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eToys(R) Launches Its First Monthly 'Fun Flash' - Star Wars and Furby Take Lead Positions in This Month's Top Ten List -

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- July is around the corner; the month in which the most birthdays are celebrated for kids ages 2-12 (followed closely by August and September). For kids, this means a summer full of celebrations and gifts. For their busy parents and relatives, it often means making a lot of gift giving decisions. With the release today of its first monthly ``Fun Flash,'' eToys®, the leading Internet retailer of children's products, gives an indication of what those parents and relatives are choosing.

``The eToys Fun Flash offers parents and children's gift givers a way to keep up on the latest trends in kids' toys and merchandise,'' notes eToys vice president Jane Saltzman. Saltzman heads the team that hand-picks the more than 15,000 items available at eToys -- everything from toys, video games, software and videos to music and baby products. ``The Fun Flash will not be just a toy list; over time it will include everything that our customers are buying for kids from birth to age 12.''

The monthly Fun Flash can be used in combination with the detailed information about age-appropriate toys, games and other items already found at

The force is still with Star Wars: Episode I, as three items from eToys' Star Wars collection are in the top five. The eToys' Fun Flash also highlights the popularity of specialty toys like Memory Stone by Creativity For Kids, which allows children to immortalize their handprints, footprints and drawings in a cement keepsake. Rounding out the list is the Parents Magazine-award winning I Spy Preschool Game by Briarpatch, which allows those not yet old enough to read or count to enjoy classic I Spy fun.

About eToys

Based in Santa Monica, California, eToys (; AOL Keyword eToys) is the leading Internet retailer for children's products, carrying more than 15,000 items, including toys, software, videos, music, video games and baby products. eToys is the only retailer to provide a comprehensive selection of both nationally advertised and specialty toy brands. By combining an extensive selection, expertise in children's products, excellent customer service and the benefits of Internet retailing, eToys offers consumers the ultimate one-stop source for children's products.

  • Reflects actual sale unit volume at eToys for May 1999.

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