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SOURCE: Kidz Kraze

Kidz Kraze, New Company Changing Inflatable Furniture Market, Creates Inflatable Boardgames Sector

NEW YORK, Feb. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Kidz Kraze is about to make a big splash with a new toy product sector, inflatable boardgames, starting with Monopoly. Hasbro has stepped up and responded to the company's creative initiative by awarding Kidz Kraze licenses to introduce inflatable boardgames for its classic Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, Chutes & Ladders and Candyland boardgames. Not only can children play the classic games while sitting on comfortable inflatable seats, they can also comfortably sit and eat lunch or read at the new Kidz Kraze boardgame tables. Inflatable Monopoly will reach the marketplace in April.

Started last year by its president, Mark Freedman of Ninja Turtles licensing fame, Kidz Kraze is also about to roll out a line of inflatable furniture and room decor products based on top licensed properties, and is launching room decor products, including nightlights, bedside lights, switchplates, flashlights and squeeze lights. Pokemon, Furby, Tonka, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Mr. Potato Head, Franklin, Bear and the Big Blue House, Digimon and Dragonball-Z are among the properties featured in exciting, bold products produced by Kidz Kraze.

Until now, inflatable chairs have mostly been flat screened art on vinyl. Kidz Kraze's inflatable chairs reflect the characters depicted in new dimensional bold ways. Pokemon chairs will appear to be opened Pokeballs. The Mr. Potato Head is a smiling replica of the classic and Bear & The Big Blue House shows big lovable Bear set against his trademark Blue House.

In room decor, nightlights, bedside lights, switchplates, flashlights and squeeze lights are being introduced.

FAO Schwarz, Walmart, Toys-R-Us, KayBee, K-Mart, Target and Sears typify the retail support.

Kidz Kraze is in Jericho, NY, 516-931-3600.

SOURCE: Kidz Kraze

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