Tamagotchi Log 9/7/98

9/7/98: It's been sooo long since I've written a log, I can't believe it! Things have been so busy with work and my page. Though the work with my page is going on not on the page, but around the net. If you don't wan read about my boring history you might wan skim this log! :)

When I first got on line I was gullible and a friend I had met at the VIP, Virtual Irish Pub Chat (URL eludes me at the moment), had been working for a small company in California, Protocol, and I expressed thoughts of making a page. Well being my friend and all he told me he could get me a discount of only 30$ a month for 11 megs and he'd get my started. Well.. that price is too high, as anyone would know. This company ripped me off for over a year. Then they moved their site to a different URL, but they didn't tell me for over a month even after I had sent several e-mails asking where my page is. It just gave an error when people tried to access my page. At that time my page was only Star Trek related with a couple of pages, but it managed to get up to almost 30 hits a day, which is amazing because it was a horrible links page (which is still on this site called future of time) and then the Brent Spiner page, which was made after the move to the new URL location. Nobody probably remembers my time with Protocol now, though because the page has changed so much. Either way, I have paid for all the time my page was down and inaccessible. They provided no support at all, even though they promised to help me every bit of the way and give me advice. They promised me a counter which worked for all of 3 months of the time I was with them, so I ended up getting a free counter from on the web (which is still on this page to this day). They ripped me off and lied to me time and time again. So I decided to look for some place else.

It hasn't even been a year since I moved with Desert Rosemart Data Systems. They helped me with everything in moving over, they even registered me with all the search engines for me and other such work, for free! They charged me about $9 a month for unlimited hits, megs, pages and 24 hour ftp upload among with a bunch of other services I didn't even take advantage of. Not only where they not expensive, but they treated me so kind and so nice, they treated me less like a business partner and more like a friend. They are just wonderful to me. After I found Rosemart I went to lots of work to improve my page, it went through many indexes before it ended up with what it looks like now. Once I got to a point I was almost happy, I spent a lot of time registering with less popular search engines, going to pages for links and other such small advertising that I could do for free. It too up much time and effort, but out of all the work I managed to generate over 50 hits a day and that figure climbed to over 80 a few times in the last few months. Which to me is a lot.

The reason for all the work was because I really had planned spending the rest of my web page days with Rosemart. They were all I needed and more. Until last week they told us that they were going bankrupt, that I had to find a new place and fast because they were going to be cut off any time. That saddened me so much, I couldn't believe it! I was so shocked! Not only was I stuck moving 15.2 MEGS(if you don't know how much that is, think that most free web sites like geocities only offer 2 megs for free customers and I couldn’t find many places that offered any room for over 10 megs, that were personal web sites that is) worth of a website over to a new place, when I found one that is, but a company that I truly respected and thought the highest of was going to be gone! Bad luck struck them and that is simply unfair. But "Life is under no obligation to give us what we want" right? It was right there that I so wished I had been a millionaire, because I wanted to help them so badly and I didn't have much to offer them except my sympathy. Heck they even offered to return my last 6 month payment. They are in debt and broke and they offer to return my money.. how's that for nice? I miss them already...

No less for 2 days I searched and looked and poked around the net looking for a low priced web site that would offer me lots of space, unlimited hits and ftp access. While I found most of that in many places the price was over 40$ a month. Since I make no money off of this page, I was like.. no way, I can't do that. I searched through company after company. Personally I knew I could not get off with a free site like geocities, not only do I hate that company because they spam so many good web pages with their advertisements and me with all them annoying pop up advertisements, but geocities didn't offer enough megs to fit my site in without paying loads. I won't go with free companies because I hate all the mass advertisements. So I had a couple of choices, move to a place with not enough megs, thus cut down my site in half, or keep searching to find someplace.

One of the last places I ended up was here at www.addr.com. It was late at night and I was almost giving up when I found them. I had given up on believing that I fit into the 'personal web page' category, so I was now looking at business rates and such, including virtual domains. These guys offered many different plans, the most expensive being 14.95 a month for 40 megs, unlimited hits and ftp access, plus my own domain, email, cgi, and millions of other things I never really needed before. I was like.. why not? So.. I wrote and asked my questions and everything was good with them and they were friendly, answering my mail very quickly, within the hour of me sending it in fact. While I'm paying more with them, I'm also getting more, so that makes sense.

If your wondering why my URL isn't www.rosemart.com/kat and its www.mimitchi.com instead I'll tell you it was a big difference. If I decided to go with www.mimitchi.com a virtual domain I was required to pay a fee of $70 every 2 years for the virtual domain though interNIC, this being required. If I weren't non-profit this would be okay, but since this is a hobby of mine.. I was shaking my head.. I can't do that, that's too much. So I decided to take the closest thing to a virtual domain, one with the addr in there, which it really isn't that bad and the URL is easier to memorize, I think. Realistically, if I had taken the virtual domain and paid $70 every 2 years for it, I would have had to start trying to sell something on this site and put up banners and advertisements for money and just so much junk that I really feel my visitors and myself can live without. Since I'm not a company I had to go with the cheaper domain, but that's okay, I get the same thing I would with the virtual domain, just not the 70$ every 2 years ;)

To finish this up I'll tell you that Friday I signed up with Addr Web Hosting and I was impressed.. they had me set up within 10 minutes. So I spent all of Friday night downloading stuff from Rosemart (as I didn't keep all the images on my computer, many scattered among disks so I figured this would be easier) and that took most of the evening. When everything was retrieved I set my computer to upload all the images and graphics to Addr. It just takes so long to transfer graphics, so I left my computer on and went to bed at 2am and got up on and off through the night to restart uploads and such. By morning everything was on Addr. I went through over 300 HTML files and changed everything that said www.rosemart.com/kat/ to www.mimitchi.com and with that finished I uploaded all that, then went through almost every page on the site to make sure they were working right and fixed the ones that weren't. I finished the site in 24 hours, that's when I put the forwarding msg at Rosemart and there after I began slowly going through all my web rings, search engines, people that linked me and all other sources I could think of that I was linked to and had to change it all. Come late Saturday night I was exhausted mentally, I was going to write a log that night because I just could write anymore HTML without going insane, so I went to bed, then relaxed Sunday because I still was so tired mentally from doing all that stuff.

So here I am.. and that's what's been going on since I put that page up on Rosemart saying I was moving. I got lucky I managed to move so fast.. god I'll miss Rosemart though... Soo... how do you like my chosen domain name? *laughter* To use Mimitchi's name in there was suggested by friends and in the end I was in a hurry and could think of nothing else, so now Mimitchi is my domain :)

Tama wise life has been kinda.. different. Kinda slow in many ways. I had planned to start Ocean well over a week ago and began writing the page and logs along with animations. Well.. when this came up I was just worried if my page would be on-line the next day. So again I kept delaying it and I've decided to delay that page for another week. At work this month we are having people from out of town in, some staying at our house, I'll get so little time alone to concentrate on my work and such. Then next Saturday I am going to a workshop and won't be done until late in the day. So, I'll most likely start Ocean next Sunday when I have time to get the animations done and set the page up. Plus I get the following week off, thus I can be a good caretaker I hope.

The other problem has been with my current set of Tama's I have with me. DigiMon.. yes MeraMon is 36 years old today! He's STILL with me.. I can't believe it! And he's needy as heck! I can't believe it. No less that is really hard to work with.

Now.. even better.. you'll love this. I got Futagotenshi on my US Tama Angel, you know... well the twins came from Pukuten that time. Well I had Kuriten on my Japanese Angel.. I treated it kinda bad, but ended up praising it a few times, so Kuriten changed into them twins! So now I have two sets of twins :P Joy.. just what I didn't need heh. Oh well... I also have Mimitchi, he's like 22 today, but because of pausing (it's been a rotten week to say the least) he isn't really 15 yet. It's been a kinda work week and not a whole of anything special has been going on. I hate being an adult :p.

Oh well, gonna be yet another long long week. Gotta run spell check on this thing, then gonna work on maybe some of that e-mail I've let pile up in my box because of the URL move. It only seems to take 3 days to get behind by so much mail! :)

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