Dear Greater Chicago Area Tiger Toy Federation Member:

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, is a big day: it's when Furby's family officially grows in the midwest. The first Furby Babysextuplets will be available at the FAO Schwarz store onMichigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.If you're anywhere in or near the windy city stop on by. This special invitation grants you special admission. Here's what you need to do:

1. Print this invitation.

2. Write your TTF number here: __________________

3. Run, hop or skip to the FAO Schwarz at 840 Michigan Avenue,Chicago; the doors open at 10 a.m.

4. When you get there, go straight to the head of the line!

5. Give this invitation to the person at the door; those niceguards will immediately let you in.

6. Be the first on your block to own the brand-new Furby Babies!

Although Furby Baby may get tired from the festivities and go"nappy poo," or may get hungry and talk about "yummy in the tummy," we hope you'll agree this whole new generation of Furbysis nothing short of "Furbilicious." If you haven't already checked out our new Furby web site, comevisit at You'll note that the site now offersFREE EMAIL, which is available at the POST OFFICE. You can have an email account with the address " "As always, we welcome your feedback - about our new Furby website, about Furby Babies or about anything else related toTiger. To reach us, choose COLLECTIBLES from the Home Page onthe Furby site, then select FEEDBACK. We look forward to yourcomments!Furbiliciously yours,TTF HQ

Special thanks to Gail Kefalas for sending me this!
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