Hundreds of Georgia parents get head start on Furby Frenzy

An article excerpt from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, dated Saturday October 31. Section H Page 2 (Business section).

By Shelia M. Poole
staff writer

Talk about a Furby frenzy. Hundreds of parents got the jump Friday on Santa to nab what is shaping up to be one of the hottest toys of the Christmas season--nearly two months before the big day.

KayBee Toys managers at Perimeter Mall predicted the 600 interactive, electronic furry creatures would be sold out within hours. Furby, made by Tiger Electronics, speaks "Furbish" and English, burps after eating, snores when sleeping and can not only catch colds but give them to other Furbies.

Eager customers began taking numbers and forming a line hours before the store opened at 10a.m. By mid-morning, the line stretched down the hallway, with some parents already plotting ways to skirt the "one per customer" rule for the $ 29.99 toy.

"Now you see the spirit of Christmas," mused Tony Celeste, an Army staff sergeant. "I have to try it out first, but it's unique."

. . . " I learned my lesson trying to find Tickle Me Elmo," said No. 61, Sean Maddox, who was buying the toy for his daughter, Afryca, who lives in North Carolina. "I called FAO Schwarz, and they have a waiting list that's 1,500 names long."

FAO Schwarz Merchandising Manager Michael Headley said the Lenox Square Mall store has stopped taking orders.

"Every two minutes somebody calls about Furby; they're desperate to get one," said Headley, adding people on the waiting list are a priority. "We don't anticipate having enough to hit the floor until January."

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