Tamagotchi Log 9/21/98

9/21/98: Well, if you've read my Ocean log, you already know that KeroPyonkotchi died on me yesterday(Sunday). I still am in confusion of why he dead, but no less he is gone now, at only age 9 no less. I'm really sad he's gone to, I really cared about him...

Speaking of death, I still have three Tama's alive right now that I'm sure are going to be near death soon. First off is Mimitchi. He is beyond old and his days are definitely numbered. My pausing him now and again is the only thing keeping him with me so long. I love him so very much, but I know he must go soon no matter how much I don't want it to happen. I'll deal with it when it happens though...

It's been over a year and I've hatched my Yellow/Black Mimitchi Tama 17 times and I have only once failed and gotten Pochitchi once in those 17 times. I still love Mimitchi very much, I haven't tired of his company yet hehe. I'll always love him.

Since I've written my Tongaritchi has changed into an adult. While I had *no* intention of getting Tongaritchi, I took awful care of him once I got him in hopes I'd still have luck of getting Hashizotchi. Well, I didn't get Hashizotchi, but I did get Takotchi, someone whom I haven't had in a long while so I didn't mind. He's really strange, yet cute anyway. He's strangest when he plays the game, the way he opens his mouth and swings his body around, its soo weird! :P

DigiMon is *still* here! He finally is over the hill at age 50 today! He'll be 51 later this evening, he always changes age in the evening. I can't believe this character is going this long. Truthfully I never expected to have him past the age of 20 or so, seeing he's not one of the healthier character. He's still here though, still being empty on all hungry every 12 minutes and only one happy heart empty every 24 minutes. I'm actually getting used to caring for him, which is hard to believe, but then again I got used to this with Metal GreyMon too. A single question lingers in my mind about this guy.. will he live to the age my Metal GreyMon did? If so, will he outlive my Metal GreyMon’s record of 66 years? I guess I'll find out in 16 days!

I've been thinking a lot since Ocean left yesterday and I have decided to restart him. But not right away.. I'll prolly start him later tonight or tomorrow. I'm unsure, but I am going to try this again, even if it is so difficult to get an adult.

I started up CD-ROM Tama because it's been a while. Even though I had Gen2 last time I got Gen2 again this time. I don't mind whom I get, as long as I get someone new ;)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I took a shower and Takotchi was just fine. When I got out I found he had died at age 9! Ugh. 9 is not my lucky number it seems. I'll be hatching that same clear blue Tama again tonight with LeAnne, she wants to hatch one with me.

Oh yes if anyone is curious about my plans, I am planning on starting Mesutchi and Osutchi again after Ocean and Digi leave, so in a month or less I hope, I miss Mesu and Osu!

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