Tamagotchi Log 12/21/97

12/21/97: Today started out late, because of last night’s lateness. It was worth it. But nonetheless I didn't get up until after 10. I had paused my Tama's before I went to sleep though, so no probs there. That's mainly the only time I ever pause them, is when I know I can't get up for them. I usually do get up for them at 9am (this coming from the person who never could never get up before 11 for the life of her), but today was a different story for special reasons. So far No one has left me, I am quite happy about that. I really really don't want poor little Ginji to leave, I love him sooo much. It hurts almost as much as losing Mimitchi. Oh well I guess I'll see what happens.

Not much has happened so far today. Ginji is demanding, but hasn't left, Thank goodness! While I've had to discipline my Tongaritchi only once, making his discipline up to 75% :) So like nothing happened today hehe, that's what happens when you run so few Tama's ;)

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