Furby no match for St. Lucie bomb squad

Saturday, May 29, 1999

Associated Press

FORT PIERCE - Postal workers took no chances when they heard a humming noise coming from a suspicious looking package with the wrong postage and return address.

St. Lucie County bomb squad deputies arrived within minutes, then blasted the package with a water cannon.

When the water was shut off, deputies surveyed the ruins and saw the drenched carcass of a Furby slumped on the ground, its eyes blown out from the power of the blast.

"We err on the side of caution," sheriff's Capt. Bob Miller said of the Wednesday bomb scare. "You can't be complacent with this type of thing."

Once batteries are installed in the popular dolls, the Furby never actually turns off. Rubbing its belly or caressing its tongue will prompt the doll to say one of more than 800 phrases, said Paul Christou, spokesman for manufacturer Tiger Electronics.

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