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Hasbro Brings Its Unmatched Content, Tech Flair to Toy Fair

New Products Include Digital Palm-Sized Camera, First-of-its-Kind "Real" Baby Doll, "Smart" Action Figures and All-New POKEMON Trading Cards and Toys

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 9, 2000-- Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS - news) combines its unrivalled portfolio of brands and content with cutting-edge technology to deliver a powerful lineup at Toy Fair in New York City. Highlighting Hasbro's innovative products are dogs and dolls with artificial intelligence, Yahoo-branded digital cameras, and ``smart'' POKEMON figures. In addition, Hasbro has added some 21st century flair to family favorites such as BARNEY, TONKA, MONOPOLY and more.

``Simply put, Hasbro is creating the play experiences that people want,'' said Alan G. Hassenfeld, Hasbro's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. ``Hasbro's 2000 line showcases our unmatched content, new technologies and unique ability to deliver something special for every member of the family.''

``Hasbro enters Toy Fair 2000 with strong momentum,'' said Herb Baum, Hasbro's President and Chief Operating Officer. ``Hasbro is an entertainment powerhouse that is leveraging its content to play in a variety of arenas, both inside and outside the traditional toy and game industry.''

Following are highlights of Hasbro's 2000 line that will be unveiled at Toy Fair beginning February 13:

- MONOPOLY TYCOON - build your own virtual ``MONOPOLY City''

- MLB SHOWDOWN 2000 - a Major League Baseball trading card game

- TOP IT! - combines the fun of hacky sack, paddleball and BOP IT

- TINKERTOY CONSTRUCTION SETS - the classic returns to real wood

- INTERACTIVE YODA - train to become a Jedi Master!

Be sure to visit Hasbro's Toy Fair showrooms, February 13-18, at 32 West 23rd St., 1107 Broadway, 11th Floor, and 200 Fifth Avenue, 9th Floor.

The attached addendum provides more details on Hasbro's highlighted Toy Fair offerings.

Hasbro is a worldwide leader in children's and family leisure time entertainment products and services, including the design, manufacture and marketing of games and toys ranging from traditional to high-tech. Both internationally and in the U.S., its PLAYSKOOL, KENNER, TONKA, ODDZON, SUPER SOAKER, MILTON BRADLEY, PARKER BROTHERS, TIGER, HASBRO INTERACTIVE, MICROPROSE, GALOOB and WIZARDS OF THE COAST brands and products provide the highest quality and most recognizable play experiences in the world.

Nintendo originally launched POKEMON in Japan for the world's best-selling Game Boy hand-held video game system, and watched the 150 creatures evolve into a cultural phenomenon. The franchise arrived in North America in September 1998 with the release of the POKEMON Blue and Red Game Boy games, and has grown into a $5 billion dollar industry worldwide. Nintendo and its licensing agency, Leisure Concepts, Inc. (a division of 4Kids Entertainment), have licensed the franchise to more than 90 U.S.-based companies, whose products entertain millions of fans all over North America.


Highlights of Hasbro's 2000 Line

YAHOO! CAM is Tiger's new palm-sized, digital camera capable of taking color photos and posting them to your very own Web site. Each camera can take and store up to 12 color photos and, with the included software, download them to your PC for email and Web site applications. Using an infrared flash, YAHOO! CAM allows you to take pictures in almost complete darkness, so your camera can also be used as a surveillance camera! Or, mount it to your PC with the included bracket and you can have a real time video-cam. While YAHOO! CAM is packed with all these features, it still fits in the palm of your hand, making your undercover disguise even better! Approximate Retail: $60; Ages 8 & up; Available: Fall.

MY REAL BABY is the most technologically advanced baby doll and the first product ``born'' of the alliance between Hasbro and iRobot Corporation, also known as IS Robotics, Inc., developers of artificial intelligence and robotics. Featuring Natural Response Technology(TM), MY REAL BABY is the first interactive, animated doll to respond to a child with realistic emotion-like responses. MY REAL BABY reacts instantly to the attention of a child, showcases a full range of expressions and sounds, and appears to ``grow'' over time through speech development and a full menu of unpredictable reactions. MY REAL BABY is the most real, dynamic baby doll available for young girls to take care of and nurture - no other doll features more sophisticated, life-like technology. Approximate retail price: $95.99. Ages 3 & up. Available in Fall.

Now you can take your favorite friend everywhere you go with POO-CHI, the revolutionary new canine that fits in the palm of your hand! Enjoy hours of fun singing different songs and playing games with this life-like pup that features an animated head, ears, legs and mouth. And just like a real puppy, he can stand, sit or dance on his tiptoes. He can sense light, sound and your special touch. His advanced technology allows him to communicate and play with his other POO-CHI pals. Because he's just so lifelike, he needs extra love and plenty of food, so don't forget to feed him his special bone. The more you care for him, the happier he will be. POO-CHI uses advanced bio-rhythmic technology to create realistic emotional responses that adapt and change as you play with him. His big expressive eyes will melt your heart whether he's telling you he's happy, sad, or just that he loves you. These new palm puppies come in a variety of colors and a price that will make you want to bring the whole litter home! Approximate Retail Price: $28.00; Availability: May.

You and a friend can compete head-to-head with TIGER'S electronic tabletop version of the exciting quiz show, WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. TIGER'S version features all the drama and excitement that drives the action of the real TV quiz show! But watch out, the competition tightens as this home version lets up to six players compete by answering actual game show questions in a wide range of topics! So get your lifelines ready, have your loved ones on hold, because you never know when you'll be asked.... ``Is that your final answer?'' Approximate Retail: $32.99; Ages 8 & up; Available Fall. For fans on the go, TIGER also offers a WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE handheld game at $24.99.

Experience the ultimate power trip when every decision is yours with HASBRO INTERACTIVE'S MONOPOLY TYCOON. You decide what and where to build in an incredible 3-D MONOPOLY city environment. See a city of MONOPOLY properties come to life as you buy real estate, construct buildings and have fun watching your city grow. You can even interact with the characters in the game and read their thoughts to help formulate strategies. Ages: 12 and up; Platform: Windows 95/98; Approximate Retail Price: $29.99; Available: October.

WIZARDS OF THE COAST will deliver a big hit this year with its Major League Baseball game, the MLB SHOWDOWN 2000 card game. In this exciting card game, players become the owners and managers of their very own Major League Baseball ``dream'' teams. MLB SHOWDOWN gives baseball fans a chance to assemble their own lineups, collect their favorite players and compete against other baseball teams. It's realistic baseball action, complete with lineup changes, double plays, stolen-base attempts, and home runs! MLB SHOWDOWN 2000 products will be available in late April, with a suggested retail price of $9.99 for the two-player Starter Set and $2.99 for booster packs.

Pokemania took the nation by storm in 1999, and the excitement continues into the year 2000 with an even broader line of toys, games and collectibles by Hasbro. As Nintendo introduces over 100 brand new POKEMON characters this year, Hasbro's toy group offers 16 all-new assortments and brings back 11 assortments from 1999 with all-new characters. Hasbro's new POKEMON toys bring kids even closer to the challenge of becoming a master trainer, with many action-oriented items. Highlights include: the POKEMON THINK CHIP BATTLE STADIUM, an electronic table top game that is played using the new POKEMON THINK CHIP FIGURES, ``smart'' action figures with technology that allows kids to engage in 3-D, electronic POKEMON battles and then store the experience for future game encounters. Hasbro will ship new items and assortments throughout the year, and retail prices range from approximately $2.99 to $39.99.

In the Boys Action category, the ``greatest hero of them all''-- ACTION MAN -- is on a very important mission in 2000 as Hasbro brings Europe's No.1 Boys Action toy to the U.S. ACTION MAN is a modern-day personality, with full size 12-inch action figures that feature hip, realistic mission gear that ACTION MAN employs for his larger than life, heart-pounding athletic adventures. As the toys arrive stateside on retail shelves in the fall, Fox Kids Network will also debut weekly episodes of new cutting edge CGI ACTION MAN programming on Saturday mornings. Highlights of the toy line include ACTION MAN SKATEBOARD, ELECTRONIC POLAR MISSION ACTION MAN, and SKYDIVER ACTION MAN, plus the evil Dr. X figure and ACTION MAN'S cool vehicle, the SILVER SPEEDER. Available in July. Approximate retail prices range from $7.99-31.99. Ages 4 & up.

eSPECIALLY MY BARNEY is the only plush toy that parents can personalize, customize and update as often as they like to continuously create a different play experience! There are over 30 activities that parents can choose from to download into BARNEY'S memory including stories, games, songs, and nursery rhymes from the special BARNEY web site ( Parents can also select from a variety of menus to personalize BARNEY'S dialogue with a child's name, birthday, favorite color, favorite food, favorite animal, eye color, hair color, and best friend. Once an activity is downloaded from the Web site, parents can detach the computer cord from BARNEY and children can take him with them for endless hours of play. The web site will be updated periodically to give children new play experiences! eSPECIALLY MY BARNEY measures approximately 12`` in height. Approximate Retail Price: $49.99-59.99. Recommended Age: 2 & Up. Availability: Fall

TOP IT! incorporates the basic elements of hacky sack, paddleball and BOP IT! into a thrilling electronic handheld game. Players react to the commands of TOP IT! by using the device to flip, flop and top the beanbag. As a player gains more skill and completes levels of play, the game will automatically advance to the next level. TOP IT! features three different games, a pass it option for multiple players, fun music and wacky feedback. Approximate retail price: $19.99. Ages 8 & up. Available: June.

TINKERTOY, the American classic returns! All three products in the TINKERTOY Classic line will be made entirely of real wood and have the same accessories that were part of the original playset including small green plastic flags and string to make working pulleys. The TINKERTOY Classic line will be packaged in a nostalgic cardboard canister with the same metal top and bottom - complete with the signature ``klinking'' and ``klanking'' noises of the toys themselves when stored inside. Ages 3 years and up. Approximate retail price: $9.99-24.99. Available in Fall 2000.

INTERACTIVE YODA is a personal Jedi Master who guides his pupils through all the secrets of the Force. Authentically styled and fully animated, INTERACTIVE YODA is 8`` tall and interacts with the ''apprentice`` through a series of sensors. A vocabulary of more than 800 words and phrases guides Yoda's student through 4 levels of Jedi training. Training for each level includes many fun and exciting activities and challenges such as lightsaber training, Jedi quizzes and games. Yoda also directs his apprentice in the proper use of a lightsaber and lets the child know when skills are performed correctly. Through positive encouragement, he recognizes if the student has been practicing, or needs more work. INTERACTIVE YODA will also be able to communicate with other INTERACTIVE YODAs to compare the progress of their students. Approximate retail: $39.99; Availability: May. Ages 6 and up.

TIGER introduces FURBY'S newest companion and friend, SHELBY! Just like FURBY, SHELBY is an animatronic friend who responds to its surroundings through a series of built-in sensors. SHELBY'S animated eyes move up and down as well as side to side, and its mouth moves when it speaks. SHELBY lives in a shell, so if it is scared or sleeping, the shell will snap closed! SHELBY has a vocabulary of 80 words in a mixture of Furbish, English and it's own special language. SHELBY can also communicate with other SHELBYS, FURBY, FURBY BABIES, INTERACTIVE GIZMO and INTERACTIVE E.T. When SHELBY isn't playing with its other interactive friends, SHELBY has built- in games you can play. SHELBY will come in an assortment of colors. Approximate Retail: $20-$25; Ages 6 & up; Available July 2000.

HASBRO INTERACTIVE is continuing to lead the interactive game industry with the introduction of four more of the company's innovative and award-winning CD-ROM Playsets. Based on the continued success of its line of CD-ROM Playsets, this year's line-up includes TONKA POWER TOOLS CD-ROM PLAYSET, TONKA DIG'N RIGS CD-ROM PLAYSET and PLAYSKOOL STORE CD-ROM PLAYSET. The CD-ROM playsets combine hands-on toy play with the magic of multimedia software. Ages: 3 and up; Platform: Windows 95/98; Approximate Retail Price: $39.99-$49.99; Available: Fall.

The new BASE SET 2 for WIZARD'S OF THE COAST'S enormously popular POKEMON TRADING CARD GAME is a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to learn to play the game because it now includes an instructional CD-ROM. Base Set 2 features a total of 130 cards from the original Base Set and the popular Jungle expansion, including holo-foils, which have been rotated into this new set and feature the Base Set 2 symbol. For more advanced players, four all-new preconstructed theme decks (MSRP $9.99) are ready for action, ``LIGHTNING BUG,'' ``GRASS CHOPPER,'' ``HOT WATER,'' and ``PYSCH OUT.'' Also, 11-card booster packs (MSRP $3.29) will be available for POKEMON trainers who wish to construct their own decks for game-play. Base Set 2 products will be available in retail stores in February.

In April, the highly anticipated expansion for the POKEMON trading card game, TEAM ROCKET, will introduce 82 brand-new game cards. The TEAM ROCKET expansion, featuring mischievous versions of 30 favorite POKEMON, will be released in two new preconstructed decks, ``TROUBLE'' and ``DEVASTATION,'' as well as in 11-card booster packs. Approximate retail price for each 60-card preconstructed deck is $9.99; each 11-card booster pack is $3.29. Available in April.

TRUE YOU PERSONALITY PROFILER is the talking personality profile game that helps you discover the true you. What are you really like? How well do your friends know you? Now you and your friends can answer revealing questions about different personal aspects of your lives - find out what your answers say about your personality. Girls can play alone or with friends. Ages 8 to 12. Approximate retail price: $24.99. Available in May.

VORTEX, the world's farthest flying football, adds an exciting new player to its roster, the VORTEX THUNDER JET featuring a state-of-the-art ``jet engine'' design. Its hollow inside and lighter weight coupled with an aerodynamic tail propels the ball over ultimate distances at maximum speed. The lightest VORTEX football in history, it's the ultimate coaching tool for beginners. Ages 5 years and up. Approximate retail price: $9.99. Available now.

For the ultimate in SUPER SOAKER power and water capacity, LARAMI introduces the MONSTER XL. This totally awesome SUPER SOAKER will be the blaster of choice for teenagers and adults! Featuring the SUPER CHARGER system of powering up, the MONSTER is filled and ready to rock `n roll in just seconds! The MONSTER XL holds a serious 160 ounces of H20 power. Featuring 11 (count them!) soaking nozzles, ranging from 5 times the water of the XP-70 to custom drenching sprays, this ferocious SUPER SOAKER will dominate the summer! The special bi-pod construction folds up for portability, and folds out for steady, earthbound action. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up. Approximate retail price is $49.99. Available now.

Tonka Dig'n Rigs CD-ROM Playset and Playskool Store CD-ROM Playset: US Patent No. 5,992,817. US and Foreign Patents Pending.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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