Tamagotchi Log 8/26/98

8/26/98: It seems a lot has happened and it really hasn't been a long time since my last log. Angel's grow so fast though, it just seems like it :P.

It seems hard for me to get to my pages on vacation days, even when I plan the day for my page. It's hard to have a social life with a web page, I tell you :P :)

Either way, I've been catching up on email in the past two days and I've been working on my long awaited Angelgotchi page. It's taking some time due to animationís and such. I never made the animations before, as I never believed I would make a page about Angelgotchi... but due to the amount of mail I get regarding it.. I basically have to. One kind of page I won't ever make is a DigiMon page. There are sooo many out there with so much great information, there is no way on Earth I could add anything to what's already out there. So if anyone expected a Digi page from me, it's not gonna happen. There are soo many DigiMon pages I have on my Rated Links page.. that is the place to look. Especially Gordan Kaneís page. He has the best. The URL eludes me right now.

Anyway.. I have only 5 Tama's going right now a more comfortable number I might add. One of which is Mimitchi.. oh how I did miss him. It's wonderful to have this bundle of joy back :) He is 10 years old today and doing quite well.. very un-needy, so un-needy I'm not used to it so I constantly check him anyway. :P

Iíve had some angels die and been brought back over the last couple of days. First on my Japanese Angel, I had Oyajiten and he changed into the secret character, Otonoten. I made the mistake of leaving him on mute and not pausing him 2 nights ago so when I woke up yesterday morning he was making a sad face because he needed to go back to his celestial home. I sent him back and hatched him again along with my US angel. They are both Maruten right now, I intend on getting something other then Oyajiten this time ;)

Meanwhile I still have Zukitchi at age 18.. I assume he will be departing sooner or later. He's getting up there :P He's really needy...

Then of course... yes I still yes STILL have Digi.. my Meramon is still with me at age 24. He's been needy since age 12.. I can't believe he's still with me. He empties 12 hungry hearts to 1 empty happy heart now. Very needy, always hungry, never unhappy though. As long as he's happy. I've given up on keeping his weight down.. it's impossible with that ratio. So he's up there at 99 units. He has no one to fight anymore, LeAnne's passed away sometime ago, and so he will die of old age (if he ever gets there!).

On Monday I received my Nintendo 64 along with 6 games and all the extras that I won off of eBay for soo cheap! That has been one of the reasons I have been not updating the last 2 days... because of the N64. I'm soo addicted already ;) I need to see if there is a Tamagotchi Game I can get for it.

Yesterday I went with my sister to see Lethal Weapon 4! Yes it's been out for a while but we finally went. It was awesome! Man I love that series. I had to pause Zuki and I ended up putting MeraMon to bed really early because there was no way I could handle that empty ever 10 minutes thing during a movie in a movie theater. And since he doesn't pause.. that was my only way to do it. I clipped Mimitchi onto my shirt so he could see the entire movie, he loved it! I knew he would :)

I have a few days off to my name this week, so I gotta go to the mall arcade today and do a few things, then I'm sure I'll be around later.. can't stay away from N64 too long hehheh :) Gotta get my Angel Page up soon, when I do I'll start with my Ocean Tama page :)

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