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E3Expo '99 Exhibitor Profiles T - Z

Conference and Exposition to be held May 12 through 15 in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--May 11, 1999--The Electronic Entertainment Expo '99 (E3Expo) takes place this week in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Listed below are profiles from companies participating in E3Expo '99. These profiles and additional E3Expo '99 exhibitor news, advisories, Smart News Releases and photos will be available at www.tradeshownews.com, Business Wire's premier trade show and conference news Web site.

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E3Expo 99 Exhibitor Profiles T - Z:

Company:  TAO HUMAN SYSTEMS Co. Ltd.

Booth:    7531

Contact:  Yuji Hatagaki

Phone:    011-81-3-5456-2090

E-mail:   hatagaki@tao21.co.jp

URL:      www.tao21.co.jp

We are a leading creative development group for all round

DigitalContents in Japan. Not only console title development, also

production of CG movies contents, DATABESE developments, etc. Our

group covers all kind of digital fields. Based on long term and

technically accumulated know-how about 3D polygon action game for

console platform, mainly OEM bases. We are finally started to own

development project. Down River Action game which is world wide known

" Wild Water" international competition. Simulated real river racing

course shows big wave, rapids stream. Player is using a Paddle and

operate the KAYAK aim at the Goal.

Company:  Telefilm Canada

Booth:    6023

Contact:  Lise Corriveau

Phone:    514-283-6363

E-mail:   corrivl@telefilm.gc.ca

URL:      www.telefilm.gc.ca

Telefilm Canada is a federal cultural agency dedicated primarily

to the development and promotion of the Canadian film, television and

new media industry. The Corporation acts as one of the government's

principal instruments for providing strategic leverage to the Canadian

private sector.

Reflecting the Canadian industry's growth, this year, 19 of the

multimedia companies will participate in E3 '99 under the aegis of

Telefilm Canada's Stand. Those companies are listed below:

Canadian Exhibiting Companies

Aludra Software Inc.

Dreamcatcher Interactive Inc.

Global Star Software

Inter Quest

ITP Entertainment Inc.

Kutoka Interactive

Media Renaissance

Quebec Multimedia (Quebec government agency)

Shift Magazine Inc.

Wrebbit Interactive

Visiting Canadian Companies

Cine-Groupe Interactive

Cipher New Media Inc.

Enzyme Digital

IM2 inc.

Public Technologies Multimedia Inc.

Shanda Productions

Softel Media inc.

TFO-TV Ontario

ZAQ Technologies Inc.

Company:     THQ

Booth:       W-2608

Contact:     Liz Bell

Phone:       818/ 223-3135

E-mail:      lbell@thq.com

URL:         www.thq.com

Top five game publisher, THQ, will be demonstrating its

incredible Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PC and Game Boy Color line up to

all show attendees in the West Hall in booth 2608 and by appointment

in West Hall suites 506 and 507. Stop by and experience hot new titles

like "Road Rash 64," "Rugrats Scavenger Hunt" for the N64, "Shaolin"

for the PlayStation and "Sinistar: Unleashed" for the PC. THQ will

also be showcasing its Game Boy Color line-up including sought-after

EA SPORTS and Disney properties. Visit THQ's booth from 1:30- 2:30 on

Friday and Saturday for two undisclosed celebrity appearances.

Company:  Tiger Electronics

Booth:    1146

Contact:  Lana Simon or Paul Christou

Phone:    847-913-8100

E-mail:   lana@tigertoys.com OR paul@tigertoys.com

URL:      www.tigertoys.com

Tiger Electronics continues to be a leader in electronic fun with

all-new toys and games for 1999. We are featuring our Star Wars:

Episode I electronic skill & action games, audio devices, handheld LCD

games, strategy games and much more! Tiger's portable videogame system

is coming with NEW colors, NEW pricing and NEW games. The system has a

new MSRP of $29.99 and new games for 1999 include: Metal Gear Solid,

NBA Live, WCW Whiplash and much more! Furby is the hottest animatronic

toy with our new fur patterns, highly-collectible limited editions and

new Furby Babies!


Booth:    7429

Contact:  Bill McIntosh

Phone:    011-613-9762-0522

E-mail:   inquiry@torus.com.au

URL:      www.torus.com.au

TORUS GAMES is an Australian-based entertainment software

developer. TORUS has developed titles for the PC, PlayStation and

GameBoy, with originality and ingenuity the philosophy behind all its

products. TORUS' clients include industry leaders such as GT

Interactive, THQ, Acclaim Entertainment and SCi.

Most recently, TORUS has been d as the developer for Carmageddon 3:

the next in a series of best-selling, award winning driving games.

Due for release in November, a demo of this Carmageddon sequel is on

display at TORUS booth.

With an impressive past and exciting future, TORUS GAMES intends

to build on its success to produce cutting edge games that excite,

enthuse and entertain.

Company:  Tosa America LLC.

Booth:    6709

Contact:  Jack Liu

Phone:    626-961-4869

E-mail:   addring@mxtpa.biglobe.net.tw

URL:      www.tosa.com.tw

Our company, Tosa America LLC., is a professional manufacturer of

video game accessories for Nintendo, Sega, and Playstation. Our

products range from game memory cards, various controllers, light

guns, connecting cables, steering wheels etc. We have been in this

peripheral industry for many years, and we do have several factories

in China. We also have many local warehouses in Germany, Italy, Japan,

and New Zealand.

Company:  Ubi Soft Entertainment

Booth:    1346

Contact:  Sandra Yee

Phone:    415-54-4022

E-mail:   sandray@ubisoft

URL:      www.ubisoft.com

Ubi Soft Entertainment is a European-based producer, publisher

and international distributor of interactive entertainment products.

The company has offices in 15 countries including France, the United

States, Canada, Germany, England, and China and sells its products in

a total of 52 countries.

The company is best known in the U.S. for Rayman, a blockbuster

action/adventure game for all ages that debuted in 1995, and POD, a

revolutionary online multiplayer racing game that enables up to eight

players to compete directly over the Internet. Products are available

through a nationwide network of resellers and distributors. For more

information, call Ubi Soft at 415/547-4000 or 514/490-0887 or visit

the company web site at http://www.ubisoft.com.

Company:  Univenture, Inc.

Booth:    7033

Contact:  Michele Cole

Phone:    800-992-8262

E-mail:   sales@univenture.com

URL:      www.univenture.com

Univenture, a manufacturer of CD Packaging & systems, shows its

line of CD packaging using their patented safety-sleeve design to

protect the optical side of any disc. The company packages CDs,

CD-ROMS, CD-Rs, and DVDs while providing solutions for single and

multiple disc applications as well as offering custom design

capabilities. Inclusive to Univenture's services is their automated

disc insertion technology. This technology saves time and labor by

actually packaging CDs during the sleeving process. For more

information look us up at www.univenture.com.

Company:  ValuSoft Inc.

Booth:    924 South Hall

Contact:  Chris Anderson

Phone:    612-988-9174

E-mail:   cwanders@pconline.com

URL:      http://www.valu-soft.com

ValuSoft is a leading consumer software publisher, providing

value conscious customers with entertainment and productivity titles.

Shoppers looking for easy-to-use software without a big investment are

certain to find ValuSoft's titles appealing.

ValuSoft's entertainment titles cater to consumers craving

software that focuses on recreational activities, such as hunting,

fishing, bowling, racing, arcade, trivia, and card games. Combining

modern technology such as Microsoft DirectX and high-resolution

graphics, these titles bring high quality and fun-to-play products to

these customers.

Productivity titles available from ValuSoft assist in necessary

or day-to-day activities like estate planning, tax preparation and

home improvements.

Company:  Vatical Entertainment

Booth:    1446

Contact:  Claire Stancampiano

Phone:    518-220-9450

E-mail: Nehme@vatical.com

Vatical (Lat. Vates, seer.): Of or relating to the fortelling of

future events by or as if by supernatural means. Vatical

Entertainment, an emerging force in the gaming world, is taking the

industry by storm. Since the company's birth in January of '99, they

have secured a license agreement with Polaris Industries, Inc. to

produce the first console snowmobile racing game, formed a promotional

association with DC Comics, and developed strategic alliances with

major developers such as KEMCO and Vicarious Visions. The name

"Vatical" is a projection of a company on the cutting edge, with a

clear vision of the future.

Company:  Versaware Technologies Inc.

Booth:    7048

Contact:  Nadine Kaplan-Wildmann (company) or Tony Telloni (media)

Phone:    212-727-8577 or 212-593-6400

Fax:      212-727-8764

E-mail:   Media@Versaware.Com or Tellonit@Ruderfinn.Com

URL:      www.versaware.com

Versaware Technologies Inc. is a leading developer of Internet

and ePublishing technologies. Founded in 1997, Versaware rapidly and

inexpensively transforms existing printed content into the powerful

multimedia-enriched Versabook eBook format. Easily downloadable from

the Internet, Versabooks are also available on CD and DVD-ROM.

Consumers can create personal electronic libraries, both online and

off-line, which can be universally searched, indexed and continuously

updated, creating a unique, comprehensive information utility.

Headquartered in New York City, Versaware has Sales and Marketing

offices in Silicon Valley and Research and Development facilities in

Jerusalem, Israel.

For more information please visit http://www.versaware.com.

Company:  Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.

Booth:    7312/7314

Contact:  Mike McDougall, PR Representative

Phone:    716-288-6900 x4688

E-mail:   press@tbeach.com

URL:      www.tbeach.com

Voyetra Turtle Beach is one of the world's leading PC audio

solutions providers, working with more than 150 leading manufacturers,

distributors, and retailers such as Dell Computer Corp. (Nasdaq: DELL - news), IBM (NYSE: IBM - news), and Gateway (NYSE: GTW - news). Its audio hardware

and music creation/edutainment software are sold via retail, direct,

and OEM channels to professional musicians, hobbyists, educators, and

general consumers. Media-only unveilings at E3 '99 include the Montego

II Quadzilla audio accelerator (3D positional audio sound card),

Montego II Home Studio (a complete desktop audio production system),

and possible line extensions to the company's Hip Hop eJay CD-ROM.

Company:  VR-1, Inc.

Booth:    2658

Contact:  Michelle Greene

Phone:    303-546-9113

E-mail:   mgreene@vr1.com

URL:      www.vr1.com

Established in 1993, VR-1, Inc. is a premier developer of

"massively multi-user" online technologies and content applications.

To demonstrate, enhance and evolve its VR-1 Conductor technology, VR-1

has created a portfolio of nine massively multiplayer online games

that are licensed to VR-1's alliance of worldwide network partners.

VR-1 also distributes several games via the retail software channel.

The company licenses VR-1 Conductor to leading software publishers and

network providers throughout the world with the goal of establishing a

standardized network platform that allows for the easy integration of

new, multi-user applications.

Additional company information is available at http://www.vr1.com.

Company:  V-Star Inc.

Booth:    7109

Contact:  Kenn Raaf

Phone:    818-704-1346


V-Star 1KTV technology combines unique computer generated voices

with lip and motion sync characters to deliver television-style news

and entertainment programs on the Internet at 1K-baud (1/20th of a

standard telephone connection) with no special hardware or software


V-Star's 1KTV Internet broadcasts incorporate 3 elements: speech,

character animation, and motion. V-Star voices are theatrically

crafted through proprietary sound manipulation tools, 3-D animated

characters may be manipulated to work with the technology and the

character motion is achieved through an in-house, state of the art,

motion capture system.

V-Star developer tools will be available for preview at Siggraph

99 this August.

Company:  Wizards of the Coast

Booth:    6733

Contact:  Kristine Szarkowitz

Phone:    425-204-7630

E-mail:   kristine@wizards.com

URL:      www.wizards.com

Founded in 1990 by entrepreneur Peter Adkison, Wizards of the

Coast Inc. is a privately held company best known for the world's

bestselling Magic: The Gathering® trading card game. The

internationally renowned company is headquartered near Seattle, Wash.,

employing nearly 1,000 people worldwide with offices located in

Beijing, Antwerp, Paris, Milan and London.

Dedicated to creating a wide variety of games for enthusiasts of

all ages, Wizards of the Coast recently launched the extraordinarily

popular Pokemon trading card game -- the latest incarnation of the

Pokemon craze currently sweeping North America. With its recent

acquisition of The Game Keeper, Inc., Wizards of the Coast now owns

and operates Sixty game stores dedicated to providing gaming

enthusiasts with a safe and enjoyable environment for social and

competitive play. Its' subsidiaries include Five Rings Publishing

Group Inc. and TSR Inc. For more information on Wizards of the Coast,

visit the company's website at www.wizards.com.

Company:  WavePhore JamCast

Booth:    6207

Contact:  Patrick Ford

Phone:    602-952-5500

E-mail:   pford@wavephore.com

URL:      www.wavephore.com

JamCast - Don't wait for downloads, have downloads waiting for you.

Introducing JamCast, a new consumer service available this

summer, that provides users with great rich media entertainment files

for games, music, movies, and TV. WavePhore broadcasts JamCast files

24 hours a day over the PBS television signal to PC's equipped with TV

tuner cards. Gamers accustomed to waiting for hours to download the

latest demos will have downloads waiting for them every day when they

turn on their PC. Music fans can collect the newest MP3 files, and

movie fans can get a sneak peek at the

Company:  Wrebbit Interactive

Booth:    6449

Contact:  Michel Mailloux

Phone:    514-744-8444 x392

E-mail:   mmailloux@wrebbit.com

URL:  www.wrebbit.com

Since its introduction in 1991, Wrebbit's famous Puzz-3D has

captured the hearts and imagination of millions of fans in over 60

countries. Wrebbit's revolutionary concept blends the brainteaser

aspect of traditional jigsaw puzzles with the thrill of constructing a

three-dimensional scale model. Today more than 10 million units are

sold every year worldwide. For 1999 Wrebbit is projecting

international sales of over 200 million dollars.

In 1997, Wrebbit launched its Puzz-3D /CD line of products which

enables the user to assemble puzzle pieces in 3D on the computer.

Various levels of difficulty are available in each game. Once the

puzzle is completed, it is possible to explore the structure's

interior where one can learn about the history of the building, listen

to the characters' stories told with more than thirty video clips,

play challenging games and gather clues to solve the game's mystery.

The first product launched was Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral which

sold over 100 000 copies. At E3, Wrebbit is introducing two more

titles to the line: Victorian Mansion and Bavarian Castle

Neuschwanstein. All Puzz-3D /CD titles are PC and Mac compatible and

have a suggested retail price of $24.95.

Company:  Zowie Intertainment, Inc.

Booth:    Kentia Hall 6001

Contact:  Kim Conlee

Phone:    323-782-6600 x225

E-mail:   kconlee@mslpr.com

URL:      www.zowiepower.com

Zowie Intertainment, Inc. designs and develops smart toys and

other technology-based entertainment products. Zowie has a portfolio

of proprietary sensing and recognition technologies called Zowie

Power, which combine offline play with on-screen activities enhancing

play rather than directing it.

Zowie offers the only smart toys that enable kids to control and

change on-screen worlds and characters in real-time through natural

play patterns. To move the characters on screen, simply move the

characters on the playset. Redbeard's Pirate Quest and Ellie's

Enchanted Garden will be released this fall. Zowie delivers on the

promise of smart toy technology today.

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