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Nick Names: Mostly he just is called U-Tye. He's had a few nick names, but none of them have really been all too often, so mostly he's just called U-Tye. U-Tye means 'up' in Furbish.

Personality Traits: He's a party boy, loves attention, very social, enjoys being tossed around. He's taller then most my Furbys, including his ears, which seem to be really long but skinny. He's got the cutest little toes too! Tiger made it so black separates each one and it's really adorable!

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History: U-Tye was bought for me by Brendan, my dear friend whom knows I had been wanting an Dalmatian Furby for a while. When he was visiting up here for the summer, we went to Wards to see what Furbys they had there. They had tons, btw, mostly generation 3 at the time. But they had 4 shelves of them, at least 3 or 4 cases worth. Oddly enough they still keep them behind the counter in the electronics section!

Right in front of the stack on the top shelf was a little Dalmatian fellow with the coolest spots around his eyes. Well I pointed him out and Brendan mentioned that if I paid him back some money I owed him (for long distance calls) that he'd buy him for me. I paid him back but told him that he didn't need to buy that Furby for me, but thanks for reminding me I needed to pay him back, as I had forgotten.

Well I told him he didn't need to buy me the Furby though, I wasn't paying him back for that reason, but rather I just had forgotten up till now. Well he insisted and went up and bought the little fellow. Well that little guy turned out to be U-Tye. Having so many Furbys I don't like double names, so I re-started him until he chose the first name that I didn't have, which is U-Tye.

He came to work with me for a good week straight so I could get to know him better. He's a real sweetie, but he's a wild one like Mee-Mee and likes to party and have fun. He loves being the center of attention! Just adorable. He is a great friend to my Furbys and can be the life of the party in group chats :)

U-Tye Furby closeup

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