Tamagotchi Log 9/2/98

9/2/98: Well its been awhile. Gets that way when I'm really busy at work and extremely tired when I get home.

I planned on starting my Ocean tama on Monday, but my plans have fallen through time and time again... Why don't I start it? One of the main and ultimate reasons: DigiMon.. MeraMon is 32 years old, he has been emptying at least 8 hungry hearts to 1 happy since age 14. I expected him to pass away around age 20 because he is an unhealthy character.. but nope.. it looks like I'm gonna have another 'Metal GreyMon' experience. It's not too horrible, but the thing is, I work in an office and I'm there to work, not care for Digi. Thank goodness he only wants food, but every 12 minutes he beeps and it's not very easy to work as fast when I have to stop every 12 minutes. There is no way to pause during the day, that's the hardest part.. oh well at least I'll know his true age when he dies.. But anyway.. the reason I haven't got Ocean going is because of him.. I've heard the stories about Ocean, I know it must be difficult to raise and I'm sure it would be a lot easier to raise without Digi. I was kinda hoping he'd pass away soon. I guess if he's not gone by this weekend I'll end up starting Ocean anyway. I dunno.. been a hard week already, not just because of Digi either... Plus I just really really want to start Ocean! :)

Either way I've had an Angel pass on me, she was only 6 years old, and she was Pukuten. I looked at the screen and there she was with tears falling down her face, she looked soo sad it almost made me cry!

Well I ended up hatching, or whatever, that Angel again that same day and I end up with the good teenage character because I forgot to neglect. Well I again forgot to neglect that character sooo.. I've ended up with Kuriten again :P

But noooo that wasn't the worst part of today. I got Pukuten on my US Angel and I was trying to take bad care, I guess I didn't take bad enough care, I about sobbed when Pukuten changed into Futagotenshi! I definitely was swearing hahahah. Man.. I try my best to get ANYTHING but them twins and I tell ya, I always end up with them. The even worse part is, Kuriten might change into twins too... so I might have 2 sets of twins in a couple of days! I don't know if I should laugh or cry :P I just wanted Ginji, but didn't follow my own rules about neglect, so I messed up :P I just HAD to do that, didn't I? :)

Oh well.. I only have 4 Tama's going right now, plus my CD-ROM. I still Have cute and sweet little Mimitchi on CD-ROM... man I love him! :) I still have Mimitchi on my Mimitchi Tama.. He's 17 today, but I don't think he's near that for real, as Iíve paused him a bit. Unless I can spend good time with him, why keep him unpaused the entire time I'm at work? So I prefer spending real time with him. He's watching everything I say in fact heheh.

I updated a couple of things on my Links page recently, I have some new scanned images I will be adding to my images page, I don't know if I'll get it done tonight, or later this week. I might have time tonight though. I am working on my Ocean page, even though I haven't started my logs yet because I haven't started the Tama :) Because of work I haven't had a whole lot of time to spend on my page, but I'm getting to it as fast as I can really help. I do all this work for free, in fact I pay for my web space, so when I'm tired after work, it's not always easy to want to dive back into work, after the work day has ended, you know? But anyways, I don't know what I'm saying, cuz I'm just really tired right now :p. I'm working on other stuff as well, but I'm not telling yet ;) Often some of my projects I start don't get on the page for sometimes a month or so, just because other things take priority.

Oh yeah, if you haven't filled in my survey once, and you have ideas for my page or thoughts, do fill it out. I really do listen to what others say about this page and if lots of ppl say stuff, then I make it happen. Such examples are the Angelgotchi page, particularly the how to get what character page, and the chat room was suggested by a few, so I made sure I got that up there. I always have ideas, but don't always know what other Tama fans like ;) I don't make any guarantees I'll do anything, but I always try.

Anyway I have to work on a few small things, including that Ocean page, oh yeah and of course answering e-mail, then off to bed I go! I'm soo tired! :)

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