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FEATURE/Toy Wishes: The Ultimate Toy Buying Guide Announces the 'Hot Dozen' for Holiday '99

Magazine's Editorial Board Predicts the Top 12 Toys of the Year

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE FEATURES)--Sept. 21, 1999--The waiting is finally over, and in plenty of time for strategic shopping. Toy Wishes: The Ultimate Toy Buying Guide has announced what co-publishers Jim Silver and Gareb Shamus are calling the ``Hot Dozen,'' the twelve toys they predict will be the blockbusters of 1999.

The selection of these toys began as early as a year ago when members of the Toy Wishes editorial board took a 'first look' at more than 150,000 toys, games and related products. The final selection was made mid-year when the editorial board pooled their personal lists, gleaned from their more than 75 years of combined experience with toys, children's entertainment, technology and product trends. Adding to the mix, most importantly: what kids really want to play with.

According to Silver, The ``Hot Dozen'' are the magazine's predictions for the hottest and coolest toys of the 1999 holiday season. Parents and gift-givers will be able to turn to it for help in selecting the most appropriate ``hot toy'' for the kids on their shopping lists and to understand its appeal.

In addition to The ``Hot Dozen,'' each of the 25 different toy categories reviewed in Toy Wishes has its own 'hot pick' for the holidays. So, if your nephew loves video games, you'll be able to see 'what's hot' in that category. If your daughter loves activity toys, you'll be able to find 'the one' that will make her happiest.

Sprinkled throughout Toy Wishes, where appropriate, are special 'keep an eye on' notations that the editorial board predicts will be this season's 'sleeper' hits. Other toys have been cited as the 'coolest, new innovation' of their particular category.

Joining Silver and Shamus on the selection committee were Douglas Goldstein, editor of Toy Wishes, Christopher Byrne, nationally known toy expert who is also known as The Toy Guy(TM) and Nancy Lombardi, editor of The Toy Book, the toy industry's leading trade publication.

The ``Hot Dozen'' (in alphabetical order):

All of the toys in The 'Hot Dozen' are scheduled to be available at toy retailers and through many online e-commerce sites this holiday season.

Toy Wishes will retail for $4.99 and will be available on newsstands on October 5th. It will also be featured in special displays at Barnes and Noble, Border's Bookstores, Waldenbooks and Blockbuster. It will also be available at the places people shop for toys, including Toys ``R'' Us, Wal-Mart and Kmart. For more information, check out the website at

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