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Hasbro Products Make the World Smile This Holiday Season

1999 Line-Up Features Hits Such as Pokemon(TM), Furby(R), Star Wars, Computer Games and More!

PAWTUCKET, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 23, 1999-- Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS - news) has what kids and kids at heart will be asking for this holiday season. From the hottest licensed properties to the coolest technology to beloved classic brands, Hasbro has the best choices for entertaining children and families around the world, including Pokemon, Furby, Star Wars, Monopoly and Hasbro Interactive(TM).

Following is a closer look at the treats Hasbro has in store for the 1999 holiday season:


Pokemania has taken the world by storm and Hasbro has what's on kids' wish lists with a wide variety of Pokemon plush, toys, games, electronics, puzzles, candy and more, including I Choose You Pikachu(TM), an adorable eight-inch huggable Pokemon friend who is the most famous Pokemon, #25 Pikachu, and retails for approximately $24.99.

Some of the best sellers in the Pokemon toy category this year include Battle Figures, Electronic Noisy Pokemon and the Small Bean-Filled Plush Pokemon. New Fall items include a Pokemon Movie 5-Pack of action figures based on the record-breaking Warner Bros. release, Pokemon: The First Movie; as well as a Trainer's Assortment of action figures, featuring the first ``human'' characters (Misty, Ash, Jessie and James) from the Pokemon cartoon series, and much more. Prices range from approximately $4.99 to $8.99.

The Pokemon(TM) Starter Gift Box, from Wizard's of The Coast® has everything an aspiring Pokemon trainer needs: a two player Starter set, a random Jungle(TM) preconstructed theme deck, a Jungle booster pack, an advanced level rulebook, and a collectable Pokemon coin and a playmat. For ages six and up it is available at an approximate retail price of $24.99. And, the latest expansion card set, Fossil(TM), is now available. Approximate retail price is $9.99 for each preconstructed deck and $3.29 for each booster pack.

In the Pokemon(TM) Master Trainer Game(TM) from Milton Bradley, you can travel across Pokemon World from Pallet Town to Indigo Plateau, battling and defeating every other trainer you meet along the way. You'll search for rare Pokemon in the Unknown Dungeon and use Poke balls to catch them. When you collect the ultimate Pokemon team and beat a Pokemon master, you'll be the new Master Trainer! Pokemon(TM) Master Trainer Game(TM) is for two to six players and recommended for kids age seven and up. It includes 150 Pokemon chips and retails for approximately $19.99.

The Monopoly Brand® Pokemon(TM) Game by Parker Brothers will have you traveling from gym to gym to battle all kinds of Pokemon(TM). Trainer Battle and Professor Oak cards replace the traditional Community Chest and Chance cards. Pokemon-themed play money will give you the power to bargain, trade and fight with the other trainers to collect the most powerful Pokemon team and win the game! Recommended for kids age eight and up, and retails for approximately $29.99.

With Tiger's Pokedex Organizer you can organize all 151 Pokemon in various ways, and also see animation for each character plus animation of the major attack moves for each Pokemon! You can look up each Pokemon electronically by either typing in the name of the Pokemon or the number (from 1 - 151)! Information provided for each entry includes an extensive biography of each Pokemon, all the attack moves, the height, weight and category of each Pokemon. You can even organize by type, favorites and any other way you designate! Plus keep track of your own ``Capture List''! The organizer also includes a password function so you can effectively ``lock out'' intruders; plus a calculator, clock and date function! Approximate retail $24.99; Ages 5 & up.

Cap Candy's Pokemon Treat Keepers are cute, cuddly and collectible plush characters with a delicious secret ... each mischevious, little pocket monster carries yummy Tart `n' Tiny candies inside a hidden pouch. Approximate retail price $4.99; Ages 3 & up.


Furby® Babies are cute, petite versions of Furby with their own baby-like colors and personalities. Like their ``parents,'' Furby Babies are animatronic plush pets that are able to interact with the environment and have moving eyes, ears and mouths. They have lifelike baby responses like going to sleep right after eating, always wanting to play, needing to be burped after a feeding, rocked to sleep and more! Furby Babies can communicate and interact with other Furby Babies and grown-up Furbys through the use of infrared technology and can also speak Furbish and English. In fact, Furby Babies can ``learn'' to speak English faster and have their very own baby Furbish-English phrases and words. Furby Babies are available in six new fur patterns, each with a choice of four different eye colors. Approximate retail: $29.99.

Watch for other members of the Furby family to be hitting store shelves soon. Interactive Gizmo, the fuzzy character from the hit movie Gremlins, will interact with Furby and Furby Babies and Special Limited Editions: Holiday Furby and Millennium Furby. Approximate retail: $29.99-$34.99.

Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace

Just as they did a generation ago, the Star Wars products in Hasbro's Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace movie line have ignited the imaginations of Star Wars fans of all ages. Hasbro's broad and innovative Star Wars products have been among the top sellers in the U.S. this year and kids are sure to be asking for the latest Star Wars action figures, vehicles, playsets, games, dolls and more this holiday season.

Kids love a huge package under the tree, and this vehicle play set will bring Star Wars home to the kids in a big way -- the Electronic Royal Starship with Exclusive R2 Unit from Hasbro is Queen Amidala's stunning signature spacecraft from Episode I. It's loaded with electronic lights, cool sound effects and movable play features, as well as a removable escape vehicle and exclusive R2 unit. Approximate retail price $109. Another must-have are the classic Basic Action Figures (approximate retail price $7.99 each). Each figure comes with a COMMTech(TM) chip that unlocks key phrases from the Episode I movie when used with the COMMTech Reader unit (sold separately, approximate retail price $12.99). New figures are available, including Darth Maul (as Sith Lord) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (dressed as Jedi Knight) characters.

Hasbro's Queen Amidala 11-1/2 inch collector and fashion dolls have been very popular Star Wars choices this year, and fans will be pleased to know they can add two new Fall dolls to their collections: the Ultimate Hair Queen Amidala (approximate retail price $24.99) fashion doll, dressed in her red battle outfit; and the Queen Amidala in Red Senate Gown collector doll (approximate retail price $52.99), featuring a uniquely textured crushed velvet gown that's accented with red metallic embroidery.

Star Wars: Episode I Special Collector's Edition Monopoly Game features the many colorful cities, planets and constructs of the Old Republic, from the Galactic Republic capital Coruscant and its Jedi Temple to Queen Amidala's palace on peaceful Naboo. A luminescent board unfolds to reveal three-dimensional properties that can be removed and collected once purchased. Players aged eight and up can choose mover-tokens based on Episode I characters and build their properties upwards with skyscrapers reminiscent of Coruscant's imposing buildings. Approximate retail price is $39.99.

Hasbro has recreated the Jedi training experience with its new Star Wars: Episode I Sith Droid Attack Game. The game features a four-foot high probe droid that rotates a full, 360 degrees and senses movement up to 20 feet away. Players ages five and up can use their lightsabers to deflect ``laser bolts'' cast by the evil droid in an effort to progress from apprentice to master. Approximate retail price is $39.99.

Hasbro Interactive(TM)

Hasbro Interactive has created a new way to play on the computer with its innovative CD-ROM playsets that combine a key-top toy with the magic of multimedia software. Imagine baking virtual holiday cookies in the new Easy Bake® Kitchen CD-ROM Playset - it's all the fun and creativity with none of the mess! The colorful key-top playset provides a kitchen counter full of helpful appliances, including a mixer, bowl, measuring cup, rolling pin, oven dial, cookie cutter, cake decorator and mini-oven. Children can follow one of the many pre-loaded recipes or create their own wild and wacky treats. By using their hands to maneuver the appliances on the key-top playset, they control the action on the computer screen. There are also four fun games included on the CD-ROM, and kids can host their own virtual tea party. Windows 95/98. Approximate retail price $39.95.

RollerCoaster Tycoon(TM), the new, award-winning computer game from Hasbro Interactive, invites you to create the amusement park of your dreams and then challenges you to make a profit running it! Players start with an empty plot of land and can build their own unique rollercoasters using different track styles, colors and effects, or buy pre-made attractions like ferris wheels and bumper-car arcades. It's up to players to satisfy virtual patrons' appetites for park food and drink, while making sure the lines aren't too long at the park restrooms! Millions of people every year meander their way through amusement parks across the country. Now they can experience what it's like to build and run one! RollerCoasterTycoon has it's own official Web site, www.rollercoastertycoon.com. Windows 95/98. Approximate retail price $29.99

Laser Tennis(TM)

Tiger's Laser Tennis(TM) is a revolutionary, tabletop tennis game that uses a super bright LED to project a ball of light on the playing surface. Players use a specially made reflective racket to bounce the light back and forth. Laser Tennis is designed for one or two players and may be played in one or 3-set matches, against the computer or another player. Four levels of difficulty increase the speed of the ``ball'' at each level. You'll never have to chase lost balls again! Approximate retail: $39.99; Ages 7 & up.

Sound Bites(TM) Pop Radio

Sound Bites(TM) Pop Radio is a real FM radio that lets you listen to your favorite radio station inside your head through amazing technology. Sound Bites Pop Radio sends safe sound vibrations through a standard lollipop. When a person bites down on the lollipop that has been inserted into a Sound Bites holder, sound vibrations travel through the teeth to the inner ear, where they are heard just like normal sounds. Audible primarily to the eater, the effect is the magic of hearing sounds inside your head. Pop Radio can be used over and over again by simply inserting a new lollipop or one of the special ``bite bars'' that are provided for long term, sugar free listening pleasure. Approximate retail: $9.99-12.99; Ages 6 & up.

Vortex T3

This year, Vortex takes its record-breaking performance up a notch with the introduction of the Vortex® T3, the first transforming football. The ultimate all-around game ball, the T3 features a patented ``transforming tail technology'' so it's great for short, quick passes or long bombs. Approximate retail price is $12.99; Ages 5 & up.


Playskool®'s award-winning Kick Start Gym(TM) is a one-of-a-kind floor gym - it's the only gym to use a baby's natural kicking action to activate music, sounds and motion! Babies can also activate the gym by batting at the rattling bird and butterfly with their hands. As babies grow and develop their motor skills, the gym grows with them. Toddlers can enjoy the gym by using it as a sit-and-play center. Awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, the gym has two modes, continuous music and child-activated, and requires three ``AA'' batteries (approximate retail price is $29.99 and recommended age is birth & up).

Mr. Potato Head® will be spotlighted this season with Mrs. Potato Head® in Disney's holiday movie, Toy Story 2. Special edition Toy Story 2 Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head toys feature pieces to recreate the superspuds as they appear in the movie (approximate retail price is $9.99 each and recommended age is 2 & up).

Teletubbies(TM) Tubby Go Round(TM) Walker helps beginning walkers learn to stand and take their first steps while enjoying spinning and pop-up action. When children push the walker, Po(TM) plays peek-a-boo in the Tubbytronic Superdome while Tinky Winky(TM), Dipsy(TM) and Laa-Laa(TM) chase each other around Home Hill (approximate retail price is $29.99 and recommended age is 9 mos. & up). Teletubbies was created and developed by the multi-award winning team of Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport of Ragdoll Productions (UK) Ltd. It is marketed in the Americas by The itsy bitsy Entertainment Company.

Barney(TM) has entertained millions of children for 10 years, and Hasbro continues to bring the imagination and creativity of the show and videos to life for little ones this season. Barney(TM) Song Magic(TM) Bongos is the newest award-winning member of the Song Magic(TM) family, which also includes last year's Barney(TM) Song Magic(TM) Banjo. Preschoolers can play up to 11 Barney tunes, with five different instrument sounds, by pressing the musical note buttons and tapping the bongos (approximate retail price for each is $24.99 each and recommended age is 2 & up).

Creative Play

Play-Doh®, the classic modeling compound, has delighted children for more than 40 years! Play-Doh's Seaside Playworld brings the beach indoors with a colorful, 3-D beach scene including five cans of compound featuring exciting new textures and an exclusive new scent - ``wet'', ``sandy'' and ``sea-fresh'' (approximate retail price is $14.99 and recommended age is 3 & up). Seaside Playworld is making a splash this season with holiday award programs and won the following top honors: CBS Toy Test Preschool Winner, Duracell Ultra Kids' Choice Toy Survey, Parenting's 1999 Toys of the Year, Family Fun's 1999 Toy of the Year Finalist, Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products.

For more than 35 years, Easy-Bake® Oven has ``cooked up'' smiles and sweet memories for moms and kids alike. This year, the Easy-Bake line warms up a new bake set featuring Kellogg's Pop Tarts®, one of America's favorite breakfast treats. Easy-Bake® Oven Pop Tarts® Snack Stix(TM) lets kids create and bake snack sticks with fruity flavoring inside. (approximate retail price is $9.99 and recommended age is 8 & up).

Hasbro is a worldwide leader in children's and family leisure time entertainment products and services, including the design, manufacture and marketing of games and toys ranging from traditional to high-tech. Both internationally and in the U.S., its PLAYSKOOL, KENNER, TONKA, ODDZON, SUPER SOAKER, MILTON BRADLEY, PARKER BROTHERS, TIGER, HASBRO INTERACTIVE, MICROPROSE, GALOOB and WIZARDS OF THE COAST brands and products provide the highest quality and most recognizable play experiences in the world.

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