Tamagotchi Log 8/22/98

8/22/98: Well... wow.. I'm amazed heh. Tamagotchi Log number 100! Never thought I'd do this many, never believed my page would go this far either.

First off... if anyone that has wrote to me say in the past couple of weeks and you have not received a reply, it is not because your e-mail got lost. It's because itís sitting in my box waiting for a reply. Sorry for the wait as I've had many projects, work and personal. I have had to choose between email and the web page. Lately I have been choosing the web page, because of some other stuff.

Next off... I gotta remind anyone that reads this that I have a chat room on my site now. Today I went in there and finally met Caroline, a frequent visitor of mine. I had many requests in email for me to set up a chat room, so I'm hoping it gets used. If no one is in there, wait a few mins, you never do know whom might show up :) If you see me I will most likely be under the nick MimitchiTama and if you do a User Info on me you will find I have administrative privs. If I don't then it's not me. :)

In other thoughts since I've done a long my first ever Kuchipatchi passed away at age 11. I treated him really well, so I guess I just got unlucky to have him leave so early. I thought he'd leave closer to age 14, but I guess that guess was wrong. I hope to get many more of him. The method to getting him is sooo easy! All you do is discipline up to 50% when he's in the Marutchi stage. But during this stage treat him really badly, not caring for him much at all. Then you will get Kuchitamatchi. At that time the discipline should remain at 50%. After that take perfect care and catch all the disciplines all the way to 100%. That is what I did and it worked perfectly. :)

I have since started Angelgotch. I purposely got the unhealthy teenage character and I didn't know what I would get, but I ended up with the most unhealthy, Oyajiten. I hope he changes into the secret character. I've heard after really bad care in the secret character stage, Otonoten, it is possible to get the Lucky Unchi Kun. I hope to find out :)

DigiMon is _still_ with me. I can't believe it! He's 20 years today. He has been soo needy since he was age 12, I figured he would pass away a long time ago. But nope he seems to want to stick around. So I may have another long lasting character, like my Metal GreyMon was. I can't imagine I'll get too far with this guy... I mean he's like the best of the unhealhty characters. Metal GreyMon was the best of the secret characters.

I still have Zukitchi on my milky white p2 Japanese Tama. He is 14 today, sadly he did not change. I believe he won't change because I have the P2 Japanese one that only changes through Pochitchi. I've been told there are two diff P2's in Japan. The original P2's change from Zukitchi and the newer ones change from Pochitchi. Well I keep missing Pochitchi. This information is yet to be verified though, so don't quote me on it.

As for sweet Mimitchi.. he is still in Tongaritchi form. But last night he got sick and had his last discipline. I expect him to change today. I got him entirely disciplined before he got sick.. I think I'll most likely be getting him.. I hope I hope I hope. I always worry right before it happens....

Since I am not posting this log until later tonight I may have to amend this log, if any one of them changes :) Since this log is my 100th.. how about I give anyone that reads this a sneak peek at one of the growth charts I made for Tamagotchi Ocean :) I made that image, please don't steal it. I will be posting a few new pages over the next couple of weeks. It's just finding time to finish things out before I post it all. I will definitely have an Tamagotchi Ocean and Angelgotch page out soon. I make no promises, because I never know my schedule.

Before I finish up this log there is someone I'd like to make mention of here. Someone I rather enjoyed having for a couple of weeks. Her name is Caroline. She is not Tama, or human. She is a creature I created at TechnoSphere a few weeks ago. She passed away after mating over 800 times and having a couple of children. She was 136 years old. She died peacefully in her sleep as a Veteran. She is missed. Her ID was 669866. Below is what she looked like when she was living.

I will start another. But as of lately they have been offline a whole lot, I'm unsure of why. Glad I was able to visit Caroline one last time before she was gone. I checked in on her at work during a break. I found her as only a carcass, already passed away.

BTW a slight update... I GOT MIMITCHI BACK! I missed him Soooo much!!!!

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