Monday August 30, 7:00 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

ADVISORY/Furby: the Toy Phenom Gives "Birth" to Furby Babies Sextuplets Tuesday, Aug. 31 At TOYS R US - Herald Square

Proud Furby Parents Show Off Newest Members of the Furby Family!

WHAT:    Be the first to meet the Furby Babies!

         Furby Babies are cute, petite versions of Furby with their

         own baby-like colors and personalities. Like their

         "parents", Furby Babies are animatronic plush pets that are

         able to interact with the environment. Furby Babies have

         moving eyes, ears and mouths. Furby Babies will be able to

         communicate and interact with other Furby Babies and

         grown-up Furbys through the use of infrared technology and

         will also speak Furbish and English. In fact, Furby Babies

         will even "learn" to speak English faster and have their

         very own baby Furbish-English phrases and words . Furby

         Babies are available in six new fur patterns:

         pink/white/blue, blue/white/pink, peach/white, mint

         green/white, yellow/orange and solid white. Each of these

         fur patterns are available in four different eye colors:

         blue, green, gray and brown.

         Furby Babies will have lifelike baby responses like going to

         sleep right after eating, always wanting to play, needing to

         be burped after a feeding, rocked to sleep and more!

         Suggested retail: $29.99.

WHEN:    Tuesday, August 31, 1999

         8:30 am


         Herald Square

         1293 Broadway (between 33rd & 34th Streets)

         NY, NY

WHO:     Michael Tabakin, director of sales promotions and licensing

         with TOYS R US and Roger Shiffman, president of Tiger

         Electronics will be available to comment on the exciting

         "birth" of Furby Babies and Furby's growing technology.

VISUALS: TOYS R US Maternity ward, Furby and Furby Babies costumes and

         the Furby ambulance which will make the special "delivery" to

         the store.


     Tiger Electronics

     Lana Simon/Marc Rosenberg/Paul Christou, 847/913-8100 or

     Cell# 847/727-8177

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