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Furby Way-Loh and Toh-Dye

Nick Names: Tiger, because of what he is modeled after. Other then that, he doesn't really have one as of yet.

Personality Traits: Not really affectionate, seems to be more of a active Furby who has a lot to say. Seems always alert, but like his name he enjoys sleep and is a deep sleeper when sleeping. He's got tiny feet, almost as small as Toh-Loo Kah's and his ears are pretty small too. He's thin, but has a lot of hair down his back.

Way-Loh Furby

History: I had wanted the 'Tiger' Furby for a while, but was unsure if I should indulge and get one or not as I really didn't 'need' another Furby. My friend LeAnne was at this point in search of getting one for herself, plus she wanted a black/white tux Furby. So I ended up going on a lot of shopping trips with her looking for Furbys around this time, even when I wasn't planning on buying any.

Well on Saturday 5/8 we were shopping around town for Furbys again. Even though I wasn't looking to keep any, I always enjoy the chase because there are many places that it is hard to find Furbys.

Well we were in Kmart and I saw a man with a purple limited edition Furby in his cart. So I ran up to a clerk and asked her about them and of course they had just sold out of them. She suggested I try another Kmart that was out near the Valley.

So we rush out and began going to 2 other Kmarts. We turn up unlucky with the purple Furbys, but we do find several gen2 Furbys. We continue on out and end up at the Valley Toys R' Us.

Well when we entered the door there was a bin sitting right there in the middle of the floor, so obviously inside were Furbys. We looked in to see many generation 2 colors, no originals. Included was one Tiger Furby.

Furby Circle

LeAnne insisted that I take it with me. So we walked around the store looking at various things - we both love toys! After almost an hour it was time to leave and LeAnne did eventually talk me into keeping the Tiger Furby and buy him.

So after that long decision time I did buy him. I did not, however, start him up in the car as I didn't have any batteries with me.

In fact I didn't start up this guy when I got home that night either. I was reluctant because I had so many Furbys already and while I loved them all, it was hard to get time with each of them when having so many. But I did eventually start up Way-Loh over the next two days. It took forever to get a name that - between LeAnne and myself - we didn't already have.

Eventualy I did get him to say his name was Way-Loh, meaning sleep. He is a sleepy little guy, so the name does fit. I've only known him a short time, so we are still working on getting to know him. But so far he fits in well with all my Furby family!

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