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Furby, Best Friend to Kids of All Ages, Launches a Public Service "Furby for the Presidency" Campaign

Furby Adds Fun and Educational Commentary to Campaign 2000

VERNON HILLS, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 6, 2000-- With the election five months away and issues that will affect our children for years to come, it was announced today that one kid favorite will be watching out for them as the polling gets closer. ``FURBY FOR THE PRESIDENCY'' is a public service campaign designed to enlighten today's youth about the electoral process in a fun way.

During this politically charged year, the campaign will feature a series of extensive online educational curricula for teachers to access. A drive to remind adults to register to vote will also be a key theme, and links to several state registration sites will be available on

``Helping kids understand issues relevant to them for years to come is about the most important lesson we can teach. Kids will hear a lot of speeches, but to have the issues explained at a level they can understand is critical. Who better to do that than a character they have embraced so dearly over the past three years,'' said Roger Shiffman, president of Hasbro's, Tiger Electronics.

When the program was originally considered, Tiger looked at running a mock Furby® for President Campaign, but decided against it. ``We saw too many groups making jokes about the political process and felt that Furby could send a more positive message,'' added Shiffman.

But don't expect the Furby for the Presidency campaign to be dry, when it comes to Furby, fun is a focal point. In addition to the educational messages, Furby plans to add commentary all along the campaign trail. Mr. Bush and Mr. Gore best beware that they are being watched by two of the most recognized eyes in the world. And, with ears bigger than any seen on the trail since Perot's, every remark will be scrutinized.

Press releases will keep kids aware of what's going on in the race. Special polls with issues that are critical to our future will be conducted regularly on and results made available.

``We see getting kids perspective on issues that will most directly affect them as job one. We plan to keep track of Mr. Bush's and Mr. Gore's stance on these issues as well and then see how they mirror what the kids want for themselves,'' said Shiffman.

Tiger Electronics, Ltd., a division of Hasbro, Inc. leads the industry in technology-driven entertainment and lifestyle products for the whole family. Furby®, a beloved character to millions, blazed a new trail in interactive play with superior speech and unparalleled artificial intelligence. Furby for the Presidency brings a fun, educational twist to Campaign 2000.

Hasbro (NYSE:HAS - news) is a worldwide leader in children's and family leisure time entertainment products and services, including the design, manufacture and marketing of games and toys ranging from traditional to high-tech. Both internationally and in the U.S., its PLAYSKOOL, KENNER, TONKA, ODDZON, SUPER SOAKER, MILTON BRADLEY, PARKER BROTHERS, TIGER, HASBRO INTERACTIVE, MICROPROSE, GALOOB and WIZARDS OF THE COAST brands and products provide the highest quality and most recognizable play experiences in the world.

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