Tamagotchi Log 9/13/98

9/13/98: ::Pops a Dr. Slice, cranks some tunes:: Ahh, yes soo long no write. Forgive me, it's been an awful week at work. Thankfully I'm due some vacation time this week :)

It's been a long week with many things that have happened. I guess I'll try and start at the start of it all.

I believe the first thing that occurred that I had not written about was my US version Angel, the Futagotenshi died at age 13. I was kinda relieved, as they were so needy. I actually liked them more this time around. Didn't find them as annoying.. maybe they will grow on me as time passes? Strangely enough, my other set of twins on my Japanese Angelgotchi, have yet to depart and they are 14 today. Kinda needy, but not a whole lot. I guess I'm getting used to DigiMon!

I might as well tell you that DigiMon, merman, is how 42 today and still his usual neediness.. I do wonder how long will this go on? I never thought I'd have another "Metal GreyMon Incident" but I am. I can't imagine he will get older then my metal GreyMon was, at age 66. But I shall see, right?

This week I borrowed LeAnne's Tamagotchi for Game Boy game. I hatched 3 eggs at the same time last Saturday. It took me a long time to understand it, I have no instructions so I had to really play with it to get to understand it. I still don't entirely, but I'm doing okay with it. I find it most weird that they characters can very from gen1 and gen2, so it's hard to predict what I'm going to end up with. I kinda like the idea of being able to speed up the life. I really consider this more of a game then like the real thing though.. I can't image hugging my Game Boy or even talking to it, but hey, I've done weirder things. No less it seems more like a game to me, I don't look at the real Tamagotchi as a game. I ended up raising 3 adults and I understand why I got whom I did because it was just so hard to take care of them all and Game Boy version seems very sensitive to *any* neglect. I ended up getting 2 Kuchipatchi's and 1 Takotchi. All very cute I might add. I think Nintendo did a very good job in making the cartoon-like animations. The only problem I have with it, is they made the images so small. I think they could have made them a little bigger. But then again, I noticed they were very true to Tamagotchi and used almost the same amount of pixels for some of the characters, which was kinda neat. Should I be worried about myself that I noticed that? ;)

No less, if you can get a hold of this Game Boy game, I'd say it's worth it, it's rather fun, takes a while to catch on to the newer features.. course that would be easy if you have the instructions. Overall it's pretty cute. Nintendo at their best. I'll keep playing with it. I hope one day to get Mimitchi. :)

I got to see Mimitchi on Game Boy when I entered one of my adults into the beauty contest. When he posed he was sitting there with reading glasses on reading a book! I had seen that picture before... it's a Japanese cartoon picture! Allot of the special character animations on Game Boy I have seen in the Japanese calendar and pictures, not at all found on the US stuff. I am impressed with Nintendo for digging up the original cartoon images and using those, instead of the US cartoons! They should make another Tamagotchi game, mixing all the characters from all the currently released Tamagotchi out there, Japanese and American. Can you imagine raising a Shirobabitchi and ending up with a Metal GreyMon for an adult? ;)

Let's see.. oh yeah, okay. I guess I should tell about yesterday. I had been told I *had* to work yesterday, Saturday of all days. But yesterday I didn't spend the day in the office. Noo.. I was stuck going to a workshop. I've had to go to a few before and really.. it's not my thing. I like working on computers, but I'm no good for social situations, yet alone standing up in front of gobs of people. Anyway, I knew about this Friday night so I had to make a decision with my Tama's. Now.. even thought it is impossible to pause Digi during the day, it is possible to successfully pause him at night and have him unaffected. So this is what I decided to do. Seriously.. Meramon beeps at me every 12 minutes, I've timed it again and again to make sure. And There was no way that I would have been able to check on him every 12 minutes at the workshop, while he was on mute. There was no way this was going to happen. So instead of pausing him just for the morning of the day, I took a day off away from him. I wasn't gonna mess him up by waking him up later in the day, so I decided to wait a whole day before waking him again. Which I woke him up today. No less, this doesn't age him. A DigiMon doesn't age like that. DigiMon has an internal clock and it ages 1 year every 24 hours. This is why DigiMon can change in its sleep as well as die after going to sleep. At least this is my theory on it. It may not mean I'm right. :)

No less I left him at home (something I don't like doing, but I didn't want him to come off of pause without me knowing and to find him dead later, that's just not fair to him). I also decided to leave Mimitchi, Angel and Hashitamatchi in bed. Mimitchi and Angel are needy, and Hashitamatchi I was waiting for another discipline.. soo.. that is what I had to do. I'd rather pause them then to neglect them and have them die on me from neglect, just because of my job! I brought those three Tama's with me though.

I won't bore anyone with what happened at the workshop, but let's just say it involved over 50 people, a good outcome, and it was over by 12:15pm, thank goodness! We went out to lunch right afterward and it was then that I woke up my sleeping Mimitchi, Hashitamatchi and Angel (well, they were on pause in their sleep, in case they came unpaused I figured they would remain sleeping). I laid them all out on the table and had lunch with a group from the office at a small local restaurant.

After lunch we ended up dropping by Target.. and you know what's at Target! Oceangotchi! So I'm like.. okay I'll just look. I looked. I bought :) I have 3 or the 4 released colors for the US Ocean Tama. This one I bought is white, across the shell it has waves, like what you see on the box (in fact this Tama design is pictured on the back of the card), in purple, pink and blue. The words "Tamagotchi Ocean" is written at the top in dark pink/red and the border around the screen is white, the buttons are light pink. It's my second favorite design of Tama, the blue with bubbles being my favorite.

I also bought my sister a CD and gave in to my wants and bought Mario Kart 64 for my N64. I love this game, been wanting it forever, so I decided to finally buy it :)

Also this week, as I mentioned I hatched another Tama, the one that eventually turned into Hashitamatchi (white w/ gray border & buttons). I had been waiting for him to change. Sadly he did change today, but I really messed up on my care taking this time around.. so I got Kusatchi, that plant dude. He's cute, but not really what I wanted.. but that's okay. The last one I had died by way of reset on my messed up Gold Tama.

Which leads me up to today. I woke up late. Okay, so I was up late last night. I didn't feel well last night, which lead me to playing Nintendo 64 until the wee hours of the morning. I woke up close to 11 and rushed to my computer to log on. I was to meet a friend in my chat room, the one on the site. I made it in time to talk to Caroline (Laura, she has two names I call her by :)), whom I have mentioned before, I met her a few weeks back. It's me to be late for everything.. hell I'll probably be late for my own funeral when I die! :P

Anyway, I'm in a goofy mood forgive me, Laura (a.k.a. Caroline) and I did meet finally after computer problems. We talked for a while and since she had just had a Tama pass away on her, she wanted to do an on-line group hatching. So we both hatched a Gen2 clear light blue US Tamagotchi on-line. Yes, the same Tama color, which is cool. So at 11:40am (2:39pm her time) little Shirobabitchi was born. She hopes to get Zukitchi, while I'm in hopes of getting Hashizotchi. If I get Hashizotchi I will have gotten all the Gen2 US characters. Course I have the Japanese secret characters left to get. Hashizo is really cute, I think his cousin Kuchipatchi is cuter though. But then again.. I'm pre-judging, as I've never had him on my Tama :)

As for Ocean Tama... yes, I will be hatching it this week. I gotta have a day were I have a couple of hours to work the animations and such, or I won't be able to get the animations. Like the egg I only have a couple of minutes to get, don't know if I'll get it, but I'll at least try. I enjoy making animations.. if I have enough time to make them.. and as long as Pocket Artist cooperates! I also want to restart Osu and Mesu. I really find that I miss them allot. They were gone too soon, here one day, gone one night... like that Michael Jackson song says. :(

Oh yes, before I forget, I must tell you that my Mimitchi on CD-ROM passed away at 18 years. I've had him so many times on CD-ROM and I always get a new postcard every time..

Congratulations on your most excellent care! However, your computer had an inferiority complex housing my large brain. Perhaps you should reboot after I scoot (or get more memory). Be well my comrade.

It sure is funny how he knows that my computer could use a severe upgrade! ;) He's so cute :)

Off I go, I must get some stuff done today, other then logs. I'm a big procrastinator sometimes. Hopefully next time I won't let so much time go between logs. :)

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