Tamagotchi Log 8/29/98

8/29/98: After much time and a week off, I finally got my Angelgotchi section posted.. and I'd say it's about time! Getting an N64 can really mess up a vacation by way of making it fly by. Can't believe its Saturday night and I have to go back to work on Monday.

I've continued work on my Ocean page and I *hope* I can get it posted in the next week, but I make no promises as I have a horrible work week ahead. I really hope one day I can get a job on-line instead of this computer tech job I have.. it's not what I really wanted to do with my life.. anyways...

DigiMon... is STILL with me. He is 28 years old and in bed right now.. I just can't believe this guy is living this long! This ain't no metal GreyMon, this is Meramon, best of the unhealthy! Not even a secret character.. I'm just shocked. He drove me a little nuts today, while trying to make images and stuff every 12 minutes him beeping at me because he's completely empty in hungry :P It could drive a person to drink I tell you. But either way, mostly I didn't expect to have him around this long, it's really hard to do a whole lot of anything and get much done..

I'm happy to say I have finally got Pukuten back again. I dunno if she will change into a secret character or not.. but I'll probably know tomorrow. Pukuten is 5 years today, I had forgotten how cute this character really is. Especially when she gets happy, the eyes get really big!

Right now I have a US angel going as well, it is Maruten right now and in bed. It would have changed today, but I paused it when I was sleeping this morning, no wait a min.. I didn't pause her today, I just kept waking up to take care of her while I slept in. That's strange... they usually change into the teenage stage by day 2. Maybe it's because I started it so late last night, it went right to bed because it was after 8pm. Oh well..

Mimitchi is 13 and not a day over 10 I suspect though. This week I've had about half off and pretty much had the past few days alone. Spent it working on catching up on email, working on a few web page projects, the Angel page too of course, playing my new N64 and other things. It was kinda a few days I would classify as bonding time with Mimitchi. And the days before that were lazy catch up on sleep days :P Somehow the week just sped by us and now I'm facing another week and this month I pray to get some time off again. I must confess, I enjoy getting a paycheck, but sometimes a week off is just something I need to clear my head, work on my own projects and spend time with those that I care about, Tama's and humans alike.

Almost forgot to mention, I got Mimitchi on CD-ROM, or should I say the Care Center got me Mimitchi? And of course, I have images!! :) In fact I took many images. Just have to choose the ones I want to use up server space! :) Here are some cute images of my sweetie on CD-ROM:

Thos are just ones of him walking around... Here is a couple of him playing the "Guess Which Way I'm Gonna Look" game.

Below is him happy and sad during the game...

And here's one of Mimitchi eating a snack, a caramel covered apple, his main food is fish, my favorite too, oddly enough. I also like chicken, wonder if he's tried that back on Tamagotchi Planet?

And finally here is an image of Mimitchi sleeping and isn't he just soo cute in this image!? I love him soo much! CD-ROM ain't the real thing to me, but man they did a good job in keeping him so cute going from pixels to cartoon

Sigh... ain't he just the sweetest? *big smile* I recorded him snoring, one day I'll upload it so anyone that doesn't have the Tama CD can listen to his cute little voice :) Anyway! Time for me to hop into bed myself! BTW, please don't take my images or I'll hunt ya down! :) Off to bed I go...

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