what seemed to be a long time a final beep was made, he laid and egg and that was it. He died at 54 years old! I am amazed that he made it this long!

I've counted and it seems I've only hatched FOUR DigiMon's since I got one! Out of those four, two (both GreyMon's) have died under the age of 18, while the other two have lived to 54 (MeraMon) and 66 (Metal GreyMon) years old! That's a 50% chance that when I hatch my next Digi (whenever that is!) it will live for more then an entire month being needy for more then 60% of it's life! Now one can see why I'm not to enthusiastic about hatching DigiMon's. I don't even know why they live that long. I didn't take bad care of any of the ones that died earlier, in fact I took awful care of Meramon when he was younger.. yet he still stayed with me! That's strange, no? I guess I should go and read some of the logs on other's pages about DigiMon, see what other people's are dying at, I find it so weird that sometimes they die so early and sometimes they live forever!

DigiMon death screen

Either way, poor Meramon is gone and silence has actually set in my Tama life once again, except for the occasional attack on Ocean and the needy beeps of Mimitchi, not to mention Nano Baby pooping (it beeps as it poops, the poop actually like.. sprays out of it's rear end, it's really nasty! Too graphic, I'm amazed Playmates got away with that!). Nano Baby won't be around with me for long, it's just kinda having a few days sleep over with my Tama's. LeAnne has 6 Tama's going right now, I'm sure the break from #7 is actually welcomed ;)

With the departure of Meramon, whom will be missed but it's kinda a relief that he's gone - all that beeping every 12 minutes drove me nuts, I plan on starting another pair of Mesutchi and Osutchi, whom I have missed a whole lot. Just haven't had the time to start them up. I will most likely start them in a few days though, not tonight. Not quite ready to start them yet.

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