Tamagotchi Log 9/17/98

9/17/98: I'm amazed.. another long segue between logs. Not a lot has happened since my last log. I am down to only 4 Tama's now.

My Japanese set of twins Ammm and Pmmm died on the 13th late in the evening. They were awfully needy at the age of 15, I figured if they didn't die that day, they were going to stay forever and ever like some others have done. They left though, along with Kusatchi that plant boy. Weird that they passed away on the same day. Kusatchi died in the morning though. He was only 8, which is young. I didn't treat him badly.. but it seemed he was destined to leave me early.

I started up my clear blue Tama on Sunday, if you recall, with full intentions of getting the unhealthy child, Hashitamatchi, right? I didn't get him! I was terrible to him! I treated him so badly.. and yet.. I still got Tongaritchi! Now I have no clue who I'm going to get. I'm still treating him bad, though not as bad. I'll probably end up with Zukitchi again! :P Oh well... I just don't know how to treat a Tama horribly bad with lots of success, just when I think I done it right, I didn't...

Due to pausing much, yup Mimitchi is still with me. I feel cruel, but then I feel bad if I neglect. I've had some days off, so I've been trying to spend more time with him then what occurs during a normal work day. It's soo nice not to be going to work the last couple of days! I love it! I've had time t do all the things I've been meaning to do, but never have time because of work (er, stuff outside of the internet, that is). I love days off!

Speaking of things I finally have the time to do... I began my Ocean page on the 13th.. well. I began my Ocean, thus began my logs. Yes it's not linked to the main page.. yet. But in the next day or two I will be posting it, just making a few last touches to it. It's far from finished, but hey.. why wait to post it until it's finished. I hope people like that page.. it's not the greatest in the world really. I must say that Ocean is one hard Tama to raise! In a way, it's really easy, in a way it's difficult. Gotta luv them folks at BanDai, always wanting to challenge their fans! Overall so far I like Ocean, it's different, but I like it.

I have to have a moment to gush before I finish this log! Now and again when I get a free moment I turn on Game Boy and play with the Tama game on there. I still have two Kuchipatchi's and Takotchi. The thing I like best is the beauty contest because of the cute poses and I get to see other characters. Let me just say I've seen Mimitchi come on two times now during those beauty contests! Oh man.. he's just sooo adorable! When he's walking and his side is to me, his ears bob up and down! It's *so* very cute! He has posed two times and two different poses. First pose he did he was reading a book. The second pose I saw him do was him crying! It was soo sad! He was sooo cute though! He won in both the beauty contests he was in! I just wanted to hug that cute little guy. Instead I hugged my Tama. Can't see myself hugging my Game Boy! LOL. I love Mimitchi.. just had to gush over his cute-ness for a minute :}

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