Tamagotchi Log 12/07/97

12/07/97: Much has happened. I am caring for 13 Tamagotchi at once (including CD-ROM). I am on my 6th Mimitchi and I finally have back my Ginjirotchi. I find it rather difficult to care perfectly for all of my Tama's but I am not going to give up on it either. The reason I ended up with so many Masukutchi's is because one evening while they were Tamatchi's I fell asleep. I didnít wake up till much much later, after they had gone to bed, in poop. A couple were meant to be unhealthy characters, but for some reason it's not as easy to get the bad characters as it is to get the good ones. So instead I got a couple of Masukutchi's and Zukitchi. That's alright though I love them all.

November 20th Mimitchi had left me early. Quit too early in fact. It was my own fault, but I certainly found out something about a Tama's programming. The scenario is that I really love having Mimitchi, simply love him. I got this wonderful idea of changing the clock. I set his waking hours and his sleeping hours. Basically, he was going to bed when I did, around 1-2am, and getting up when I did, around 7-8. I figured this wouldn't bother much at all. Nonetheless I noticed he was acting rather demanding rather early. And when he left me that Friday I as devastated. I was at work, no less that didnít make things better. The hours he stayed up extra added up. My theory is he has a certain amount of time he can live in hours, waking hours, before he leaves. I had been with him for every one of those hours, but I had used them up in shorter time then normal. Thus he left me far before 22.

December 3rd wasn't a good day. I started up my gold tama for the second time the night before. The tab had been in, but I forgot to hit reset as youíre supposed to after you pull the tab out. Well the next day I was standing in radio shack getting batteries for my sweet Mimitchi and that gold tama started beeping every 2 mins. I was at the desk trying to fill out a credit card application. The employee got on the phone and it left me a chance to pull out that tama. Well he was frozen on the screen. I tried to get the icons to move across, but they came un-highlighted rather fast. The tama was hardly moving. I accidentally went to the clock screen and found my answer. The clock was ticking off minutes every second. My tama was aging rapidly, so fast the LCD couldnít keep up with it. I felt so helpless, the poor thing was gonna live its life out in a few hours and die, and I couldn't do a thing about it. I went back to work. I tried changing the batteries in the gold tama, I tried pausing, I tired everything I could think of, but nothing worked to slow down the time. I wasn't going to kill him, so I took care of him as best I could, watching the poor thing suffer, going threw hours in a matter of minutes. A whole 24 day was completed every hour. The poor thing was condemned to death. I can only thinks its becuz of the tab thing; otherwise I donít know becuz it worked perfectly before. For the first time I got a Kuchitamatchi, the beaked one. Than only a few hours later he turned into Takotchi, a character I had wanted in the first place. I was rather sad because he was going to die so fast and it was my own fault. I tried to care for him as best as I could. But around 430 that afternoon he had passed away at 8 years old. It was a fast departure because time was moving so fast. Nonetheless he had left. I hit reset and started a new one. Maybe one day I will have Takotchi back.

That day was also stressful because I had to change Mimitchi's batteries. Memories still lurk from when I had killed my sister's George because the batteries were so weak, and I didn't get it changed in time to save him. Nonetheless I did manage to do it right with Mimitchi that day. Mind you it wasn't a good day.

Since then things have gone pretty well. Yesterday LeAnne, my sister Heidi, and I were out all day. I paused half my Tama's because we were Christmas shopping. I kept 5 awake though, including Mimitchi of course ;). I swore I would not buy any more Tama's this year, but I did. We were in KayBee Toy Store and LeAnne found one, and only one Tamagotchi that is yellow, with blue writing. It has Tamagotchi in the left corner, a Kusatchi in the bottom right hand corner, and Mimitchi at the top! Had to get it! :)

By the time we were done it was late and we had decided to go to a movie. I kept only 2 Tama's awake during the movie Masterminds, Mimitchi and Ginjirotchi. They both had watched movies with me so I figured why not. The movie was excellent, but we were so tired no popcorn fights occurred ;). Though I had this problem, my tamas that were supposed to be on pause, they came un-paused during the movie and one of the Masukutchi beeped at me. Besides having to try and take care of everyone in the dark and re-pause them, everything was great. I love taking Tama's to movies; I make sure they can see the screen and enjoy it :}. I don't see movies enough, but Mimitchi has accompanied me to I believe 3 movies. Mr. Bean was one, but I can't seem to recall the other...oh yeah, The Little Mermaid :). Anyways, off to care for my sweet little Mimitchi, not to mention 12 other Tama's! :)

UPDATE: I finally did scan and take the time to get this image uploaded. I scanned only 11 Tamagotchi. From above you can tell, my Gold tama reset, so there was no use in scanning that one, sadly. But you can view the 11 that I scanned. Three did not come out so well, caught them in mid movement, but you can tell whom they are. :)

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