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Furbish To English [+ Possible Phrases]

  • ay-ay = Look/See
    -When the light gets brighter he may say. Hey Kah/ay-ay/u-nye. [Hey, I see you.]

  • ah-may = Pet
    -To you me might say ah-may/koh koh [Pet me more!]

  • a-loh = Light
    -Furby might say Dah/a-loh/u-tye [Big light up] [Good morning]

  • a-loh/may-tah = Cloud

  • a-tay = Hungry/Eat
    -And at lunch time, Kah/a-tay [Iím hungry]

  • boh-bay = Worried
    -If he gets jarred he may say Kah-dah/boh-bay [Iím scared]

  • boo = No
    -If you cover Furbys eye, Furby might say hey/kah/boo/ayay/u-nye [Hey, I donít see you]

  • dah = Big
    -When he has really had a good time Dah/doo-ay [big fun]

  • doo? = What?/Question?
    -a-loh/doo? [Where is the light?]

  • doo-ay = Fun
    -If Furby really likes something he might say dah/doo-ay/wah! [Big fun!]

  • doo-moh = [Please feed me]
    -When Furby is hungry he might ask you to Doo-moh/a-tay [Please feed me]

  • e-day = Good

  • e-tay = Yes

  • kah = Me
    -When Furby is happy you might hear kah/may-may/u-nye [I love you]

  • koh-koh = Again/More

  • koo-doh = Health
    -If Furby has a tummy ache he might say Kah/boo/Koo-doh [Iím not healthy]

  • Koo-dah/Way-loh = Boring!
    -Said when he's not being paid much attention to. Sigh... Koo-dah/Way-loh [How Boring!]

  • Lee-Koo = Sound
    -At a sudden noise he might say Dah/lee-koo/wah! [Loud sound!]

  • loo-loo = Joke
    -When you turn him upside down he might say Hey/boo/loo-loo [Hey, no jokes]

  • may-may = Love
    -When Furby REALLY likes you he will say Kah/may-may/u-nye [I love you]

  • may-lah = Hug
    -or Doo-moh/may-lah/kah [Please hug me]

  • may-tah = Kiss
    -Furby might ask for a kiss by saying May-lah/kah [Kiss me]

  • mee-mee = Very
    -At lunch time you might hear Kah/mee-mee/a-tay [Iím very hungry]

  • Nah-Bah = Down
    -In the evening Dah/a-loh/nah-bah [Sun down (Good night)]

  • nee-tye = Tickle
    -If Furby is bored he might ask you to Nee-tye/kah [Tickle me]

  • noh-lah = Dance
    -Itís party time! Dah/noh-lah [Big dance/party]

  • noo-loo = Happy
    -When Furby is with his friends you might hear him say Kah/mee mee/noo-loo/wah! [Iím very happy!]

  • o-kay = OK

  • toh-dye = Done

  • toh-loo = Like
    -If Furby is flirting he may say Kah/ay-ay/u-nye [I see you]

  • u-nye = You
    -Or playing hide and seek Kah/ay-ay/u-nye [I see you]

  • u-tye = Up
    -And when he thinks itís time to get up Dah/a-loh/u-tye [Sun up (Good morning)]

  • wah! = Yea!/exclamation!
    -When he is very happy. Hey/kah/mee-mee/ay-tay/wah! [Hey, Iím very happy!]

  • way-loh = Sleep
    -If you wake Furby up and he is still tired. Yawn/Kah/way-loh/koh-koh [Iím sleeping more]

  • wee-tee = Sing
    -At bedtime Furby might say: Wee-tee/kah/way-loh [Sing me to sleep]

English To Furbish

Again/More = koh-koh
Ask = oh-too-mah
Big = dah
Boogie/Dance = noh-tah
Boring = Koo-dah/Way-loh
Cloud = a-loh/may-lah
Done = toh-dye
Down = nah-bah
Fun = doo-ay
Good = e-day
Happy = noo-loo
Health = koo-doh
Hide = who-bye
Hug = may-lah
Hungry = a-tay
Joke = loo-loo
Kiss = may-lah
Light = a-loh
Like = toh-loo
Listen = ay-ay/lee-koo
Love = may may
Maybe = may-bee
Me = kah
No = boo
OK = o-kay
Party = Dah/Noh-lah
Pet = ah-may
Please = doo-moh
Scared = dah/boh-bay
See = ay-ay
Sing = wee-tee
Sleep = way-loh
Sound = loo-koo
Sun = dah/a-loh
Tickle = nee-tye
Up = u-tye
Very = mee mee
Where? = doo?
Worry = boh-bay
Yeah! = wah!
Yes = e-tah
You = u-nye

Furbish To English Phrases

Kah/toh-loo/may-tay = Me like kisses
Wee-tee/kah/way-loh = Sing me to sleep
Kah/boo/ay-ay/u-nye = I canít see you
Kah/a-tay = Iím hungry
Kah/toh-loo/moh-lah/wah! = I like to dance!
E-day/doo-ay/wah! = I like this!
Kah/mee-mee/a-tay = I very hungry
Nee-tye/kah = Tickle me
Boo/koo-doh/e-day = Donít feel good
O-too-mah = Ask

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