4/28/99: Furby Lawsuit Filed - (NASHVILLE) -- Two middle Tennessee women are suing Wal-Mart for last fall's Furby Frenzy. Sherry Smith and Jacqueline Dwyer say they were trampled the day after Thanksgiving when crowds packed the store to get their hands on the talking toys. Smith's jaw was dislocated, and Dwyer's knee was injured. They are suing the discount retail chain for 250-thousand dollars. Wal-Mart has not commented on the lawsuit.


4/27/99: Lawsuit Filed Over Furby - (NASHVILLE) -- A popular children's toy is at the center of a lawsuit against Wal-Mart. Two customers are suing a Nashville Wal-Mart, saying the store didn't manage its furby-crazed crowd during the holiday shopping season. Sherry Smith and Jacqueline Dyer are seeking 250-thousand dollars each in damages. Smith says she suffered a dislocated jaw and Dyer received a knee injury while shopping at the store.

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